Heather Dubrow Regrets Talking To Eddie About Tamra


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to clear up some things that Shannon Beador say last week and to let viewers know that she is very sorry she mentioned Tamra’s talk of babies to Eddie.

Heather writes, “We are encouraged to use these blogs to clear up misconceptions and explain situations to the audience, since obviously they can’t show everything we film in just one hour a week. Shannon made some comments in her blog last week that I’d like to address. The spooky party was not a costume party. We were all told to wear black. I knew that Tamra was doing goth makeup and decided last minute to add my third “eye” to cover my blemish. I texted Shannon and told her what I was doing. Also, I did make a social gaffe when we walked in the party over the introductions and I quickly rectified it as you saw on camera.

Lastly, I did not ditch Shannon at the party. She walked in and immediately immersed herself. At one point Shannon was in the bathroom and Tamra and Vicki were making their usual bathroom jokes — that Shannon had been in there too long and was she pooping, etc., etc. I went to check on Shannon and she was not only fine, but told me she is absolutely good on her own. I got the impression Shannon didn’t want me shadowing her. I also think it’s interesting that Tamra called Shannon a “whole lot of crazy”and Shannon didn’t comment on THAT at all in her blog. It certainly feels as though Shannon is making an early case against me.

Now on to this week’s episode: Dinner at Shannon’s house was very awkward, for many reasons, but supremely delicious! Shannon is an exceptional cook. What you didn’t see was that Tamra was not being very nice to me from the moment she arrived at the party. She turned her back to me in group conversations, made a few snide remarks and then just walked away. I also felt that Tamra and Vicki were cutting me off every time I tried to speak that evening. This made me especially sensitive and annoyed when Vicki was doing the same thing to Shannon during dinner. Not only is Shannon our hostess, but we are getting to know her, let her speak.

I didn’t join the basketball game because, honestly, at this point I was ready to go home. Tamra and Vicki were being so weird and rude to me all night, I didn’t feel welcome. When I walked in the kitchen to get my purse and say my goodbyes, Tamra said “No fancy pants here!” I was clearly not wanted. The morning after pill comment wasn’t serious, but truthfully at this point it doesn’t matter what I say. If laying down on someone’s kitchen counter at a dinner party makes you part of this “fun bus,” I will take the train.

Having said all of that, I feel TERRIBLE about talking to Eddie about the baby issue. He’s right, it’s absolutely none of my business. I think at the time I meant to be helpful. If Tamra had gone to Terry because she was worried about me I wonder if he would have taken it the same way? I’m not sure, but watching it back, it was clearly the wrong decision.

I would never do anything intentionally to hurt Tamra or Eddie. Despite our issues right now, Tamra is my friend. I am truly sorry to Tamra and Eddie for my actions. This is between them, period. On the upside, at least I gave Tamra something to actually be mad at me about.

“Friendsgiving” dinner: It’s so ironic that while cooking dinner the girls are talking about me behind my back, JUDGING me for who am, and yet — I am the one that makes THEM feel bad? I’m sorry Tamra feels she can’t be herself around me. I’ve always valued the fact that although we are different, we have mutual respect for each other and allow the other to be their true selves without judgment. Maybe I was wrong.

Lunch with Tamra: I was really happy that Tamra reached out to me to have lunch. I hate the animosity between us. I don’t understand why it started in the first place, and I want it to end. I love what Tamra said about not running away from the problems between us like she has in the past with friends, that our friendship is worth more. I feel the same way. I also told her that day that one of the things I’ve learned from her is to take more risks and try new things. Tamra is fearless and I love that quality. I only wish she had told me that I was out of line by talking to Eddie. I thought everything was cleared up between us, but not quite yet…

You will have to wait until next week to see how this unfolds. You also get to meet Lizzie! She is another great addition to our cast! Stay tuned!”

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14 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Regrets Talking To Eddie About Tamra”

  1. Funny how Heather thinks it is her job to correct everyone else, and that Alexis needed to fix herself to make herself liked, but when it’s her foible everyone else needs to accept it and get over it.

  2. It’s obvious Heather knew how she would be vied by the public once this episode airs (if they hadn’t already)..

    I like Heather…just don’t like how she is coming off this season at all.

  3. I think Tamra is a much nicer person without the Vickie influence. I hate the way Vickie is always so right ( maybe that’s her problem with Heather) but that scene with Brianna and her screaming at her was so disgusting. And I have seen how Vickie embarrasses her son and she did so again last night. Please rid us of Vickie next season.

  4. I’ve watched the Orange County Housewives since the beginning. Heather is a know it all , Vicky has turned into to trash over the years, Tamara has gotten a lil nicer.. Haven’t seen any real recent shoes yet so I’m unsure who’s on there yet this season.

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter! Last night proved once again that Tamra and Vickie have to have someone to be on the outs with. Tamra has a pattern and she is sticking to it this season with how she is treating Heather. She has a gang up mentality with her friends and it just says a lot about her as a person. Both Tamra and Vickie are insecure women who have to be the alpha female in order to feel important. Shannon is following right along and hanging on every word of theirs on how to act and who to like. I bet soon enough, whether it’s this season or next, Shannon will be the one who is obstricized like Heather is being this season. Tamra and Vickie always seem to have someone they unleash their unhappiness on. They should work on themselves more than they work on tearing others down. It’s sad to see women who are miserable and envious of others on TV.

  6. I guess we will have to see exactly when Heather began to feel “terrible” about telling Eddie. Was it when she realized it upset Eddie back when they were taping the season, or did she start go feel “terrible” once the viewers saw what she did and she started getting bad feedback on social media.

  7. Personally, I adore Heather and like Lisa on BH, its clear she has real wealth. I honestly think some of the animosity between Tamra and Heather stems from the fact that Heather does have a larger bank account. I’m NOT saying this is the only reason, as I am just a simple viewer. But I do think that has something to do with it.

    As far as talking down to people, yes, her tone can be condescending. I’ve been told the same thing at times. We all have things that we do that can upset somebody whether we realize it or not. It was bill interesting to see how this plays out the rest of the season. But I do sense that something will happen with Tamra and Shannon. I don’t know who will be at fault, but I sense something is brewing there.

  8. Heather is a whole bunch of ( I’M ALL THAT ) however in the real world ~ money can’t buy you true class. As far creepy Tamra goes ~ her and heather are made for each other.

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