Heather Dubrow Reacts to Her Sit Down With Kelly Dodd


Heather Dubrow is taking to her blog this week to explain to viewers why she had concerns of Kelly Dodd being around her son in Glamis. Dubrow says she only sat down with Kelly because Tamra asked her to. Heather also reacts to her dinner with Terry and says he says yes to everyone else but his family.

“The dinner with Terry….

We had just come from a meeting with our publishers and were on such a high! Ready to celebrate, so it surprised me when Terry brought up Max and the empty chair photos. This was news to me and so sad. Like I said, I can only do so much – at some point Terry needs to take action and be home more.

For all of you who think Terry is working so much to pay for the house we are building let me fill you in…yes, of course that’s partially true, but the real reason he is working so much is because he is filming two TV shows AND there’s a lot of travel involved. He says yes to everyone, except the family. This has now become obvious to him and he needs to make some choices moving forward. I hope he does…

As far as Kelly goes…

When I told Kelly to leave the sushi dinner I felt it would obviously end the atrocious behavior and that the rest of the people at the restaurant could perhaps salvage their evenings as well.

Was it my place to tell her to leave? Maybe not. As I told Kelly later, when you scream the c-word and dumb f***, etc. at a restaurant and behave in such a manner, you lose the ability to discuss anyone else’s behavior or reactions. So I did the next best thing, I left myself. Kelly did text me the next day – I didn’t respond because I heard she was imitating me and making fun of me. Pretty much made the text seem like BS, why would I respond?

When I met with Tamra at Storymakery we had our daughters with us (Sophia was not on camera) and they had a ball. We started talking about our upcoming Glamis trip and Tamra raised concerns about having Kelly on the trip especially with kids around and I echoed the concerns.

Seeing Kelly again in Palm Springs imitate me and talk negatively about me is exactly why I didn’t want to pursue the friendship. Like I said at sushi dinner – I’m sure she’s nice deep down, but her behavior is not acceptable to me.

If my daughter came home from an evening and said, “This girl I was with behaved so badly…” My advice would be to distance herself. Which is exactly what I was doing.

I agreed to have dinner with Kelly because Tamra asked me to. She wanted to see if it was possible to mend things. Remember – my last two encounters with Kelly were the ‘70s party and the sushi dinner. What was I supposed to think???

When I said to Kelly “I didn’t say that” about not wanting her around the kids – it was a longer conversation where I meant I didn’t bring it up, because Tamra had…and as I’ve said I certainly agreed with her. Kelly is showing us who she is and it’s not a pretty picture right now.

Anyway, of course I feel bad when Kelly is crying, and she seems remorseful… Who knows maybe it was just an aberration… Twice … Time will tell and we will have to see what happens in Glamis…”

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16 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Reacts to Her Sit Down With Kelly Dodd”

  1. It is best to stay away from toxic people. Kelly appears to be that way.
    As for Terry working so much with the TV shows, he is a natural at it and enjoys it, but he is not getting any younger, and you cannot turn back time to relive all these moments with your children, since they won’t be there. The children grow up, and before you know it, they are off to college and are not around like they were anymore.
    It is easy to lose sight and think you will be there forever and that kids are resilient. They are to a point, but if you have a choice not to work so hard and not be home with the children, unlike so many who do not, then try to be there. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Make the most of today. Of course, a doctor knows that. I am married to one myself, but he is not a plastic surgeon with TV shows. He works as much as is required of him and is devoted, and I remember his nights at work and all the shift work while trying to keep my kids quiet while daddy slept…and I wished there was more time with him. The kids do grow up. Parents do age as well, and hopefully stay in good health for a very long time. It is all about priorities, really.

  2. Terry says no to Heather??? I would too….. she probably drives him up a wall with her mouth continuing spewing out bs…… I fast forward thru her scenes – I don’t like people like her….Maybe if we saw more charitable acts on Heather & Terry’s part – – – – – – –

  3. ” Maybe Not!” Heather, News Flash! It was NOT your party. You were not Hostess, or even a Co- Hostess. So Ms. Condescending, you were just as rude as Kelly.

    Her diatribe just makes me want to projectile vomit. What is that B.S about Terry not paying for the Concrete Maison?! Ms. Dubrow chipped in? Oh what, she bought a custom Hermes Door mat?! I wish someone would take her down.

    She thinks she is so much more intellectual; has Aristocratic pedigree; epitome of Social Graces; etc. She is so Nouveau, Gawdy, & Fake,& a liar.

    1. yep…. you nailed it…. lol. Also – I find absolutely nothing charitable about Heather/Terry… I assume they are too self absorbed to help others….

          1. She works with Second Harvest Food Bank (to feed the hungry) and Miracles for Kids (a charity that provides financial aid and other stabilizing resources for families with children that have life threatening illnesses), and takes part in plenty of charity events on the fundraising circuit ( more specifically re: Domestic Violence, & LGTB youth scholarships & leadership/mentoring programs )

            The problem with a lot of reality personalities is that most press about them needs to be scandal or conflict based to guarantee clicks. We’re not going to hear too much about their charity work in forums that cater to reality tv readers unless it’s specifically intended to raise ire of some kind as click bait. Besides, I don’t see that viewers are really interested (or even pay attention) when regular media or society press outlets show these people taking part in the charity world: and generally when a reality star personally highlights any charity they are involved in, they are usually criticized harshly for and accused of seeking attention (unless you are a Superfan favorite like Lisa Vanderpump). So in that regard, I see why Dubrow isn’t necessarily vocal about her charitable endeavors. For people who are genuinely interested, her activities are easy enough to follow in forums that cater to those interests. But it’s too much of a snoozefest for everyday tabloid fodder , and viewers complain when it’s part of storylines. The general reality tv cycle of tabloids are: show review, highlight specific conflict of the week, hear first responder’s side, hear opposite side’s rebuttal, add a legal issue or secret scandal to the mix, then RINSE CYCLE, REPEAT. Next week, start the same thing all over, lol.

            But ultimately, is Heather a bit of a snob? Yes. A charitable snob, but a snob, nonetheless. She grates on the nerves.

            1. That was an excellent post, Bon Vivant. You certainly did your research, and I agree about it all. The press certainly likes to make it all more like National Enquirer and dig up dirt and not emphasize the charitable contributions.
              Yes, she is a snob who is quite irritating. ITA.

  4. Didn’t Terry say something to the effect that he should feel guilty about being away from the kids but he doesn’t? I think he sees hands-on fathering as a chore. The two of them love the limelight and the bucks, she just knows better how to pretend it’s not that important to her.

  5. I would love to be married to a famous Plastic surgeon, that traveled all the time,_& I could stay home, eat bon bond, go shopping. Be as happy as a pig in slop.
    I just don’t understand the moaning, bitching. He is a man providing for his family. End of discussion in my book.

    1. It doesn’t sound like it’s Heather who is complaining. It sounds like it is their kids who are unhappy Dad’s not around enough. And, I presume, if you had kids and they felt this way, you, too, would care.

      1. But I wonder how much is instigated by Heather. “Don’t you hate it when daddy isn’t home?” If they didn’t live in such a huge house maybe terry would be able to say NO sometimes.

    2. Southern P, I totally agree. Heather wants to have her cake & eat it all too. Apparently she is a nagging wife & wants it all ways. I know someone just like her & I feel for her husband. As for everyone else, they can only tolerate being in her presence for very short periods at a time.
      My own husband of 51 years now, was a very hard working man, long hours, early to leave, late to return, working hard, but loving what he did. He felt safe to entrust our 4 kids to my care as he knew I would be a good, caring mother. He gave us all quality time, not quantity as Heather seems to want. We are very close, bonded, our kids are very devoted to us both & to each other. We could not be prouder. Due to my own experiences, I find it hard to agree with Heather, she wants to drain all the blood out of her husband. I’m sure she pounds into her kids heads what an absent father he is . Actually, he seems very loving to her & the kids.

  6. I don’t watch Amy of this crap anymore. However I do follow the blogs and see the commercials. I saw one this morning and heather was telling Terry she “took the kids to a park”. And made such a big deal about it.. Are you kidding me? How out of touch from really is the circus freak to think she deserves a cookie for taking her kids to the park.

    1. Exactly Amy. And you know what? She doesn’t deserve a cookie (she would probably purge it anyway). She should be THANKFUL that she doesn’t have to work, is able to spend time with her kids, and be able to go to the park.

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