Heather Dubrow Quits RHOC

Heather Dubrow has announced she will be leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County after five seasons on the show.

The Bravo star made the announcement on her podcast, and Entertainment Tonight is the first to report the news. “If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to not come back, it wasn’t an easy decision,” Heather explains. “You know, it’s hard to walk away from something, first of all, that’s been successful for five years, and truly has given us so much. But I just feel like, right at this particular point in time, a couple of things [changed my mind].”

“First of all, my kids,” she continues. “My oldest kids are now teenagers, and I just felt like they need to make their own decision about being on television and exposing their lives, and for me personally, I have some really cool, interesting opportunities that I want to explore. I don’t know where they’re going to go, but I want the opportunity to explore them.”

“I felt like I was at a tipping point, and just… it was time,” she says. “But, it’s all positive and I wish them all the best.”

“I will miss the girls,” she adds, giving the show credit for giving her many “cool experiences.”

“After a lot of careful thought and deliberation, I have decided not to return to RHOC this season,” Heather writes, in part. “These past five years have been an incredible journey and I’m so proud to have been a part of such an iconic piece of pop culture … However, at this point in my life, I have decided to go in another direction and do what’s best for my family and career.”

However, Dubrow notes that “the door is always open” for a return, possibly even as a guest in season 12.

What are your thoughts on Heather quitting RHOC?

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  • beargirl

    Shocked! I liked Heather, however, after the last 2 seasons with Vicki, it is understandable she might want to distance herself from the trash. Last season’s additional of Kelly was not a step-up and it was obvious Heather was not happy. Good for Heather………..but wish we could have toured the new house before she departed.

    • Shirley Wilbourn

      I agree, I’ll miss her on the show. But like you said she needed to distance herself from…trash. And believe it or not that damn pot stirring, born again!

      • beargirl

        I want to see that house. We saw the lot, the construction, the tree-buying, but we don’t get to see how she finished it. Not happy!

        • barbara

          I’m with ya beargirl. I’ve waited all this time….so disappointed. But I will miss Heather too. sigh…..

        • Julie Young

          I agree. I would kill to see that house. I can’t even dream that big!

      • DaysofWineandRoses

        Shirley and bear girl, if you’re interested, you can keep up with Heather via her podcasts and via her YouTube channel Heather’s Closet. She’s so much more easygoing than the way she guards her herself on the show. She and Terry actually have terrific chemistry when they work together and her show content isn’t that bad at all – unlike most Housewives who try to venture into this direction, she’s polished and the end result is entertaining.

  • Sadie

    Thank God! I definitely did not want to watch “Miss I’m Better Than Everyone in the Entire World” on my screen again. Hopefully the show will be a little lighter and not so uptight now that her and Meghan are gone. I just wonder who will replace the two of them.

    • nycbunny123

      Did Meghan go too? I must’ve missed that!

      • Sadie

        Yes Meghan announced that she was won’t be back this Season. Since having the baby and I believe they moved, not sure where but out of the OC she decided not to come back. This season should be interesting without the two of them.

        • I was just staring to get to know Meghan. I really felt connected to her, she allowed us into some very vulnerable moments, and I think they were totally real. I felt very disheartened that Jim was not there for the most important parts of her getting pregnant. I thought she handled it very maturely, especially considering how much regular pregnancy hormones affect us, but from what I hear, it is 10 times more hormones, and all the anxiety that must go with everything, wow. I have never been through IVF, or close to anyone who has been through it, so I can not speak to that part. I am so happy for them and their new baby girl, Aspen‼️GODSPEED Meghan.

  • queenmother8

    Well she has a lot of nerve leaving before we get a tour of her finished house. – bus seriously I guess I’m done now too – don’t like the others – especially Kelly and Vicki

  • Bari Korn

    I am disappointed that Heather is leaving but not surprised. As she stated being around unprincipled people like Vicki and Kelly reflects on the person you are. There is no rational explanation she could give her children that would make ‘hanging’ with Kelly acceptable. I’m truly sorry Bravo wants to give me trash over lifestyle. One step closer to becoming an Ex-Housewife fan, what will I do with my time?

  • justanothermary

    I think she was thrown for a loop last season when she let her guard down for just a second and we started seeing the real Heather. First there was that dust-up with Jeff Lewis and Jeff’s story was totally believable and then there was Ireland where she slipped and we saw Heather. She can’t have her perfect image tarnished so it’s best that she step out now.

  • Jack

    I wonder how Terry is handling this!?!?
    P.s. really bummed we won’t get to see this damn house!! She better do a bravo special!

    • Julie Young

      I agree. I hope Bravo is listening because we fans NEED to see that house!

  • nycbunny123

    Bye Felicia

  • Dianne

    Hallelujah! A complete phony way overdue for her turn at a bad edit. Maybe she can focus on her D-list acting career. I’m sure there are tanking sitcoms who need a guest appearance.

  • missroxmiss

    she is a snob and never wanted to be on show Terry made her so makes you wonder how will they ever pay for their house ?

  • Cin

    I’m good with Heather leaving…..

    • Cin

      I always felt Heather was a phony…. She ragged on Alexis for showing off her wealth.. Heather was jealous that Alexis had money and beauty at the same time. She was green.

  • justanothermary

    I find it odd that she would quit right after her house was finished. They said they were VERY over budget and I’m sure she got a pretty nice Bravo pay check. I hope Terry has enough exposure on his own shows to feed his massive ego.

    • BeckyGrey

      That’s why she’s leaving..Terry’s exposure. lol. Kelly let the mistress issue slip and now …Heather wasn’t willing to be a FOH, so bye bye.

  • Rain

    That was an epic line ✌️✌️

  • 80s gal

    I am not sad to see her leave. she came across as such a snob. I was hoping for a tour of her new Castle…er I mean house

  • Daisy

    Yes , yes , yes . Oh gawd yes. Does anyone have a cigarette ?

  • Daisy

    Woo hoo, Sandy ! !!

    • Real Sandy

      Woo hoo! Nice to see you too! Thanks, Daisy!

  • Daisy

    I’m doing great doll . Thanks for asking . How are you and your family

  • Daisy

    That’s wonderful Sandy . I’m so happy to hear that . I’ve been praying for all of you

  • speedbabe67

    YAYY!! The stuck up chick is gone!! Now to get rid of Tamra, Shannon and the young,whiny one!! We need a total overhaul of this show!!

  • Daisy

    Yummy ,yes I would .thanks cutie pie . Love ya

  • Max

    Goodbye fancy-pants!!

  • I love the smoke and drink emojis. They are real. Not everyone that smokes is a pack a day’er. I smoke 4 or 5 a day, and never an entire cigarette at once. I have one of those clay little button things with a hole just big enough to put the cigarette out in, and that way it just sits in that little beebaw until I want another drag. I even put a capful of 100 proof vodka and a splash of Carol Anne’s in my medicinal tea tonight, oh, I am so bad. Love all of you girls, and I am so happy Sandy is back.

  • BANaNAnutbread

    I, for one, will miss Heather. She could be pretentious and stuck up but I always have liked her. One of the few left on that show that I actually liked. I love that she is including her kids in her decision. Some would argue that she did it for purely selfish reasons (who know what these women think!). I’m glad she at least realizes that her kids have important opinions too. It’s hard enough growing up and I can’t imagine trying to do so when you see your mom on tv with all these crazy women. Too many “stars” seem to see their kids as just another story line. Good for you, Heather, for being a good mom!
    (I can’t imagine her NOT showing her house off. I’m sure she will be back as a friend and will find a way to get the cameras in her house one last time.)

  • Aunt Bee

    I read in a couple of spots that she left the show because there were rumors of Terry having a mistress. Anyone else hear that? How could that obnoxious man have time for a mistress??

    • Real Sandy

      Well then that puts a different take on this. Remember Heather was complaining that she and her family did not see enough of Terry. He has had extracurricular activities, and yes, he could find the time if he had to find the time. I have heard of more than one similar situation with someone finding out her husband was having an affair with one of his employees in one of his offices. Since Terry has two TV shows and he operates, etc., he could squeeze in the time and just say he was in the operating room a while or took longer at something or other. The egos of the surgeons, especially the plastics/cosmetics surgeons, can be more than in other specialties as well in my experience working in hospitals.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    OH yeah, this is one of the podcasts I subscribe to – I heard this one on the way to the airport : she’s leaving on good terms with the entire cast and was big enough to have something positive to say about each and every one. Good for her: it’s clear that she’s been branching off into areas better suited to her professional experience, it’s best she disassociate herself from this mud fest of a reality show, and not continue to get drawn up into the messiness of it all. She has much more to offer in more traditional entertainment settings, and is much more likeable when not in an arena that calls for drama and hazing in order to keep a paycheck and pop culture relevance. Run as fast and as far as you can, Honey. Outside of RHoOC you’re doing good work.

  • Real Sandy

    I don’t watch Southern Comfort. I just never started, so it would be a lot to catch up on now. As for Heather, it sounds like she has other opportunities, and she has had enough of this crew. She never really fit in. She is who she is, and some of what she represented, like a woman with some scruples, was good, but I did not like her attitude a lot of the time. It is a good idea to run away from OC, and though I will not miss her or OC with the current remaining cast, I know she should leave her options open for other ventures away from all the nonsense of reality TV. Still she owes us a tour of the home. That should have been written in her contract?!

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Agreed about her bringing a counterpoint to other personalities on the show, I think, bits of the house can be seen on interviews on YouTube, and then she started her fashion/lifestyle channel there which is broadcasted from her closet, which is literally the size of a designer showroom – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    • Real Sandy

      I saw some of “Heather’s Closet” and all I can say is wow! OMG, her closet is filled with unbelievably amazing things and so, so organized. I am not in love with Heather, but her closet is something else. It must be insured for a fortune too.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Rain, speaking of Shannon, if you want, next week we should be looking out for the live audience taping she just did as the featured guest for Heather McDonald’s show. Sorry I’m fuzzy on the details but I was listening to the podcast announcement on my headphones at my hotel last week (after a 12 hour day), jet lagged, and all I remember is that she’s going to be on soon, lol. I’m sure she’ll have a lot to say about her journey in the show, and it will definitely be longer than the 5-7 minute prepared press junket statements we see on talk interviews.

  • Julie Young

    I’m bummed. When you’ve watched this franchise forever and watch these ladies you feel like you really know them (I realize you don’t!). Its like a break up. I didn’t love her but I didn’t dislike her. Until this last season, I always thought she elevated most situations and brought some class. I’m mostly freaked out because I want to see her finished house!!!! That would be beyond any wildest dreams I’ve ever had! I pray we get to see it in a guest spot!

  • Real Sandy

    There is just a little of “Chateau Dubrow”online, and lots of “Heather’s Closet.” I hope we can see more than just glimpses of her home theater, one massive sectional and some fountains and outside pics.

  • David Crochet

    My thoughts are there’s more to the story than she’s letting on. I wouldn’t be surprised if her marriage was on shaky ground..it’s been here before and it was getting ugly…and we all know, it’s all about appearances with this seemingly shallow woman. People are sick of hearing her brag about her ridiculous new house and how much it’s over budget (a $7000 sink in her personal hair salon?), and we’re sick of her casting judgement on her other cast mates like some elitist snob. I’m glad to see her go. I think she’s full of it.