Heather Dubrow Opens Up About Her Conversation With Vicki Gunvalson


Heather Dubrow is opening up about the latest episode of the RHOC on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, including what we didn’t get to see!

Heather informed us that over the next few episodes we are going to be getting to know newcomer, Kelly Dodd. “This was a building episode,” she says. “A lot of information was sort of subtly given, so I hope people were really paying attention.”

Next, she talked about her sit-down with Vicki. “That was hard for me. I didn’t intend to have a conversation with her,” Heather explains. “I didn’t have anything prepared… I just thought it was gonna be an easy-breezy party, just say hi to everyone, and have a real talk later.” Heather said the conversation was much longer than it appeared, and she was out there with Vicki for a “loooong time.” She said she was ready to wrap it up, but “didn’t want to be rude and extract myself.”

“It’s the same point over and over,” Heather said. “I just wanted her to take accountability. She admitted that she fabricated the story about Terry and the IV, and all that, and then she takes it back! If she just said I lied about this, or I got caught, or something. Or I was in too deep and didn’t know how to get out. She does that ‘I’m sorry you feel that way kind of apology…’ I wish she would say ‘I’m sorry’ without qualifying it.”

Dubrow also noted that Kelly compared her husband Michael to Hitler. “One of the girls told me that when he calls her, you know how you have a picture that pops up?… that it’s Hitler. I didn’t believe her until I saw [Kelly] say that on the show this week.”

As for Kelly’s behavior at Meghan’s party? “It seems like Kelly is making a lot of judgements about the other girls at that party, but not about Vicki. It seems like Vicki gets a pass even though she doesn’t know her very well either.”

Heather also believes that Kelly watched the show before joining the cast. “Did Kelly have preconceived notions? You’ll have to watch the show a little bit longer to find out, because that becomes, in my opinion, clear.”

She shares that the drama heats up around episode 4 or 5. “It’s incredibly crazy. Crazy. Maybe one of the most dramatic episodes that we’ve ever done. And not just one group, like multiple people having multiple things going on – I mean, crazy. And from that moment to the end of the season, is a ride. Once that train leaves the station it’s supercharged!”

Thank you to RealityTea for the recap!

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11 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Opens Up About Her Conversation With Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Heather looks like a hand puppet, the sort where you stick your hand up the puppet. ( that’s the look on her face any way) She doesn’t look real. As far as the story I’m done with Vicki,

    1. If she has her eyes done again, she might be in jeopardy of never being able to close them. They are WEIRD enough as it is. I am not even watching, it’s still taping, and for the 1st time, I have exactly zero interest in anything any of them are doing, or have to say, period. The OC has fizzled out.

  2. She has a point though. Kelly had to watch before she came on the show. Kelly acting like she had no idea what Vicki had done in the past was just that, an act. I don’t believe she had no idea. She is supposedly friends with Meghan, so I woild think she watched even just for her and had to see all the Brooks lies and Vicki lies. She chose to buddy up with the OG even so…whatever. I like that Heather tried to show some family time…sorta kinda. I still am not a fan, but she seemed to cry real tears when she spoke of her love for Terry. That was touching.
    Maybe Kelly is just wanting to go out drinking with Vicki to get away from her spouse too…to Whoop it up!?

    1. You mght we’ll be right all I can comment on is the stories here and that won’t change. I’ve missed you xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️

    1. I agree. Especially after the episode a couple of weeks ago, when the LIAR said that she tried out to be on Season 5. BUT Alexis was chosen, instead. That must be why she has always been so outrageously jealous of the woman.

    2. I also call BS on anyone who says that. Cauldron from BH said that too, but TMZ caught her saying, ( before the show taped ) that she was watching to see so she could decide if she wanted to take the offer of being on. Her rich husband buried it pretty good, but I SAW it before that happened.

  3. So many haters out there when it comes to Heather! Stop hating her life, husband, new home, & her looks!!! Heather keeps it real & that can often times be uncomfortable for those who don’t! Keep tellin it Heather!!!!

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