Heather Dubrow Misses Gretchen Rossi, Admits Things Have Been Awkward Since Reunion


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the RHOC season 8 reunion. Heather says her and her family have settled in their new rental home and their new home will be ready in about two years. She also has a message for each of the ladies after wrapping this season.

Heather writes, “I’m happy to report we are (mostly) settled in our adorable rental home where we shall reside until the new house is completed in about two years. That may seem like a long time, but honestly, I’m going to need at least that amount of time to recover before the next move!

I felt differently this year at the reunion. No longer the “new girl” I have now formed real relationships with these women and am invested in them.

Vicki: It was so difficult to see how hurt and sad she was by everything that transpired with Brooks. I meant what I said though, Vicki is a strong smart woman and she will get through this and find someone appropriate to love.

Alexis: I’m so glad Alexis and I are in a good place. We are both loving moms and wives and it’s nice to see her and share a hug and a laugh.

Tamra: Tamra has come so far this year. I’m so proud of her for facing her past. I truly believe that will help open her future. She opened a successful business and got married ! It was a big year for her and I am so happy for Tamra , Eddie & the kids.

Lydia: I really like Lydia, I think she’s been a fun addition to the group. As for the whole “magazine cover” debate. It was OK for me to ask, and it was ok for her to say no. End of story. Lydia and I are friends and (thankfully) I never had to pop a vein!

Gretchen: I miss Gretchen. Things have been awkward since the reunion, even though we had dinner after the filming.

I want to say that my comment about feeling “hollow” after watching her engagement was about none of the girls being at the party, not about the actual engagement. I thought Gretchen did a great job and it was a very sweet moment on the rooftop.

Even though Terry and I were sad to not be included in Gretchen and Slade’s special day — we still celebrated with them. Terry and I took them out to dinner and bought them an engagement gift.”

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5 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Misses Gretchen Rossi, Admits Things Have Been Awkward Since Reunion”

  1. Can I just say the reunion left me feeling “hollow.” I do appreciate you blogging after the final reunion as we have yet to hear from the other women…but wow…something sounds just so “uppity” about this blog.

    1. Heather heather always have ro make a dig how u and Terry had ro buy someone something.so materalistic!!!! Makes me ans viewers sick.u can’t buy friends especially when you have mistreated them.such a bitch fake fake.u make me sick

  2. Baloney. Heather never uses 2 words when 100 are available. Her “hollow” comment” was meant to rain on Gretchen’s parade. She just realized afterword that it was unacceptably cold and once again, all the others piling on one person. They are jackals!

  3. Nobody says they feel “hollow” about not being invited to a function. “Hurt”, “Forgotten”, “Left out”, but not “hollow”. Heather is only trying to cover her ass and her excuse is 98% “stupid”.

    1. Amen heather is back peddeling .suxh a bitch. Buying dinner and a gift is such an insult. If I were Gretchen not Slade I would return it.bc it’s not from the heart.

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