Heather Dubrow: Michael Harassing My Friend Simara Was Not Cool


Heather Dubrow is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of the RHOC. Dubrow celebrates her book party and also comments about Michael harassing her friend Simara.

“Shannon’s new rental…

It’s GREAT! She kept saying how dumpy it was, but it’s really amazing! I brought Shannon a pink Himalayan salt block because she’s such a good cook! You can put it on the grill, serve crudo on it, and even bake chocolate chip cookies on it (salty/sweet!)!!! Hard to buy something for someone who has everything! Hope she’s enjoying it!!!!

Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig!

Finally! The party we threw to launch our first book! You can see what Terry and I have been working on for over a year! “Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present the Only Guide You Will Ever Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments”!!! We go out in the world and test everything health, wellness, and beauty on ourselves! This book is a comprehensive guide to everything out there — does it work? Or is it snake oil?? On sale now wherever books are sold!

We were so happy to celebrate with everyone and just wanted to keep the drama at bay after the candle party!

Vicki was on the stand with her new beau! Tamra was so funny doing a background check! Can’t be too careful!

Kelly and Michael continue to have issues, the Costco episode was disturbing and Michael harassing my friend Simara was also not cool. I though Kelly handled it really well.

I was happy that Jimmy showed up at the party! Meghan was thrilled. Who doesn’t like to be surprised by their husband, especially when you really need them?!


When Meghan brought up Ireland I was immediately intrigued. My late beloved grandmother (the same one who died from colon cancer that we discussed earlier in the season) had been there years ago and brought me home a sprig of “heather”…a flower that grows wild there. I still have it dried in an envelope with my name on the envelope in her handwriting.

I love Meghan, understood her need to go, and selfishly wanted to go and bring home a bit of “heather” for my kids. This group usually has a lot of fun when we travel together and now that everyone seems to be moving on – it might be just what we need!

Well…you will have to watch and see how that turns out…”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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That was disturbing . Michael and Kelly are perfect for each other

Hi DaisyDeb, I don’t watch so only here to keep me up to date so I can’t comment on this but wanted to say hello! Xoxoxoxxo

Daisy and Suze ❤️❤️

Good day Suze and Rain . I don’t watch much anymore but did last night

I’m sorry you watched last night Daisy lol

Lol me too Rain sweetie . I need to stick with the walking dead on Netflix

I don’t watch that show but I know it has s huge fan base

I watch the show and also read the comics. I know time to grow up. I really am a nerd at heart

I didn’t know it was a comic lol. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re plenty grown up 🙂

Yep the comic came out year’s and year’s ago. Thanks Rain your so sweet

I don’t either, but Tamra and Viki were right about one thing all those years ago when I watched, Heather speaks to others as if they are morons, “heather, a flower that grows wild there” Wow. For one thing, “Heather”, as all botanical living named plants, is supposed to be CAPITALIZED!! Like Rose, Sage, Hosta, Geranium…. etc., see how pompous that looks typed out?

Forgot to say hugs and hope everyone is doing good

Hugs back sweet Daisy xoxox

Ditto, what Daisy said. <333
This show has gotten so stupid. I cannot imagine a group of women wanting to go on a trip, ANYWHERE, after the hateful fights they have.
Kelly's husband has a problem with alcohol. And Jimmy–OMG!!! I felt so sorry for Meghan when he made those nasty comments (even I felt those digs, right thru the tv screen). No wonder the poor girl is depressed. I don't have any human kids, but even *I* know that's not good for her, to be in that state while pregnant.

How are you Queenie ? 🙂 glad you’re back to commenting

Hi Rain, I’m doing better. I haven’t been on here for a while. One of my furbabies was sick, since the beginning of the year and I lost her a couple of weeks ago. I try to concentrate on the 12yrs of pure joy she gave me. But sometimes the sadness is overwhelming. Thankfully, I have 2 other dogs and a cat.
Hope you guys are all doing good. I’ve missed you!!,<333

I’m sorry for your loss Queenie ! So sad! Fur babies bring us so much love and loyalty . I’m sure you took excellent care of your fur baby and that all of them have a great life I lost my 2 dogs within one year. They were older, 16 and 14 and they were very sick towards the end. I prayed that I don’t have to make the decision to put them down and I didn’t have to. One died in its sleep and my girl died in my arms while I was holding her and I thought she… Read more »

Oh Queenie, I am so sorry! It is heartbreaking to lose our pets. After our last two died I said never again within eight months we had another dog and she is ten now. They are part of our families and that’s why it’s so hard to lose them. We had paintings done of ours I go to sleep at night looking at our last two and the current one has hers in our sitting room. So hugs to you xoxoxoxox

Thanks to both of you, from the bottom of my heart. The best part of these crazy shows, are the people that I have met on this site. My other two dogs and even my cat, have also been grieving. It’s always hard, to lose a pet…but I will always be grateful that I had them.

That’s the only reason I continue with some of these shows is this blog and the friends I have met here. Xoxoxxoxox


❤️❤️❤️❤️ Suze and Queenie

Oh, Queenie, I am so sorry about your kitty. My two black kitties are a little older than a year now, and they are not allowed in my Bed room, but I slept on the couch last night because my feet kept cramping and I had to get up, so I had furry, warm company all night! They each curled up on either side of me, and their purring is like the best lullabye there is, as I’m sure you know. I had waited quite a long time between my last kitty and these. They helped me finish getting well… Read more »

Queenie, how sad. I know the emptiness you feel & the depression. Our fur babies are family & it’s always so hard to lose one. I feel for you.

Me too queenie. All my babies have 4 legs and unconditional love

Thanks Daisy:)

Like the way Heather pretty much rises above the bs. Does anyone know if they still have those cute “hypo-allergic” puppies they got a couple of years ago? Haven’t seen them since….

According to the breeder (who is a patient of Terry’s), they babysat the dogs for the duration of Heather’s new house being built, and returned them once the Dubrows finally moved and got settled in.

Yes Mousie, where are those puppies? I can’t stomach Kelly.

Dr.Terry, the spotlight craver, gives me the creeps

Heather’s an odd duck. I guess it would be strange, having a husband who looks at other women’s breasts all day.

OMG! I had not thought of that! Yes, how weird. A sign of the times that a married man can “legally” look at different women’s bodies all day. It cracks me up that they have a “line” of staying young skin care. If her face gets any tighter, her eyes will be on the side of her head.

I don’t understand why Terry doesn’t have his nose fixed. It’s really bad and he has to know a good plastic surgeon or two.

Lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks for the laugh. Btw your right he really should

Congrats to the Dubrows! They may not be my Favorite couple, but that is something to be admired.

I will give Heather credit; she knows how to throw a fun party.

I thought Kelly looked drop dead gorgeous. Congrats to Vicki! Her retired cop boyfriend is very cute.
Hope it is the true love/ soul mate that she has always wanted.

I love how you can clearly see that Heather is over writing blogs ^^ She’s like writing one sentence per scene haha / or she’s so boring she has nothing to say

Heather is probably the only OC housewife I actually like she’s not bitter and nasty.

Why do these women pretend that they host these trips when we know it’s all Bravo’s doing? Does anyone really believe that Shannon just happened to mention Ireland and Heather just happened to have a flower from there and everyone else just happens to want to go too? As Shannon would say; “no”.

Well what happens is that a wife proposes and outlines a trip, it gets approved by the production company and then they assist with planning to get the women “production rates” for filming. So the cast will often in fact pay for their own accommodations and a chunk of the flights, but here’s the perk of filming for a living: booking the former through production they will be paying at a reduced rate of up to 70% off the actual price. The production company then pays for everything else (transfers, tips, security), the meals are actually included in their show… Read more »
Bon Vivant, I love your insight into reality shows, they make perfect sense as well. This explains how the RHBH scored that mega room in Dubai that runs about 40,000.00 a night. I hate to be superficial but I loved that place so much, I keep it on my DVR to watch sometimes. This includes the room that had the aquarium views also. I fast forward through the bullcrap of course, but THAT’s what I enjoy about these shows. Of course there has to be bitchery and drama going on, but lately this ratched, yelling, screaming, glass throwing and cursing… Read more »

I know the architect of that hotel and several of the other top hotels in Dubai but I can’t even get a piddly little discount! (Not that I could afford it even if I could get a ten percent discount!)

Good morning gorgeous Suze ❤️❤️❤️

Good morning or rather afternoon my stunning hot hippy mamma! Xoxoxoxox

Stuck at work Suze lol ❤️❤️❤️

That’s not so good! I had my SIL here and her no good son has walked out on his partner and one year old baby! So very sad but hopefully baby mamma will find someone really nice who will look after her! He can go suck eggs! Lol xoxoxoxox

Suze, I can’t imagine the cost of that place so the architect must have made a pretty penny on that one. Maybe the architect could just get you a tour..that might be good enough. I don’t know if you are getting the new Melbourne season yet (actually it’s into the reunion already), but they went to the same place in Dubai and Chyka filmed from that room where Kyle and Lisa stayed. She just had a display up there. On a funny note, wait until you see the season and see what a self centered, sulking sour puss Pettifleur was… Read more »

Omg! Pettiffleur is the whiniest, self centered child ever lol. I only watched a few episodes then gave up. Hated Gina and Lydia. The way Lydia interacted with that car salesman was not ‘flirting’, it was downright slutty 🙂 love love loved Gamble and her family.

Rain, I couldn’t agree more about Gamble, especially that wedding and reception. It was so lighthearted and genuine and I loved it. I don’t know why, but even when Gina annoys me, I can’t hate her for some reason. lol. Maybe it’s because she genuinely seems to not give a shit whether these women like her or not. She almost thinks like a man. But she can also be an egotistical bitch as well. Lydia on the other hand…I just feel a strong distaste for, and I don’t find her funny in the least. The car salesmen thing was ridiculous,… Read more »

I heard Gina was quite fabulous previous seasons, I just didn’t see the few episodes I saw this season. Her ditching gambles event and then LYING was beyond pathetic

Yes it was pathetic, not that I saw it, only clips but she was better in previous seasons. She obviously doesn’t like any of the women.

The thing about Gamble’s wedding was so ignorant and I honestly don’t think she gave a crap about hurting Gamble’s feelings. The one thing consistent with Gina over the years, is that she admits to nothing. There was a reunion show one year, where the host showed her a clip of herself in the talking head interview. When the clip ended, she said “I never said that”..lol..It was filmed coming out of her MOUTH…I think that might be the lawyer in her, but I do think her fame went to her a head a bit this season and it wasn’t… Read more »
I adore Chyka! She’s so stylish and even keeled. Gamble and her Wolf Pup are sweet…and not only does Gina think like a man…but between her insistence on wearing cocktail dresses every mid-afternoon with 10lbs of Sable Colby’s contoured make-up from “Dynasty”, she also reads like a female impersonator on camera. I would hate to see anyone light a cigarette within 10 feet of the bouffant she so painstakingly pieces together with that Yaki 1B hair weave and 2 cans of Aquanet each morn as that could prove fatal to all on set…she owns it though, orange self-tanner and all,… Read more »

Lol, Bon Vivant, that was so funny because it was spot on. All the comes to mind is when she wore her stilettos on the tennis court one year, and sprayed the crap out of that lady’s bathroom with spray tanner. She has also recognized and made jokes about the drag queen accusations. You are right….reminds me so much of the 80’s with all of that Aqua net 😀

Agree to Melbourne, Lydia is a nasty bisom!
Also agree re Gina, she just doesn’t care!
We have been offered tours of the hotels just as they are finished but won’t be out there again I don’t think so that’s out.

Ah well, you can just enjoy watching them on TV. Sometimes that is the best seat in the house…except when you want to slap the crap out of one of the housewives for not appreciating their beautiful surroundings and bitching their way through beautiful trips 😀

I know I get so cross with them when they spoil these trips! I love watching them! The trips not the women! Lol! Xoxoxo

Believe me…I knew what you meant.lol. Cross is such a nice word compared to pissed 😀

Rinna ruined that trip IMO. One comment on the bridge outside Lisa’s house made the entire season a big long ridiculous, petty argument. It wasn’t even ABOUT her, the person who it would have been about staunched it that day with her friend. Then, with her thing about Yolanda, blaming Lisa there, too. If anyone can be so easily “manipulated” as to take long term action, say really inappropriate things, “lie” for a “friend” for 20 years what?? every time to cover for some supposed slight LISA DID TO SOMEONE ELSE, as she said she did with her, then it… Read more »

Other than her obvious character flaws, I find Rinna to be incredibly stupid. The thing is , she thinks she’s smart and those are the most annoying of the stupid people. Hope all is well with you 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️ We are enjoying some gorgeous weather in SF but I’m so concerned and sad for all those millions dealing with hurricane Matthew . I pray God protects everyone and everything

Rain.. SF is on my bucket list…someday….it looks beautiful. I’m an east coast girl but Matthew will be out to sea before it does damage here. FLA is in the worst path right now. God Bless and prayers to them as well.

Freedomgirl, all our prayers are with Florida ❤️❤️❤️
I think you would love SF, but then of course I’m biased 🙂 if you visit , you’ll have to let me know so we can meet ! I shared this ‘fantasy’ with the ladies here before about how it would be awesome to meet and watch the HW together . It would have to be RHOBH because that’s almost everyone’s favorite . I typically watch HW alone and I sometimes wish I could yell or cheer with someone lol xoxo

Prayers coming from Scotland as well. We have watched it and heard about it on the news and it’s horrendous. Hoping everyone gets out before it hits again. Not something we get here. Thank goodness. Xoxo

Lydia…. she is something. That poor maid of hers having to listen to her go on and on all day…!

No kidding, Huh? Three nights in the suite Kyle and Lisa stayed in would pay off my house! Beautiful, though, I agree with Freedom Girl about keeping the episode handy to look at the rooms, and the lobby too. I loved the scene with Kyle and Lisa with the seal the absolute best of everything in Dubai.

I agree, That was adorable and humbling with the seal. I try not to cherish material things, but I LOVED that bathroom in Kyle’s suite more than anything else…although…at the same time, I can only imagine how serene and peaceful it must have been in Eileen’s bedroom with the tranquil water and fish swimming. It was true when they made a joke that the sharks in the tank were better roommates than the Sharks outside the tank. I also LOVED Lisa’s “mumu”..lol. It was gorgeous.

Tee hee-hee! That hotel is an incredible property. I’ve been to Oman but not to Dubai- a lot of IT people from my church have lived/worked there and keep encouraging me to visit! But think of the discounting this way: in exchange for reduced accommodation rates the properties get free commercial advertising over the space of three episodes that would otherwise cost them a fortune if they were paying for one minute ad spots on television with a highly rated show. I’ve done interiors styling for resorts in the Caribbean and some American golf/spa properties, and the budgets for print… Read more »

Bon Vivant, once again you make a lot of sense and this is what I expected. It’s certainly no coincidence when so many housewives franchises visit the same places in the course of a year or so in their back to back seasons. I loved watching Dubai but the Shah’s of Sunset also have visited amazing locations that I love to watch vicariously 😀