Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd Battle at RHOC Reunion Part 2


Part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion aired Monday night and the ladies still had a lot of fight left in them as Kelly Dodd and Heather Dubrow battled it out for most of the hour.

First, Andy Cohen asked Shannon Beador about her marriage and vow renewal, as Vicki Gunvalson tried to compare it to her vow renewal with Donn.

“Don’t analogize your marriage to mine, ever!” Shannon yelled, as Vicki tried to tell her to keep calm.

When it was Heather’s turn to talk about her storyline, everyone seemed annoyed that her only problem was that Terry couldn’t find time to spend with their kids. One viewer even sent in a question asking if her life is just so perfect that she can’t find real problems. Heather said that she and Terry have seen dark times and knows that dark times are ahead so she is enjoying the good times while they are here.

Next, Vicki’s daughter Briana joined the group and gave an update on her health. She shared that she had been diagnosed with Lupus after having more tumors removed from her neck and revealed that a lymphoma diagnosis has not been ruled out yet.

Vicki was also questioned about her involvement in the Kill All Cancer charity. She revealed she was no longer involved with the charity, but Tamra Judge explained that it didn’t look good for her to be emailing donors about her business.

Kelly Dodd’s behavior was brought up next and Kelly said she didn’t regret any of her antics when questioned by Andy Cohen. She blamed her behavior on the ladies, not alcohol. Heather said she was disgusted by Kelly’s behavior and her refusing to take any accountability for her actions.

“You’re not the boss. Are you senior staff at Bravo?” Dodd asked.

During behind-the-scenes footage that was shown from the sushi dinner, Heather was shown talking to a producer after Kelly called Shannon the “c” word. She threatened to take off her mic and even told the producer they could fire her if they wanted, but that she wouldn’t be associated with Kelly’s behavior.

“We’re better than this! Our show is better than this!” Heather said.

Kelly insisted that she might have apologized before, but after watching the season and realizing how badly she was treated, she was no longer sorry.

From there the ladies screamed at each other for who was wrong and we did find out that Tamra just pushed Kelly’s shoulders in Ireland at the department store. The screaming got so out of control, even Andy got sick of it and yelled at them to stop.

Kelly did apologize to Tamra for bringing up her daughter.

What did you think of part two of the reunion?

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62 Replies to “Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd Battle at RHOC Reunion Part 2”

  1. Honestly, I could do without Heather. She basically used Shannon and Tamara for her lack of drama and storyline. I’m sure a lot of issues wouldn’t have been so ugly or dramatic had she not meddled. She has literally nothing going on and you can’t see her tomb of a home. She refuses to cop to anything she really needs to work on in her personal life, but will exacerbate what’s happening in everyone else’s issues x100. It’s ridiculous. She saw issues growing between the girls and on one hand she’s defending them, but on the other she’s spilling tea and trashing Shannon’s marriage too. She really thinks she runs the show and she’s using her cohorts to cover non story having ass. Everyone annoys me, but it totally hit me how much she piggy backed off of everyone’s issues especially her own friends.

    1. I was hoping someone I respect saw that too. She is so transparent. She really has nothing but lots of money, and high horse preaching. She really believes she has some fairy tale life, and has always given off the vibe that she is so far above everyone else on the show. She might want to look a little closer while the kids are still little, because they grow up, and realize their own opinions and ideals, which don’t often jive with the parents. That will be a shock to her system, and she better read a few hundred more books. After all, the “universal they” always know best in her opinion.

      1. I don’t know, I think Heather has been getting a bad rap in the past year or so for her uppitiness. I don’t see it so much as high and mighty and better than, but rather her being a high scaled principled lady. She does have high standards in most areas of her life but that’s her own personal measuring stick for how she feels comfortable living her life rather than a tool to use to berate haphazardly. I have never seen her act like she’s better, monetarily wise, towards the ladies or throw her wealth around. The only bee in her bonnet that I’ve seen is that she has an intolerance for super vulgar women who continuously trash others with little warning and for smiling arrogant schemers who stoop to levels most people wouldn’t dream of to mask their ungodly lies. I may feel like Heather has a somewhat preachy manner when insulted but I can think of worse traits in a person like the aforementioned. And she’s always willing to listen to reason and to give second chances. Tamra comes to mind. And I’d say if she can handle Tamras guttural quips she’s a pretty overlooking friend lol.

        1. The fact that she’s friends with Tamara is hypocritical. Tamara has done worse than kelly over the seasons and said worse, but because she’s a valuable ally she gets a pass. The fact that she feels she can lecture another adult is comical when her friend had such similar behavior on previous seasons that she willingly turns a blind eye to. She’s been apart of every gang up on another girl since she’s been on and shoving that pointy finger in someone’s face repeatedly. Now matter how fancy the words are, she’s mean. She’s in the mud with them with a chanel dress and an extended vocabular, but she likes to pretend she’s not.

            1. All good retorts It’s just a simple matter on these shows anymore of who’s the least slyest bitchiest meanest lyingest and craziest in degree and for me that’s Heather. Yup she’s got ‘tude’ in fancy-pants’ spades but she’s also got great moral character game & that always wins for me.

      2. Believe me a plastic surgeon does not get paid millions of dollars. She had a few bit roles trying to be an actress. Their over the top spending just tells me they are deeply in debt. Their personalitys are such a cliche for noveau rich. It will one day all come crumbly down, they will declare bankruptcy and the rest of us will be footing their bill for the lavish lifestyle they need to be relevant. Classic excess when one is not truly wealthy.

      1. I agree. I read that she is starting some stupid podcast about her new closet. I personally think that she loves to shove her expensive stuff in people’s faces, thinking that we will be jealous and want what she has. No, I don’t. I only have a mere fraction, but it’s plenty enough for me. And the way she was all over Alexis about bragging, but now she does it non-stop is so sickening. When Shannon first joined, Heather was beside herself, with envy. Her whole “friendship,” with someone as crude and vulgar as Tamra, is so phony. I think she was fake crying in that limo, after walking out of the sushi restaurant, because for once in her life, she didn’t get her own way.

  2. Kelly is an idiot…has no filter and no self worth for herself or her family. It kinda sad to see someone like her…pitiful

    Next season needs to be with out her and take vicky too….PLEASE

    1. I have never commented on any show, however I have watched this show since the second year. First of all, I think Vicki Gundelson should be reprimanded for saying it is her show and to get off! Really Vicki you think way too highly of yourself. Just because you’ve been there the longest does not mean it is your show! The absolute worst housewife ever on this show is Kelli! She really needs to be off, she will not take any ownership of her offensive behavior and frankly is a very bad role model for women period. She obviously has real behavioral/mental problems and I have never disliked a housewife more. Andy, that does not mean keep her on the show because she causes drama! What it means is I will quit watching the show because she is so offensive! Heather and all of the others need to stay, get this sick and offensive person off of the show she is ruining it! Surely you can find a better new housewife! I wish I could say I hope she gets help, but seriously I don’5 wish her well because she will not take any ownership and does not change her behavior!

    2. Kelly is a borderline personality disorder. She escalates easily, has overly intense relationships, feels like a victim, has mood swings and abuses a substance. She is not able to work through conflict and will always seek drama

      1. I have no idea what Kelly is. I cant get past that gigantic uniboob!!! Her boobs seriously make me want to vomit….when she was hanging out under her bikini I thought I would lose my dinner….yuck

  3. Yeah, Kelly needs to take her trashy-ass back to that rock she climbed out of. Someone please send her a copy of Luanne’s one-hit-wonder “Money Don’t Buy You Class”

  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Kelly is a BULLY! She bullies her Husband (on the show) and just seems to hate Shannon for real. She is good for ratings, I guess but someone needs to put her in her place but good. I’m not getting the hate for Heather, what has she done wrong? And don’t get me started in that Vicki…she is really trying to make Shannon feel bad, why? JEALOUSLY!!!

  5. Dodd is vlle-PERIOD. Vicki LiarFACE is just that-PERIOD.

    Heather is manipulative and controlling, always thinking it should be her way.

    Shannon should have been grilled more about her horrible behavior toward her husband when it should have been geared toward the in law.

  6. I stopped watching after that Ireland trip. Kelly is disgusting along with her buddy Vicky, I won’t watch again unless they’re gone, Heather was a snoozefest I think she is over the show and I think she’ll probably quit

  7. I forced myself to watch the clips on Bravo, that was more than enough! I still think Shannon is the only one who I would ever want to know. Certainly none of the others especially V and K!

    1. Good morning again 😉 my friend❤️ I think Shannon is a great gal too and I think Vicki is very jealous of her popularity because V has to be #1 in her mind! I think S is taking over her spot yay! And I think Shannon looks even better with a few extra pounds she’s a super stunning lady but I think she’s even more so now.

      1. I do too! She is looking hot and she doesn’t try to squash her self into clothes that are too small! As Rain would say Team Shannon xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Exactly and I love how she dresses, but that’s just because I like the Talbots’s style lol. And I loved her dress she wore on the reunion, tasteful and beautiful. She’s a lady in my book.

          1. We even have Talbots here! I just love Shannon, of course she isn’t perfect but I still like her so much more than any of the others!

  8. I loved the talk between K and V while there was a break. Andy played it again on WWHL. Vicki telling Kelly “you better back me up” and Kelly saying ” and you better have back me”. I put my tape on pause to read it while watching and surprised that Andy showed it again on his show. Two hoodlums IMHO.

    1. LOL two hoodlums! Aunt Bee you get your own own LOL award of the day from me. I haven’t heard that wonderful underused word forever. Made me smile. Oh and I agree of course. 😉 xox

      1. Thanks Miss M. I also enjoyed Meghan’s shocked look at some of the things K said. I have a feeling she would rather be sitting on the other couch.

        1. Yes I agree! And I’m going to miss Megan on the show, it took a couple of years to see her true colors and personality and to me she’s a cutie pie and the real deal.

  9. 1. I don’t get the Heather hate. What has she done that is so horrible? She reacts to bad behavior and for that I say “good for her.” Big deal, she’s a snob. That’s normal in Orange County with that type of person.
    2. Shannon needs to stop talking about David’s affair. Other than that, she doesn’t bug me. As for asking her MIL to help either carry her dishes to a sink or whatever it was? Honestly? If she was there all the time, I don’t see a problem with this when she had either newborn or a few year old twins. I highly doubt that MIL has ever been nice to her since she has that Jocasta complex. (The opposite of the Oedipus complex.)
    3. Tamra was gossiping all season. Enough. She started a lot of the fights actually by repeating bad news. STFU already and focus on the problems in your own family.
    4. Meghan has and always will be my favorite. Loved her last season with her investigating Brooks and being proven 100% accurate. I’m sorry to see her go. She seems to be (lately) much more mature than the rest of them put together.
    5. Vicki. Nothing to add that I haven’t already SCREAMED out in capital letters here. Continues to lie, continues to evade the truth, continues to be jealous. She is, and always will be remembered for the rest of her life as the love-starved, liver spotted hag who aided and abetted a con artist in a HUGE cancer lie. I will never have anything nice to say about her. EVER.
    6. Kelly. This beast/ape/reptile/tranny needs to go. She is going to mouth off to someone someday and end up in the ER if she doesn’t watch it. She is a foul-mouthed, drunken, ugly hearted, jealous, nit-picking aging wanna-be. She never did anything remarkable on her own, her husband either enjoys getting hen-pecked and belittled or they have that Ike and Tina Turner type marriage. Whatever her issues are (and there are MANY), she needs to be booted off.

    I didn’t get into their bad choices of dresses again. Who dresses these women? They’d be better off wearing a nice pair of slacks and a sweater instead of these age-inappropriate (see ice skating championship dresses) and skin tight dresses.

    1. hahaha I have a feeling if Kelly ever ran into you she’d be cured of her junk in under 10 minutes flat. I agree totally about Heather. She gets a bad rap, she is who she is and she has high morals and I personally like that in my people.

    2. Gigicat you are the Queen of Adjectives. You always make me LOL and I usually totall agree. i didn’t like Meghan the first year when she picked on Shannon but when she went after Liarface she won me over. Love your posts.

    3. Perfectly said in regards to all the “ladies”. Why the heck is this person named Vicki still on a tv show? She represents what no one wants to be or know in their lifetime. Usually peope have at least one redeeming quality. Not Vicki, it’s insulting that Bravo keeps her on.

  10. Is Heather a Snob… totally, does she have a high opinion of herself, yes. Would I if i had her life, probably. I don’t get all the Heather dislike, I prefer her story line with her house (I like to see how the rich live) and I actually feel her character, lifestyle is more suited to RHOBH.

    I have struggled with Kelly all season…. to me she seems to have gone straight to the drama knowing that will get her talked about/ on another season. I did feel sorry for Kelly in Ireland on the bus, but the way she reacted to Tamra in the bar she kinda brought it on herself. Did the women on the bus cross the line, yes, where they all intoxicated….yes. had/ would have Kelly done the same to them, totally.

    Kelly in these reunions has totally put me off, She is making it impossible to like/ for the others to move on. If you own it, apologies and understand the other point of view then can progress. I am not sure if OC will keep surviving like this and how another season will work. She comes across so Smug and vicious. it was my same view with Brandi, you cross a line that’s no longer ‘entertainment’ and just being horrible for the sake of it.

    1. Yep – totally agree…the fact that Kelly can now excuse her behavior cause of these women now is pathetic and immature…she justifies her actions is what makes me sick…and Vicki next to her is loving it! Kelly doesn’t deserve to be on this show – and Vicki’s time is up…get some new fresh blood. I use to be able to watch these reunions several times cause they always re-show them but I honestly can’t sit through these again – not entertaining – just makes me mad…

  11. omg…. Bravo – I want to thank you for taking Brandi off RHOBH….. Now could you please do the same with Heather and Shannon. Don’t have to ask you to take Kelly off the show cuz it probably already has happened!!! I’m sad to hear that Megan isn’t coming back but good for her – she doesn’t want that crap in her life. Tamra – well she just needs to stop with the frozen face – it’s become distorted and her Jesus stuff – we certainly find it hard to believe. So I guess that just leaves the original – Vicki – bring back Alexis, Jeanne, and maybe add me…. lol.

    1. Agreed! I love the clip from next week where Vicki yells at Shannon for constantly shaming her in public. I can’t stand Shannon or Tamara. I have never liked Vicki, but I am sick of the rehashing of Brooks constantly. As Vicki said let’s move on. If Shannon didn’t have that story to rehash she wouldn’t have a story. If I have to listen to one more season of Shannon’s constant squealy voice I will scream. Each time she squeals I want to throw something at the TV. I only like Megan so I guess unless they start with a clean slate next year I am done. Heather thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink and Tamara is the bully that you try to teach your kids to stay away from. I actually thought Kelly’s face was gorgeous at the reunion and looked better than it had all year. Didn’t like her dress though. Except for Megan they are all losers. Glad that Megan saw the light at the end of the darkness that is the OC tunnel and moved on. Time for me to do the same.

      1. Agree and Kelly’s dress didn’t make any sense… Shannon, Heather and Tamra are vile, vicious and vindictive women.
        Don’t hurt the TV though ((LOL)

  12. Heather thinks the show is “better than—–WHAT”? She’s a pushy, self opinionated, holier than thou hypocritical block of ice. Acting always as though she’s way higher & mightier than the rest of the world. She is useless on the show, except to push her mouth always where it does not belong. She’s just as much a back-stabber as the rest of them & the only pushing she should do, is to push a door open & exit as she serves absolutely no purpose.
    Tamara has always been no good & still is a true rotten apple. Why is it okay for her to feel hurt at Kelly’s words on her bad parenting when she did the same to Alexis & Lizzie in the past? Karma, karma, karma, it sure does hurt. Well, the truth always does & this group does not know what that word ‘truth’ means. She is the author & creator of confusion, while hiding behind a cloak of piety.
    Shannon is a very devious, sick, delusional woman. She thinks in her delusion she can convince the cast & us to be delusional as well, not happening for me at all. She seems to have lost sight of how disrespectful she was to David the 1st season & why he was driven to do what he did. Yet, she feels she’s the innocent in it all. Andy, please hand her her self given halo. For her to accuse Kelly of an affair & expose it to make herself feel better about what happened to her, all the while pointing out she had no part in what happened in her own life, shows her guilt, her dissatisfaction, her unhappiness & her insecurites. She started out this season having put on a bit of weight, now, almost overnight, she’s balooned & it does not suit her, add that to her sense of self worth as she’s surrounded by plastic, body conscious, materialistic women holding on to threads of failing youth. Maybe there’s a medical problem?
    Bad as Vicki is, she is no longer accepting their behaviour & is fighting back, not people pleasing them & grovelling for their forgiveness & attention any more.
    Kelly, minus her bad language, is giving as good as she’s getting & it’s about time someone stands up to this dispicable bunch of vultures.
    Happy Meghan has other concerns other than being an investigator. I wish her all the best as she departs.

  13. For those of us who saw Vicki & Kelly tell each other to have each other’s backs, to me is par for the course as they knew the vicious attack they would be under & needed each other’s support. Does that mean that Heather, Tamara & Shannon did not do the same? they sure did, only they did it behind a closed bathroom door while they stratagised their plan of attack.

    1. I was just thinking about you and here you are! Oh and of course I totally agree! Xoxoxoxxoxox❤️❤️❤️

  14. How about when Tamra chased Briana down and accused her mother, Vicki, of “trading Brooks in for Kelly? Uh…what? Who does that? Briana was like, “I think she likes to have someone in her corner”…uh, in that group of mean girls I understand…I really think for someone who is so adamant that no one talks about her daughter – meaning Tamra – she needs to back the f off from Briana. You could tell it made Briana uncomfortable. Now that they are getting along – Vicki and Briana – and the con man is gone, let it go, Tamra…by the way, she has “fought dirty” for years, esp on reunions, and next week calls Vicki an “old lady”? Come on…get over yourself Tamra and lay off the friggin face freezing stuff and steroids or whatever with your body-worship…out of all of it, and a lot of it did make me sick from a lot of them, that really stood out. Like that Andy reminded her of her accusations about past hwives’ mothering skills…wish he would ask Heather whatever happened to those darling dogs they had in the rental…….seems like an ass-kisser in that area, get off the stupid “I want to buy your Jewish eggs” that makes me sick too…I am getting sick of this crapola…………………

    1. Mousie, in the recent past it was stated, dont know by who, but Heather just rented those poor darling pups for that episode. My thought is that she just wanted to prove what a great & devoted all arounder she is & put another feather in her cap. She’s only all show, no substance at all.

  15. I think what heather meant was that they are better than calling each other vile names in a restaurant. I would have left too . That was not the time or place for Kelly to address that. Vicki egged that one with Kelly’s husband adding his 2 cents. I for one would love for Andy to add Brandi to this cast. I think she would fit in with tamra & Kelly

  16. I don’t know what she is because I cant get past that gigantic uniboob….it’s seriously disgusting. When she was hanging out of her bikini I just about lost my dinner….yuck

  17. Kelly Dodd (like Kelly Bensimone) has serious mental and alcohol issues. Her behavior is dispicable as described by Heather. All of these shows portray such a “character” and the rest as a bunch of enablers. Kelly’s language is disgusting and foul. What woman calls another woman the “c” word? Especially a mother? Woman should build each other up and supporting each other.

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