Heather Dubrow Insists Gretchen Rossi Was Not Offered A Role On Malibu Country!


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the controversy about whether or not Gretchen Rossi was offered a role on Malibu Country. Heather says she was annoyed about Gretchen’s story on behalf of Tamra, insists that Gretchen was NEVER offered a role on the show and says she does not feel like she needs to compete with Gretchen for work.

Heather writes, “Malibu Country. . . I was so excited to tell the girls about getting offered a guest starring role on Malibu Country.

I didn’t originally intend to tell the girls what I had learned about Gretchen. However, when Tamra asked me, I told her what happened.

If you are wondering why I chose to share this information, I was annoyed on Tamra’s behalf. There is a difference between discussing an incident that happened among friends and spreading idle gossip that you are a third party to and whose only purpose is meant to offend.

I said to the group “They called to check availability for Gretchen and a few other girls for a small walk on role. Gretchen was never ‘offered’ anything and that small part ended up getting written out of the show. The role I was offered was entirely different.

I only asked the casting director about Gretchen because I was excited for her. She wanted to get into this business and I thought maybe we would be working together. Let this be said. I am not a competitive person — I truly believe there is room for everyone. I don’t however condone using getting “offered a role” as a way of having Tamra disinvite Alexis to dress shopping. Calling to check one’s availability for a few lines on sitcom and being offered a guest starring role are two different things. Also, if there was a tangible opportunity for Gretchen to do a network sitcom, which I don’t believe she has done before, she wouldn’t turn it down. Nor would Tamra want her to. She wasn’t offered a role. Period.”

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14 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Insists Gretchen Rossi Was Not Offered A Role On Malibu Country!”

  1. It always seems to be when Tamra fights with one they all join in. Last year it was Alexis and now it’s Gretchen’s turn. I always liked Heather but she seems to follow what Vicki and Tamra do and say this season. They have all turned into mean girls and Heather is just as bad.

    1. I can’t imagine wanting to be Heather. A more miserable human being is hard to imagine. You’d think she has it all, except she is constantly whining.

      1. Completely agree with you! Happy people don’t whine and constantly complain …but Heather does! I think it would be safe to bet her life isn’t as picture perfect as she is trying to portray. How could it be with that huge stick stuck up her a**??? lol

    2. No way!!! Heather is a NOTHING, NO talent fairly attractive woman. Alexis is WAY better looking and I find her to be completely down to earth!! If Alexis was asked to have her house in a magazine, I’m certain it wouldn’t matter what page it was on!! Heather and Terry make me sick!! How dare they think anyone cares what their house looks like really!! They Do NOT deserve a cover price!! They both think they’re better then everyone else. Truth be told, I’d rather see the inside of Lisa Vanderpumps home in a magazine. Now that I’d pay for!! Heather is a NASTY mean girl and I wish she had NEVER joined this cast!!

  2. Heather, you are so full of it you couldn’t wait to tell everyone. And if you didn’t want to tell Tamra why would you bring it up in front of everyone. You sound very jealous of Gretchen. You must of seemed just as petty to who ever it was that you ran to at the show to ask if Gretchen was ever asked to do a roll on the show. Well karma bit you in the ass because now you don’t even have a roll because its canceled. Karma is a bitch

    1. You are so right! Talk about making much of nothing. Heather gets two guest shots in ten years on sitcoms affiliated with the same network as Bravo and she thinks she’s Helen Hayes.

      1. ROFLMBO! But I doubt Heather thinks of herself as a “Helen Hayes” type! She probably see herself as a today A-list type…say…Angelina Jolie. Yeah…that would fit her delusions! 😉

  3. I’m a little sick of Heather’s Holier Than Thou excuses for why everybody else is always wrong and she’s always the epitome of elegance. She maliciously gossiped. There’s no exclusion for waiting to be asked (is she was) or talking among friends instead of a megaphone (which she also had because she said it on camera. I’m no fan of Gretchen, but really. Whether it was a walk-on part, a few lines, or a guest starring role Gretchen was talking about a prior commitment. Even if they only shoot on a particular day, if you have a few lines or even just blocking they will bring you in for rehearsals, so Heather’s comment about them not shooting that day was irrelevant. Heather said it because she wanted everybody to honor her star status, as if she had any, and recognize her as the only one with a REAL part on the show. She put down Gretchen to elevate herself. Here’s a show biz idea for Heather: Somebody get the hook.

  4. Heather is such a hypocrite – in her first episode she was standing on a cliff with a builder talking about building a bigger house than the one she lives in because it was getting too small because of all her kids! Because lets face it who could live under those awful conditions of living on a 10 plus bedroom house. Then having parties at her house so that she could show off to the other girls and all the fans of the show. Then flying on a private jet with Vicki and her friends to visit a restaurant. And then she accuses Alexis of doing the same by talking about the things she’s bought or owns. Heather is a snob and classless and everything she accused Alexis of being is what Heather really is.

    1. Agreed. And…let’s not forget how she doesn’t stoop to the level of “idle gossip”, but yet slams Gretchen at every opportunity (when Gretchen isn’t around to defend herself) by talking trash about her… all the while expounding on how absolutely wonderful her own career is and how in demand she is as an “actress”! The only word that comes to mind when I see Heather on camera now is… ‘jealous’.

  5. Can someone please just shut her up?!! She has become exactly like the other mean girls on RHOC… She is constantly whining, complaining, judging, condemning… Ugh. Oh but let’s all remember, Heather has told us all she is NOT like them because she doesn’t stoop to the level of idle gossip… REALLY?!! If it looks like a b***h, talks like a b***h, acts like a b***h… it’s a b***h!

  6. These lady’s need to get a life. Tamra opens up a business so Alexis has. Heather goes out to act again Alexis has to. Alexis can not act we all saw that when she was on that talk show. Vicki needs to tell Brooks bye bye Find someone else Vickie he just wants your money. Your children know best. Tamra and Gretchen could be friends three just alike Vicki needs to stop being so jealous .

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