Heather Dubrow ‘Heartbroken’ Over Yolanda and David Foster’s Divorce


It was a shock when the news broke out that Yolanda and David Foster’s were ending their four year marriage. The news was announced Tuesday, just before the season six premier of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While fans are sad about the news, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Heather and Terry Dubrow recently spoke to Bravo’s Daily Dish about the couple’s split.

“It’s sad. When I hear people are splitting up [it] makes you feel like, is anyone gonna make it? It makes you look at your relationship: Are we stable and good? I am heartbroken. We met them before the show. Yolanda is an amazing mother [and they are a] nice couple. Marriage is hard in general — especially in the spotlight. They both have huge careers.”

Though Heather looks at it on one side, husband Terry has a different opinion about the situation. David was married three times before he wedded Yolanda, and Terry believes that there is a pattern there.

“This may be controversial — maybe I shouldn’t say it. I think people who have a history of being married and divorced, get married and divorced,” he said. “If you’ve been married and divorced, two, three times, is it surprising? We are zebras; we have stripes. I think people are people who have patterns. If you get married and divorced, that’s what you do.”

We are wishing David and Yolanda the best!

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8 Replies to “Heather Dubrow ‘Heartbroken’ Over Yolanda and David Foster’s Divorce”

  1. The way she treats Terry she is probably concerned shes next- Terry looks so foolish as a man to allow her treatment of him. He walks on egg shells around her – that will get tiresome and the older the children get – is usually when men walk- they feel they have raised the children and seek there own happiness- JMO

    1. V V, my thoughts too, I think Terry is afraid of Heather, she is the all knowing genius & it’s definitely her way or else— Terry probably has to pay a price if he opposes her.

    1. Queenie, I agree and to say devastated is a bit OTT! You are devastated if it’s a family member or close friend not if it is a colleague who you have met a few times.

  2. It’s really not “male” or “female” personality, though, people just think it is. People are all different on how dominant their personality is regardless of their gender. I’d say more that some couples just seem too mismatched, where one of them (whether the man or the woman) seems to railroad the other. Terry and Heather- Heather is too much the boss and I cringe for Terry sometimes. Yolanda and David- David was too much the boss and I cringed for Yolanda sometimes. It works better when they’re both more towards the middle. That’s what I think, anyway.

  3. I have a little different opinion. I really like Heather and Terry. Heather sticks up for her friends and Terry has a great sense of humor. A little arrogant but he is good at what he does! I think they both are getting a bum rap. If you have the money, why not build a fantastic house? What else can you do with all the money in the world! They are rich and don’t we all want to be?

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