Heather Dubrow Explains Who She Was Irritated With At Clambake Party!

Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss why she was really annoyed at her clambake party on The Real Housewives of Orange County. While it came off like Heather was snapping at her husband, Terry, she reveals she was really irritated with her caterer.

Heather writes, “I love my husband, but as I said last week, he likes to push my buttons. The truth is, I was extremely annoyed with my caterer. (Who I’ve been working with for years and I do adore…) Brian specifically told Terry that he was serving steak as well (at my request in case anyone didn’t care for lobsters, or if there was any shellfish allergy I wasn’t aware of). So I can understand why Terry inquired about the steak. . .My ennui came from him asking over and over and over (which wasn’t shown).

Also, the dessert table: Just for the record, I LOVE Costco. We shop there often and I think their products are excellent.
Can you imagine though, hiring a caterer and requesting a dessert bar — only to find out, it was all store bought? I assumed he had made all of the desserts, which is why I made that comment.

There is nothing wrong with a buffet of desserts from Costco (they were actually quite delicious). However, if you are paying a caterer for a homemade spread, it’s entirely unacceptable.

When you throw parties, there are always hiccups and issues to be resolved. You learn from them and move on. The difficult part for me was that my husband was pointing out and highlighting every wrong turn. That’s why I pinched him.

Juvenile? Yes.

Deserved? Absolutely.

Sadly, some of the most fun moments of the party didn’t make it to the screen. I had a “flip book” station — which was so fun! (You can see pictures at Bravotv.com). Later my kids came in to say goodnight (They made flip books too!) They were so cute and so happy to see everyone.

Many of you inquired about the framed records and paraphernalia on the walls in our rec room. It’s all from my brother-in-law, Kevin DuBrow. Terry’s late brother was the lead singer of the ’80s band Quiet Riot.
We are very proud of his accomplishments and thought it would be a cool homage to Kevin. So I reframed a bunch of his awards and pictures and hung them up with a few of his prized guitars.”

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7 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Explains Who She Was Irritated With At Clambake Party!”

  1. If you hire a chef you can figure they’ll make everything. If you hire a caterer, not so. She’s so haughty and full of herself it would do her well to realize she isn’t the arbiter of all taste, distinction, and knowledge. I don’t care what her husband said or how many times, she is the embarrassing one. The way she speaks to him you’d think he was a five year old and she was his cranky mother. Her manners are lacking as much as the worst of them!

  2. I don’t know what caterers you use, but I don’t expect anything to be “sourced out”, unless it is discussed, or agreed to before hand. That includes packaged crutons in the salad! Costco is fine, especially when none of those women eat dessert anyway, but to pay markup, or extra, I would say no way! I totally understand her position-My husband would think it funny to keep bringing up an annoyance, just to see if I pop!

    1. Bellezza, The entire idea of entertaining and good manners is making your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Whether your “crutons” [sic] are made by the person sprinkling them on the salad or not is of less importance than behaving well. I would think most people would feel uncomfortable listening to a woman berate her husband repeatedly, rather than to just answer his question (there is no steak) as if he were also an adult.

  3. “My ennui came from him asking over and over and over … ” Heather, after finding a cool word in the thesaurus, you should read its definition in the dictionary before using it. “Ennui” means listless, unmotivated, bored, and lethargic.

    1. She used it correctly as a noun as it means a feeling of dissatisfaction frrom lack of excitement. A synonym of boredom. Pronounced on-wee.

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