Heather Dubrow Doesn’t Want To Be Involved With Brooks’ Health Issues


Heather Dubrow is taking to her blog this week to explain why she wanted to confront Vicki Gunvalson face to face about Brooks’ health. Dubrow says she doesn’t want to be involved in the situation with Brooks whether he is lying or not… read what else she has to say below.

“The Aries Party…I felt obligated to pull Vicki aside and discuss my feelings about what was going on with Brooks. There is a lot more to this part of the story and it will come out, so you will have to stay tuned to watch this unfold. What I can say is that I didn’t want to be involved in Brooks’ health issues, real or not. However, it was Brooks himself that pulled me into it! You will have to wait and find out how that happened.

As a side note, cellulite treatments do not work. Only squats work. Bummer, but true.

Dinner with Terry.

I was excited about showing Terry the sketch of the tree. It wasn’t a final drawing by any means, so changes could be made. I didn’t expect him to read my mind, I said “I love this,” “this is so special,” “I’ve been working hard on this.” Maybe I was tired, overly sensitive or hormonal…but I wasn’t really asking his opinion. I just wanted him to like it. Or pretend to like it. Or act like he’s pretending to like it. Does this seem ridiculous? Yes! Juvenile? Probably! Do I care? NO! (Haha)

Building this house is a full-time job, on top of taking care of four kids, the skin care line, TV shows we are doing, my new show on PODCAST ONE (coming in November), and writing our book.
Terry has absolutely nothing to do with house, except it seems to criticize. I told him I would build the house when he asked me to, with the understanding that he can’t complain. If you want me to do it alone fine, but you can’t come in and start picking it apart. That’s why I got annoyed. You haven’t seen the 30 other times I’ve told him things about the house and it seems his knee jerk reaction is to say something negative. It can be very frustrating.

Anyway, the rub is that he was right, and we came up with something even better. It was just not the right moment, live and learn!

Lisa Rinna is the BEST! We were in acting class together years ago and she always makes me laugh! I am so thankful to her for her sage advice about relationships and shopping channels! Thank you, Lisa!

Next week…

Watch how Terry and I launch our skin care line CONSULT BEAUTE at Evine! We have been working on these products for over 15 years and this is the moment of truth!!! We can’t wait to share…”

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50 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Doesn’t Want To Be Involved With Brooks’ Health Issues”

  1. Yes, I am sure it is very hard on Heather to spend money all day while her husband works long hours to pay for the vulgar palace she demands and nannies raise the kids. Poor thing!

    1. It’s really getting annoying how much Heather says she works spending millions on building a house….poor thing is exactly right….

  2. Heather doesn’t normally worry about getting involved in drama so why now? I have to be honest I haven’t watched it but I might b able to now! I will try today!

  3. So Heather threw a fit because She DID ask Terri what he thought about her tree drawing and he thought the bird looked weird. FUNNY!

      1. I agree. She could have hired an artist to draw the tree design. She actually asked him what he thought when all she wanted him to say was that she did a great job…and it is beautiful? So he pays for a sprawling mansion and has absolutely no say in its design. She is a princess in every way. He will probably have a heart attack working for all of this, but it is all for her and the children, since with his long hours, he may just see his bed at night and then leave early the next morning. I imagine he has a huge life insurance policy. He should!

        1. The way she turned it around whenever he had an opinion. All of a sudden it’s that she is really excited and wants him to be too. i would think the excitement would wear off after years of building houses, that was a totally passive-aggressive way to make him feel guilty, and he knew it. I am not a fan of Terry, but FGS, shut up about the house. What the hell do you need fifty rooms for? I am serious. 14 bathrooms? As I said once before, she is not living in “Gone With the Wind” where there will be house parties, people coming from all over to stay the way they used to and more servants than residents. I dislike the way she E.N.U.N.C.I.A.T.E.S., E.V.E.R.Y. syllable, like she is speaking to morons.

          1. I know. The enunciation is over pronounced, I agree! I think Heather believes she is living in Tara. I would imagine even though it is so sprawling, that she still will have a guest house on the property. I wonder how many servants she will have? It isn’t like Downton Abbey, and I agree, no one comes with all their staff on extended vacations like they did in those times. I certainly wouldn’t want to clean it. On a positive note, she is keeping many people employed, though probably more than a few are from across the border….and not necessarily legal…though we cannot be sure.

            1. I really don’t like either of the Dubrows but I did feel sorry for Terry when she is constantly putting his opinion down. She says she puts a lot of work into that house but what else does she have to do? I fast forwarded through the Lisa Rinna stuff and Ryan at the new house. That kid is such a brat I wanted to smack him. Surprised Eddy didn’t do it.

              1. I know. That kid has got something wrong with him. From the beginning. Tamra probably didn’t do the right thing, always, but she loves him of course. I think because Simon wasn’t good to him, he was A LITTLE BOY when they met, that Tamra stood more stubbornly by his side to offset the damage she felt like Simon’s constant disapproval was doing. It made it worse for the kid, and he definitely took advantage of it. I feel sorry for all of the little girls involved in the ridiculous choices the grown ups have made.

  4. I thought she said her mother was a designer and her mother did the sketch – either way I think the whole idea is ridiculous. If I have a “huge steel window” I would want to see the beautiful outside through it or am I missing something?

    1. Yes, Aunt Bee, I would want to see the view too. Heather just wants to find another place to seemingly waste money and make it more uniquely hers. Can you imagine having it all custom made and finished and Heather then looks up at it saying, Take it down! I changed my mind!
      It is only money….Terry can always do some more surgery and reality TV.

  5. Well, I’m in the minority here but she’s married to a Dr. who is NEVER around and has 4 kids and is basically in charge of making sure the house gets built the way they want. I have to agree with her that a “thank you” would go a LONG WAY. Yes, they have $ but they earned it. It wasn’t family money, it wasn’t inherited money, they didn’t scam the system, they aren’t on social programs so I say they can build whatever size home they want. Honestly, in Southern California, the house they are building isn’t really that spectacular. Go look on Zillow or Trulia under Pelican Hill or on the water in Laguna or Corona del Mar. $10 to $12 million dollar homes aren’t uncommon. As for the sketch, it’s not going to cover the entire door, it’s etched into the glass so you can still see in and out of it, it’s just a design. And PS, if that door is facing south or west – towards afternoon sun? I’d want something to cover it also. I don’t have my shades up at all, the sun is really strong and too bright every day, day after day after day after day. I don’t see anything wrong with Heather or Terry actually. Terry is funny and Heather is Heather. She’s not evil, or malicious or back-biting or a pot-stirrer.

    1. I am curious how you know so much about it not being any old money, etc.
      Also, may ask yourself why he is never home. It may be that he has to support this lifestyle. I know what being married to a doctor is like, and married to a surgeon who also has reality TV is more time consuming. So is it that Terry is a workaholic or that he just wants to make his wife happy. It seems to work for them so it what it is. No amount of wealth can replace family time. Their priorities are what they are. I find Heather shallow and very much epitomizing the nouveau riche, but not a troublemaker.

      1. I don’t know where but I read somewhere that Heather put a lot of money into the last house and wanted something smaller this time. That it was Terry who wanted the larger house, now on saying that the internal decisions have been Heathers and she has driven us all round the bend with the price of toilets and toilet paper. I wish I could remember where it was, maybe it will come to me.

      2. I agree completely about the nouveau riche vibe, those two give off. We have NEVER seen people with REAL money like Adrienne Maloof or Camille Grammar going on and on about how MUCH MONEY they have, will have, spent, will spend, haven’t spent yet, etc., etc. I personally own and love an old house, so the new thing doesn’t interest me in the least.

        1. I agree, I remember Camille being horrified at Dana? Talking about her $25000 sunglasses! You are very lucky living in an old house, this time for us age lost out to a golf course!

          1. I love old houses. I grew up from 7th to 12th grade in the house my grandad was literally born in. It had been up dated and remodeled ect. but I loved the way it felt living there.

        2. Camille Grammer spent all of Season 1 of RHoBH hoisting herself on camera as “the force behind Kelsey Grammer” & behaving boorishly about her riches. Meanwhile she also saw fit to use phrases like “pecking order” to chastize others in the show circle and present the idea of social hierarchy in her confessionals, which I thought was no less vulgar or nouveau riche than women on RHoA who sleep with men for handbags, cars and shoes. I remember the time well, she took to publicly demeaning Mauricio Umansky’s real estate firm (one of the the top luxury firms in the country with receipts to prove it), and attempting reduce him to being “the local realtor”, as if this s a one-man band showing pre-approved, no-credit rat trap apartments to people from Half-Way Houses.

          Camille was one of the most insufferable braggarts on the debut season of that franchise, and while I’m happy to see a kinder, calmer, more humble Camille appearing onscreen now and again – make no mistake her change in attitude would be largely due to 1. being formerly dragged by US print media as the “Most Hated Housewife in America” 2. the absolute gobsmacking humiliation she faced as her husband hightailed it out of their marriage on national television, and 3. the gag order she would have signed to accept the estimated $30 Million dollar settlement from such a high profile celebrity divorce (with Kelsey’s original assets estimated at roughly $150 million at the time he left her). While I do believe her “quieter” nature has a great deal to do with the public humbling she experienced (I mean, it IS a refreshing contrast to the woman with the gaul to fake-read “Art of War” on tv, who tried to use words and political concepts outside of her ability like “Machiavellian” ), I don’t believe entirely it’s all a result of a naturally altruistic nature; it’s bad press as a public figure and gag orders to keep her coins in order. I would tend to agree with you about Adrienne though.Heather…in all sincerity my gut instinct tells me they’re going to flip that house as soon as they are able. The way she showcases it on the show, it just screams “free real estate adverrtising”. Within five years it will be sold to a wealthy Middle Eastern oil mogul or Chinese tech billionaire. Watch.

          1. I love your insight. I agree about Camille too. She quieted down a lot and the gag order was what I thought she had as well.
            Flipping that house and selling it to a foreign investor…makes sense. I didn’t think about that, but yes, Heather always seems like she is in a commercial about all of it, and the house too. I watch Million Dollar Realty LA and it seems many extremely wealthy foreigners do want to buy such homes, and the process keep rising. Like NYC, there are many foreign investors. My son who lives there speaks of so, so many empty residences? They are owned by investors who rarely if ever use them.

          2. Do you know I had forgotten a lot of that, I remembered the fights with Kyle and that awful Alison Dubois (spelling??) but as for the rest, yes now I do remember she was obnoxious. I had just remembered the break up with Kelsey and feeling sorry for her. I guess that’s why I pushed the other stuff out of my mind!

            1. I never liked Camille. I thought she was conniving and manipulating. After the Allison DuBois episode I always fast forwarded through all the scene she was in. I felt sorry about her cancer but always had doubts about the abuse from her boyfriend. I think that case was thrown out.

          3. I liked Camille. I think the whole drama was fake and she suffered a lot of backlash from it. If you notice, Camille has impeccable manners, always thanking a service person for a drink, hors d’oreuvres, etc. I’ve only seen Heather criticize–menu’s being handed to her open or acting hard-to-please, while ordering. I know who I’d rather interact with. And as I recall, didn’t Camille keep Kelsey sober for quite a few years, so he *could* continue acting?

  6. Sorry Heather, I have to agree with Terry on this one. He may lack the sensitivity gene and be unaware of all you do to maintain the household and care for the children, but if you ask him his opinion, you have to be willing to accept it. Yes, I’m sure you earn some money as well, but this multi-million dollar house is paid for by your husband. So while he’s out earning the dollars, stay humble and stop bragging on TV about your perfectly etched glass with your design. You sound obnoxious and unaware of the struggles of your viewers and fans. It’s ok to share your life, but just be more aware of how you sound. Fancy pants!

  7. My favorite line was “making sure dinner is on the table when he gets home”. Isn’t Heather the one always bragging about having a chef prepare all her meals? Man, I wish I had it that hard while raising a family!

  8. Ok as a mother of 4 children I get really tired of hearing how busy these women are because of kids. and how hard raising kids is, well yes it is hard. The majority of the population of mothers not only does this daily, we do it without a nanny (though I don’t begrudge anyone who can afford it this luxury) she is a doctors wife so she does need help as she is alone a lot, it is part of the role of a doctors wife. A lot of my friends who are doctors wives and doctors hire someone to help with their kids. My daughter helps with one of my friends in the summer and in the evenings when her husband is working late and some of the kids have practice for various things. However guess what ladies it is hard, tiring, busy and time consuming raising kids. Every mother knows this and most have a full time job while doing the same thing you are.

    1. I had the best help ever!!!!!! I advertised for someone part time, I had a call from a lady called Jane, I nearly hung up on her when she said she was in her 80’s! She popped round and it was the best decision I have made. Within minutes she was dancing with my Daughter with my son in her arms and the three of them were shrieking with laughter. She was with me for five years, that brought her up to 88 and when we moved she started helping a neighbour. While working for me two days a week she also babysat a lot of my friends children! She was in sheltered housing!!! I hadn’t thought about her in years! Shame on me!

  9. It must be so hard to be so fully of yourself! After watching the Dubrows last year, they’re true colors came out. They can try and keep a low profile this season, but they’re still the same.

    1. That’s the whole irony of it all. All I’ve ever noticed about Heather, is how she’ll purposely position whatever designer label handbag, her wedding ring, jewelry, etc. that she wants to get in the camera shot. Whether she verbalizes it or not, she’s ALWAYS bragging (Terry too). I don’t find her particularly attractive either, so I think it’s foolish for someone like that to promote a beauty cream too. Another irony?

  10. I would like to hear what Dr.Terry Dubrow thinks about Brooks cancer. After all he is a physician and had to have many years of medical training before picking a specialty. I wonder if Terry has ever asked Brooks about his treatments. Something is not right about this whole story line and I truly hope we find out what is true and what is not.

    1. Aunt Bee, I think Terry is likely savvy enough to not publicly put himself in the line of fire, as he and his wife so concentrated on creating new businesses and brand building. I see him taking the Old School approach of literally minding his own business.

  11. WOW !!!!!!! CANT WAIT. Another of Heather’s launching yet another new thing. Don’t they get it? who cares!!! As for her not interfering in Brooks’ health issues, she sure could’ve fooled me with her questioning Vicki last night. What an artificial hypocrite. Brooks has cancer, Brooks does not have cancer. He either has it or he does not & be done with it. As for Heather’s kindergarten tree that will cost thousands no less & a waste of time & no enhancer to anywhere except the trash can. And because Terry did not go gaga over it, she was offended?! Give me a break.

  12. So after seeing the scene again, I get it. It’s a very simple equation: everyone is off in their own direction, doing what needs to be done to keep the machine that is family life well-greased & moving; in the wife’s case she is the supreme organizer, tending hearth, home, and social responsibilities, while the husband is doing his part to provide and protect. Somewhere in the middle of all the hub-bub, they get lost in the sauce, forget to touch base, show appreciation, say thank you, ect.., then expectations aren’t met (partly due to bad communication based on emotional response rather than clear, ration expression), sulking ensues, and dinners are ruined. It simply looked like real scenes from a marriage to me, and I’ve seen the scenario often in more traditional unions where the wife tends to home business while hubby is out working on the move (or even vice versa with Mr. Mom types).

  13. On another note, I sort of like Heather’s tree, it reminded me a little bit of sketches from Jewish painter Marc Chagall (who I LOVE).

    1. I have never been sure about Chagall, some I love some not so much but a very dramatic artist. Her tree reminds me of a print I bought on the Isle of Arran arts festival this year. By an artist chosen to present Princess Diana with a painting during her visit in 1989. Not in Chagall’s league of course!

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