Heather Dubrow Dishes On RHOC Season 8!

The newest Real Housewife of Orange County, Heather Dubrow, is dishing on Season 8 of the show (filming now), what brought her to join the show in the first place, and what she’s hoping for in a new housewife. “I was pitching a show with some of my friends about opening a restaurant, and one of the places we went to was Evolution [Media],” Heather reveals to Wetpaint Entertainment. After meeting with the production company, they offered her a gig on the show. “I said no for a while, and then my husband pretty much convinced me that this was a great idea.”

Now that Alexis Bellino is not returning to the show, Heather dishes on what qualities she would like to see in a new housewife, “I just hope that they would bring on someone that would challenge everyone a little, like I think I did. I think that’s an interesting dynamic and good for a group to mix things up a little bit.”

Heather cannot disclose much about the filming of the show, because of her contractual agreements but she did reveal, “We have a lot of fun things going on right now. Tamra is getting married, and I’m trying to throw her a really fantastic bridal shower. That’s going to be fun and unexpected. She doesn’t know what we’re doing yet; she’s gonna love it.”

Tell Us- What would you like to see in Season 8 of RHOC?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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WhatI would like to see is Vicki GONE.

Vicki should perhaps go for her own sanity but I love watching her crazy antics, she is so dramatic – please leave Brooks out though, he literally makes my skin crawl! Perhaps Vicki should go for her children’s sake as I can understand that now Brianna has children the dynamics change. Vicki could make cameo appearances and do some stints with Tamara as they are great together….so Bad! 🙂 One very late evening I saw Vicki and her daughter (only us there) in the consignment store…I was sitting down buying diamond jewelry and smiled as they passed by…oh dear, so… Read more »