Heather Dubrow Dishes On RHOC Season 8!

The newest Real Housewife of Orange County, Heather Dubrow, is dishing on Season 8 of the show (filming now), what brought her to join the show in the first place, and what she’s hoping for in a new housewife. “I was pitching a show with some of my friends about opening a restaurant, and one of the places we went to was Evolution [Media],” Heather reveals to Wetpaint Entertainment. After meeting with the production company, they offered her a gig on the show. “I said no for a while, and then my husband pretty much convinced me that this was a great idea.”

Now that Alexis Bellino is not returning to the show, Heather dishes on what qualities she would like to see in a new housewife, “I just hope that they would bring on someone that would challenge everyone a little, like I think I did. I think that’s an interesting dynamic and good for a group to mix things up a little bit.”

Heather cannot disclose much about the filming of the show, because of her contractual agreements but she did reveal, “We have a lot of fun things going on right now. Tamra is getting married, and I’m trying to throw her a really fantastic bridal shower. That’s going to be fun and unexpected. She doesn’t know what we’re doing yet; she’s gonna love it.”

Tell Us- What would you like to see in Season 8 of RHOC?

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2 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Dishes On RHOC Season 8!”

  1. Vicki should perhaps go for her own sanity but I love watching her crazy antics, she is so dramatic – please leave Brooks out though, he literally makes my skin crawl! Perhaps Vicki should go for her children’s sake as I can understand that now Brianna has children the dynamics change. Vicki could make cameo appearances and do some stints with Tamara as they are great together….so Bad! 🙂

    One very late evening I saw Vicki and her daughter (only us there) in the consignment store…I was sitting down buying diamond jewelry and smiled as they passed by…oh dear, so disappointed! They both looked at me like a piece of dirt, and stuck their noses up as if passing by a bad smell. Vicki and her daughter were nothing like I expected them as both appear unassuming and fun on the show….I still like watching Vicki on the show but take what I see and what is said with a very large grain of salt. My assessment of her was she is not a particularly nice or warm person but snooty and aloof, god knows why lol but that’s okay, I never said she had class, that is something no amount of money can buy!!! 😉

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