Heather Dubrow Discusses Her Relationship With Alexis Bellino! Are They Friends?

Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the first episode of Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County! Heather is talking about her relationship with Alexis Bellino. The two left off in a bad place in Season 7, and Heather is explaining what has happened between the two since we last saw them.

Heather writes, “Alexis. This is hard, because Alexis and I are in a much better place now — and I don’t want to jeapordize that. So, I will try and go back to that time without starting anything new. . .Bear with me. After the reunion last year, I held out the proverbial olive branch (champagne), and then Alexis and I stood in the parking lot and apologized to each other for a lot of hurt feelings and misconceptions, but mostly this:

I was sorry for Costa Rica. Not the content of what I said, but that when she brought it up at the table, I should have shut it down and taken the conversation private. It wasn’t necessary for everyone to chime in.

She apologized to me for maligning my career — which was very hurtful to me, especially when she barely knew me.

This is where Alexis and I disagree. . .

After we had made up, She gave an interview about me and said things that were very unkind. It really hurt me because I thought we were in a new place. She has her own opinion about what happened after the reunion, but from my point of view I went into this season feeling betrayed by her and that is why I didn’t “want her in my life.” I felt she owed me an apology.

So, that is my frame of mind at this point.

Also, she wasn’t “excluded” from my clambake, she just wasn’t “included.” Alexis had no relationship with me, Tamra, or Gretchen. It didn’t make sense.
When Jim and Alexis are in their house talking about my party, Alexis says I should apologize. I feel I already did. I was still waiting for mine. . .

Then, hearing Alexis talk about my acting career again, right out of the gate felt punitive. She knew it would hurt me. I’ve never commented on her dress line or her hosting skills, and I was very supportive when she had a cameo on General Hospital last year. I wish she had left it alone. (Side note: Alexis did warn me that she said that so I wouldn’t be completely blindsided. It still stung, but I appreciated the heads up).

On another note, I think Alexis’ house looks so beautiful! She did a great job decorating. I’d also like to say that you don’t need a Masters degree in Fine Art to know what you like! I agree with Alexis (sorry Jim!) get rid of those sculptures!”

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7 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Discusses Her Relationship With Alexis Bellino! Are They Friends?”

  1. Heather has a problem ‘schooling’ everyone, including her husband, as if she’s the last word on all knowledge and opinion. Her self-important condescending nature gets old fast.

  2. That is mean if you do not want Alexis to be liked.I luv when they get along.Some Drama but not mean and vile stuff.I think Tamra and Lex will be fine.They were friends in season 5.Heather and Lex did not have a chance,I think they will be fine.Vicki and Lex,Good. and i think Lydia will do just fine.Gretchen was not a cool friend to alexis.Lex is very sweet and Loyal!

  3. Why does Heather think she is the ‘absolute’ bearer of knowledge and truth…and no one else knows anything? I agree, she is well educated and quite informed on many subjects, but that does not make her an authority on everything… or give her the right to lecture and demean others. Astonishing.

  4. Heather dubrow is cold and arrogant. She’s a clown but think’s she’s an authority on everthing. Bravo get rid of her.

    1. I don’t care for her either. The way she jumped on the let’s hate Alexis bandwagon was uncalled for, she didn’t even know Alexis. At the party Tamra had at her new fitness place, Heather was never even addressed. She actually picked that fight with Alexis.

      I would really get a kick out of all the others ganging up on Heather. I would just love to see any one of them bring her down a peg or two.

      1. One more thing… just to show you how Heather thinks she can fool everyone. She says Alexis was not excluded from the clambake, she just wasn’t invited. WTF? Really?

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