Heather Dubrow Discusses Finale Fight Between Terry And David Beador


Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the finale dinner on RHOC. Heather talks about the fight with Shannon and David Beador and explains why Terry was upset.

Heather writes, “This was a very long season and after filming the Reunion I decided I needed a break. It was a multi-hour, very intense day, and, at the end, I felt that I had made my amends and that the audience would be satisfied with my responses to all of the situations that occurred this year. However, because of the overwhelming response to the final dinner party, I thought I’d make a few comments.

If you filmed someone for a year you cut together two very different movies of their lives. You could show every amazing thing they did and said and make them a hero — or you could show every regrettable moment and misstep and make them a villain.

This season, sadly there were some bad moments for myself and Terry. Many of these you will understand after watching the Reunion, and some were just regrettable and required apologies.
No one is perfect, certainly not us. This show is small glimpses of our lives. You as the audience are privy to what’s going on in everyone’s world . We are not and sometimes we act and react differently than you’d expect because we didn’t have that knowledge. There were also many situations this season that became such a big game of telephone. It was hard to keep track.

Terry and I have been together for almost 18 years and I have never seen him speak to another person as he did to David at Vicki’s party. SO not like him. All I can say is Terry never heard David OR Eddie yell out lewd things to me at the hoedown. We were told repeatedly by a very reliable (or so we thought) source about what David had said and they made it sound VERY bad. That was what Terry was reacting to.

We heard about the incident right before Bali, which is why it wasn’t brought up at Lizzie’s dinner party. When we eventually watched the episode we didn’t think it was bad and wished we had never heard about it in the first place. For some reason, it really struck a chord with Terry. Terry is not elitist. He was raised by a plumber/construction worker and was making a comment referring to guys on a worksite whistling at girls going by. The reference wasn’t meant to be demeaning. Of course it came across terribly and he is very sorry about that and he apologized to David.

I hope you all watch the Reunion and see what I had to say about what was going on in my head during many of these events.

I don’t know what my future is with Housewives show but I am very grateful for all of the opportunities it’s presented to me and my family. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know us over the past three years and realize we are not defined by moment or a season, but by how we live our day-to-day lives, how we love our family, and how we cherish our friends.

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48 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Discusses Finale Fight Between Terry And David Beador”

  1. HAHAHA talk about back peddle you are still the most arrogant pair of wankers…really you appologised I think we saw David do that with Heather and Terry for all the good it did him…and yes we got to see the real Heather and Terry this season and it was mean spirited, condescending pair of assholes and as for you don’t know your future with the Housewives you pair of cowards go hide under that rock!!

      1. Hey Amanda you fool I am from Australia and if you look at our spelling of apologised or realised you will see we spell it with an S…SO WACK THAT UP YOUR ASS!!!!

          1. Thank you Kate!! I love Americans see we are two peas in a pod…Yes Amanda is a bloody wanker and I am very happy I am not on the same level as Heather that would make me a complete AZZHOLE!!! hahaha

              1. Aunt Bee yes it was what Ann said, I can’t remember what season it was but the boy’s went on camera saying that Albert was never there and that Caroline virtually brought them up by herself (doormat) Albert only spends a couple of night’s a week at home so of course people started to dig deeper, I read somewhere that Albert has a very longtime mistress of nearly 20 years…when I watch Caroline and Albert together I feel like he doesn’t even like her, he is always very detached from her so when she starts with her preaching of how everyone should live there life I am not buying it…but Aunt Bee we can agree to disagree on this one haha!!

    1. Terry was making a negative comment about the construction business. Heather sees how Terry came across like their so much more sophisticated than the Beodor’s so she is coming up with every excuse she can think of down to this years editing. Heather and Terry came off looking very bad this season and it had nothing to do with the editing.

      1. tessa, I am mystified over the construction comment I don’t think the Dubrows understand that without these wonderful blue collar workers they wouldn’t have roads to drive on or beautiful houses to live in nor could they eat in wonderful restaurants it would be outdoor picnics for them and that just would not do!!..I also notice when the Dubrows make an apology they look like they are having their teeth pulled it is so painful to them.

      2. Terry and Heather were very bad this season. Heather is very condescending to everyone and I was surprised at Terry yelling at David for telling his wife to spread her legs on the bull when Eddie made a rude comment at the same time saying she should ‘show them how she rides Terry!’ I didn’t hear Terry cussing Eddie about that comment (which was ruder than what David said). I don’t like how Vicky just sits there when she knows the truth either. Can’t stand no-tears-crying Tamra and hope she really does get kicked off the show.

  2. Heather can never redeem herself now. The nail in her coffin was claiming emphatically (hey look at me I use the dubrow word of the day toilet paper) that Tamra doesn’t lie. Tamra is a known liar and manipulator. So that makes Heather a fool or a liar. And we all know Heather isn’t a fool… You backed the wrong horse there Heather.

    Off topic but I wanted to bring up the awful hair again. Someone else said she looks like Dora the Explorer. Dead ringer.

    1. Haha I have to say that hair is awful!!..I don’t think she is that stupid to cut it that way it has to be like an old man hair piece??

  3. For a couple who tried to lecture Shannon about not believing the “hear-say” , the Dubrows proved themselves self-righteous hypocrites by, yup, believing the “hear-say”. These two are just wealthy asswipes. Who would have thought that a newbie like Shannon Beador could take down the two mighty bullies of RHOC? I applaude her for her strength and convictions — things Tamra and Heather know nothing of.

  4. Now she is trying to back pedal because she sees how evil both of them looked that night! Please, it’s too late. They were disgusting to watch. Mr. and Mrs. high and mighty showed their true colors.
    How come they weren’t upset about Eddie’s comments? Oh that’s right – they only “friends” they have are Tamara and Eddie. You all deserve each other. David and Shannon handled it right. I on the other hand would have said to Terry – at least I’m not your wife’s “bitch”.

    1. BRAVO to all the above comments. I am sure Heather would not have responded if our responses hadn’t been so negative about them. I will never ever watch any new show this snobbish witch is in.

      1. She knows that she has FINALLY been exposed as the mean and awful backstabber that she always was. Took some people longer to ‘get’ Heather, and see thru her, but they have more and more. Who would watch her on any show in the future? I hope she is not on HW next season and that she goes to Botched and has Paul take the stick out of her a$$….because I sure wouldn’t want wishy washy Terry doing any surgery. I hope the Dubrows are both OFF tv ASAP and stay off. I am not a betting woman, but I am almost willing to bet the bank that Terry DID say that about taking them down.

        1. At first I thought Tamra was just making stuff up but now I think you are right Momof4. After seeing the douchbrows scream at David – I now firmly believe they said it. Now if only Tamra would confront them and make them admit it.

  5. I hope you all watch the Reunion and see what I had to say about what was going on in my head during many of these events.

    Translation “The uses I made for deplorable behavior when I saw what everyone else has been seeing ince I’ve been on the show”.

  6. The moment that I read Heathers first sentence, I knew that I was about to read knee deep
    bull shit. And I was right. I still think that the hair makes her look like Cleopatra in a old time
    movie with the Jokers face. Notice, how she states that they were told by a very reliable source
    (or so we thought) about the leg spread. Time to throw Tamra under the pink motorcycle.
    Her ego is beyond nauseating be sure and watch Sequestered. Meryl Streep she is not.
    As much as I cannot stand them mom of 4. I think Tamra would not know the truth if it hit
    her in her overdone unmovable botox mask.

  7. I have loved Heather and Terry from the get go, but the way they treated David when he apologized, which I thought was very sincere, and worse, later at dinner, was appalling and beyond the pale. If anything, it is the DuBrow’s who now owe the Beador’s an splology. Terry you came off as a pompous and self righteous ass. And you insulted millions of working class people with your snide comments. Just because you are an educated man does not mean you have any kindness, class or consideration of others. And you made that abundantly clear. Education dies not equal wisdom. You and Heather really need to reflect deeply into what is truly important in life, because I think you have missed the mark.

    1. yup I can not support the salaries of Tamra nor Heather any longer I am done

      and Bravo needs to re think some stuff cause their ratings are down for a reason

      Terry insulted all the people who watch this show what an ass

      you are a low class booby doctor your are not doing anything good for man kind you are gross and so is your wife ….. losers both of you and your little buddies Eddie and Tamra low lifes too can not wait till their gym closes down

    2. Karen, I totally agree. I just hope it has dawned on Heather and Terry that construction workers will be building their new house.

  8. Not interested in watching your show, Heather…. You seem like a jerk, along with your husband, and I don’t want to support your existence…

  9. We should have known what kind of people they are when Heather made the comment about rescue dogs. She is so ignorant if she doesn’t realize the majority of us viewers are hard working middle class people.

  10. I think Terry is threatened by David’s success being that they appear to have the same lifestyle. I think it eats Terry up that David a “construction worker” has the same if not more than he does. I used to like Terry but he really came for David and it was absolutely unwarranted and classless. The Dubrows made the Beadors look good! I don’t understand the severe hatred for a couple they barely know and met.

  11. Love it how Heather only addresses the missteps she can make excuses for… however, she underestimates the viewers’ intelligence… (of course). She says the comment about construction workers “wasn’t meant to be demeaning.” Does she think we forget that the “whistling at girls” comment was not Terry’s only rude insinuation? He also rudely suggested that David would need to look up certain “big words” Terry used in the dictionary. I loved David’s come back… he supposed he also had to look up “pugilistic” which Heather herself misused in her rant at Shannon right before Terry blasted David… Terry’s response? “Obviously.” HAHA! No denying it… Terry is a pompous… wait, let me get my thesaurus out… arrogant, egotistic, imperious, condescending, supercilious, disdainful, hubristic elitist. That last one’s good… hubristic! Piece of cake to sound like a brainiac using a thesaurus… hint, hint… as long as no one knows. Hysterical that Heather gave her secret away… she uses a “thesaurus” when writing her script for the show. HA! Even Heather’s vocabulary is phony!

    I don’t for a moment believe that what they were told was “much worse.” The only thing both Terry and Heather ever brought up to Shannon and then David was David’s comment about Heather “spreading her legs.” That’s it. So what was it they were told that was so much worse? Because we all know darn well if they had heard something else “much worse,” everyone would have known all about it and they definitely would have brought it up to Shannon and David.

    I’ve got to say… Shannon was right… “we’ve all learned the truth.” I always thought Heather was a bit uppity, but the Dubrows’ masks broke into a million little pieces this season. This interview was a pathetic attempt to glue it back together… but too late, Heather…not even your husband, the oh-so brilliant plastic surgeon; the star of his very own show titled, ironically enough, “Botched” on which he has shown that he is the best of the best at fixing the worst of the absolute worst… can’t put them back together again. Heck, he can’t even fix the utter BOOB he proved himself to be and boobs are his specialty! It does not get more ironic than that… LOL!

  12. I agree with Heather and her husband completely. My favs are Heather, Tamra, and Vicki. I also think they should bring back some of the other girls from the year before.

  13. NOT BUYING HER EXPLANATION! How could Terry be so offended of Davids comment, when Eddie said something even worse. His 80 year old grandmother and children must of heard Eddie say “show us how you ride Terry”. Huh??? Terry, where is your anger at Eddie? Do you and Heather fear Tamra so much, she gets a free pass?

    1. yeah so fake …..

      and I love David is a pretty likeable dood that is why Terry doesn’t like him plain and simple and Shannon is way better that t.v that Heather or Tamra their fifteen minutes are up dam it

      Andy do us all a favour and pull the plug on these two puuuuuleeeez

      maybe you can rectify your big mistake of bringing Dina back

  14. The Dubrows and Tamra are one and the same. The only difference is in presentation. Both lie and treat people horribly then lie some more. And yes I mean Housewife Terry is included also. The Dubrows just aren’t as blatant as Tamra but all 3 are trash.

  15. This from the woman who wouldn’t “let” her husband have onion rings. Terry is a wimp and also threatened by the Beadors. Is that why they had to buy a house near the Beadors? They are probably now sitting and watching the shows and realize how horrible the really look. Heather is a so called actress and definitely not real. I don’t think they know what real is.

  16. I love how Heather apologizes for Terry’s behavior and the construction guy comment but Heather conveniently didn’t see the need to apologize herself for the thesaurus remark. You know, because she’s perfect. Um….okay.

  17. These Dubrows sure have that fingerpointing down. Condescending to say the least. They should pull their silver spoons out of their arses. Terry picked the perfect medical specialty. Not surprised. I guess they like hanging with Trailer Trash Tamra so they can continue to feel superior.

  18. As I read over all these comments I remember one of Heather’s from another season: “If everybody says you’re dead, it’s time to lay down.” I believe the tribe has spoken, Heather. You are not likeable.

  19. Yea right heather, this from a woman who makes stuff up, is rude and can’t let go of an argument that happened months prior, nor are you gracious enough to accept an apology for your own stupid “faux” outrage—–yes heather we all believe you and you’re dirty sanchez…..NOT…
    BTW—-Shannon NEVER “yelled” at you at her party, she was trying to tell you to Shut up already—–but the viewer’s have already figured out that you think you are above us little peasants……..
    heather you need to sue terry for the “joker look on you’re face”, he already admitted to working on you’re face since you were 27 and sweetie it’s not working for ya, you cannot have a skin tight face along with that wrinkled neck that you and trampa have…….

  20. I love on Vicki’s Bali party episode.Tamara is talking on the phone.saying the only reason I will go to this party.cause I never run away from anything.isn’t that what she did in Bali at dinner?

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