Heather Dubrow Claims Editing Was Poor In This Week’s RHOC Episode


The Real Housewives of Orange County are defending themselves after this week’s episode, especially Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow. The ladies took to Twitter to reveal what we don’t know about what happened behind-the-scenes.

First, Shannon laughed off the scene in cabo where she and David celebrated their second honeymoon and we saw David’s private parts. “Was SHOCKED David got naked! It was all in fun! Never thought they would use it! #RHOC,” she wrote.

When Heather was accused of lying when she told Kelly Dodd that she was never concerned about her son Nicky being around Kelly due to Kelly’s inappropriate behavior, Heather wrote, “Didn’t. I was responding to something Tamra said that they didn’t show. Nice editing though.” In another tweet, Heather claimed, “Didn’t lie. So annoyed about how they put this together. Ask Tamra!” Tamra also confirmed what Heather was saying.

Dubrow was also criticized by fans for making Kelly’s outburst about her. She explained, “I would have just backed out of the trip – but my Son was really excited & I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

Tamra also fought back against Kelly Dodd, writing, “I never told Vicki that @HeatherDubrow didn’t want Kelly going to Glamis and was worried she would cuss. Exaggeration !!!”

Tamra continued, “Vicki never said it out loud in front of everyone. That was a complete lie! It was in the kitchen just the 2 of them.”

Whose side are you on?

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25 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Claims Editing Was Poor In This Week’s RHOC Episode”

  1. Sounds to be a bit of a mess! Glad I’m not watching, but it’s good that some HW’s start to call out poor editing as it has always happened, well, for the last few years anyway!

  2. I do think they can edit to take something out of context (like politicians do to their competitors all the time) I don’t think editing can change your personality.

  3. Heather, you are full of ” IT!” you did lie, just like your fake crying in the limo.
    2 weeks ago, Heather told Tamara,& the world that she NEVER wanted to see or be around Kerly Dodd EVER AGAIN! Stop blaming editing for the words that come out of your pompous, pseudo- intellectual mouth.

    Heather is trying to do damage control,& save her fake, pretentious persona,& Tamara is playing along to repair the damage that her big mouth created. (This is reminiscent of Shannon’ s first season when the public turned against both Heather, & Tamara for the way they treated Shannon.)

    Stand by the words that come out of your mouth; I respect that.

    1. AGREED!!! I can’t stand Heather. She lies ALL the time. Where’s the FACEBOOK page created by disgruntled Nordstrom employees, who hate the “rude” Bellino’s?!? *I* think it’s more likely that there’s one about the Dubrow’s. Kelly might not be the nicest person, but I LOVE her impressions of Heather!!!! I don’t know what’s more hilarious, watching her mock Heather or watching Heather pretend to cry hysterically!!

  4. I am going to start blaming every bad or embarrassing thing I do on “bad editing” from now on so that I, too, can be perfect like Heather. 🙂

  5. Kelly Dodd is a mess, over dramatic, loud mouthed and trying too hard to fit in. I hope this is her first and last season, she seems to enjoy the havoc she’s causing. She probably watched the show before she got in cause she’s replicating Vicki’s and Tamara’s bad girl behavior. I too
    think Heather is a big fake, was laughing so hard at her fake crying after that dinner party.

    1. You’re right. Kelly did watch the show. On WWHL she said she didn’t however, at the dinner she said she wanted a reading by the guy they had on last season. Kelly is liar liar pants on fire.

  6. Why is Kelly getting off so easily? I was introduced to a person who acted just like her. I gave her a chance but it got to a point where I had to distance myself. Kelly’s potty mouth & “imitations” are getting so old. It’s not funny anymore. It’s hurtful. She thinks she can do & say whatever she wants & all the women will get over it! I enjoy watching it but I now switch the channel when Kelly’s on. I don’t want to look at her or hear her voice anymore. I believe Heather did cry & was upset. I’ve been there. You look forward to a nice evening out & you end up with a woman who can’t or won’t control her mouth & throws nasty insults at your friends. You react, as Heather did. That episode was just as bad as the 70’s party episode. Grown women acting like children. They all need to learn to just keep their mouths shut!

    1. Sorry you had to go through that Mary. When I saw Heather “crying,” I thought of Tamra’s party, when Alexis was completely humiliated, physically threatened and laughed at, by an entire group of women and on national TV. Some, she even considered friends–or was friendly with. I personally think that Heather is more concerned about the Dubrow “brand,” as she mentioned many a time, when she first came on the show.

      1. ***And I also remember, at the same party, seeing Gretchen making a extremely VULGAR hand gesture, while Alexis was speaking about something. However, I didn’t see Heather bat an eye, about THAT. But of course, that was before she and Miss Terry picked up the home shopping gig and decided to write a book.

  7. Heather, Tamra& Shannon when caught with their pants down & who they really R will scream the old excuse. Poor editing! Get a life witches! Heather with her over inflated ego is so nauseating. Tamra also caught lying & Shannon & her stupid antics. They R liars. It is so exhausting. They think they can come back & blog or whatever the hell they do 2try & change what came out of those big mouths. Tamra is a certified sh_t stirrer. Heather a nagging wife which incessantly bi_ches abt her husband but loves 2live in the lap of ridiculousness! Shannon & her Ahole of a husband trying 2 prove 2us that he won’t cheat again! These bi_ches R repulsive. Fire these women & get some new blood. They have been on Kelly’s ass since she became Vicki’s BF. They can’t stand that fact. I’m out! Peace!

    1. I so agree. The others are fine w/o these two. I like Heather and I can’t believe people calling her out on the WAY SHE CRIES? Get a life people. Also, Shannon and David have really worked hard on their marriage, so I hope

  8. Kelly is the new Tamra. Walks like her, talks like her, throws insults with no accountability like her. I’m shocked no one on the show sees it, especially born-again Tamra.

  9. Heather is so far beyond pompous; the pizza oven for instance, “i don’t eat pizza, personally” but she can imagine her wonderful chef creating one, or maybe two a year and she may have a slice! I literally get nauseous, it is so obvious and gross. I can’t………

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