Heather Dubrow Calls The RHOC Season 11 Reunion “Pretty Brutal”


After everything that happened this season on the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow says “there are some relationships that are irreparable” between some of the women on the show.

“As always, the reunion is pretty brutal,” she told E! News. “But I think what’s interesting about this reunion is it’s interesting to see who can apologize and own their stuff and make amends, and who thinks that they’re empirically right and feel that they don’t owe anyone anything.”

Dubrow says she may have wanted to see what bridges could have been built for the fractured friendships in the group, that wasn’t the case for everyone. “Watching yourself back on television is an interesting thing because, first of all, you don’t always remember everything you’ve said, and sometimes the way it all comes together is different than how you remembered it in your mind. So the reunion is such a great chance to apologize, make amends, move forward, figure out who the right relationships are for you,” she said. “But then there are people that want to come to the reunion and hurt people. And that definitely happened this year.”

Terry Dubrow has heard all about this from his wife. “It sounds like there are certain things that are said that one can never recover from… It sounds to me like there are three things that were involved: rage, regret, and sorrow. This reunion, from what I understand, it is going to be incredibly powerful.”

Part one of the reunion airs Monday night.

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55 Replies to “Heather Dubrow Calls The RHOC Season 11 Reunion “Pretty Brutal””

    1. True story Suze..nothing “pretty” about it. Why don’t we just go back to watching the gladiators fight or the Christians eat the lions..it’s practically the same metaphorically.. oh wait…I just saw my error on my last sentence…lol…I’m going to leave it there and see if you notice it. haha

            1. I swear this is the last doom and gloom post about it…but unfortunately,,,the 8th will be just the beginning of it..gulp…that’s my own opinion of course and both scenarios are not a true win.

        1. Exactly Robert..you saw that I noticed my mistake right away but left it to get a laugh out of Suze…however, that was a great analogy of ding dong stating that Heather was the puppet and everyone else is the master. lol. Next she’ll complain there are too many Indians and not enough Chief’s in the group 😀

    2. Hi Suze-Q! Maybe they cut the clip before Andy commented; giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one as he is the one in charge. I guess if you watch we’ll find out. I read another thread titled “everyone gangs up on Vicki” or something like that – holy cow, those comments by one particular poster were so negative! I did laugh out loud about her idle threats of legal action…hope she is gone for good.

      I hope youre having a good day; just wanted to stop in and say Hi! xoxox 🙂

      1. Hi I’ve just said hello further up! That was a bad thread that I hope I never go back to! Let’s hope we can keep the blog as it always has been xoxoxoxox

        1. If everyone “Got off of her show” then the show would be no more, Yay. Even the fun parts of this city are ruined by the ugliness of the HW. Especially Viki, who is a screeching, evil ………….., …………, ……..!!! Kelly is one of those who find no value inside themselves, everything she does, says, thinks and feels is a reaction to outside influence. A crisis junkie we used to call “them.”

          1. we’re doing great! this post was actually meant for Rain – I said hello to you further up. 🙂
            Wish I had more time to post but just popping in as usual; Take care sweeties – both you Suze and Rain!. xoxox…

            1. Janelle ❤️❤️ Sorry I missed your response. I haven’t been on the blog as much because I’m trapped in the election supernova!’ Help me !!!!! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend xoxo

              1. I’ve jumped ship on this election months ago; save yourself while you still can – I’ll throw you a life preserver! (I’m on dry land now:). IMO there is just no good outcome – so you go out, vote for the lesser of two evils and pray to make it through the next four years. Everyone I talked to about it just shakes their head that in this country of so many qualified candidates it comes down to these two! And then there’s that mess in Washington we call Congress. And that is my 2 cents. :0

    1. I can’t watch it but I feel you.. it’s like watch a bad train wreck. You don’t want to watch but can’t help not to!!

  1. I like watching their body language. That speaks volumes over what comes out of their mouth. Either way, NOTHING that lying POS ever says is truth to me and NOTHING that buck-toothed gold-digger Kelly does or says will make up for her vile mouth. Again, go play out on either the 73, 405 or the 5 during rush hour. Nobody will miss you.

      1. Who said anything about death? They are freeways. Lots of things can happen besides death. However, when someone LIES ABOUT CANCER, then they deserve the worst. As for that other dirtbag Kelly? She’s a horrid example for all women.

        1. I ended up kind of liking Kelly in the end, especially when Shannon intentionally went out of her way to get her drunk. THAT was so wrong, and Heather is just as much to blame. When someone says I don’t want a drink, and they’re saying it because they’re aware of what will happen, and they say I don’t want a drink, you don’t take it upon yourself to say “And she’ll have what I’m saying.” In that moment, Kelly deserved to take that margarita and throw it in Shannon’s face, and I like Shannon. Heather was the judgy one this time. Vicki, as usual, was the bitch.

  2. Heather thinks it’s interesting that SOME PEOPLE always think they’re right and blame everybody else. I think it’s interesting that the picture above shows Heather and Tamra in their go-to pose of screaming accusations and pointing the finger at someone else. Shannon looks kind of remorseful here. I would hope she’s realized she’s sharing the couch with some mean girls this year.

      1. Tamra forever. My only wish for this show was that she and Gretchen could have become real friends and Gretchen returned to the jugs. Just leave Jesus Jugs at home.

  3. Interesting how Heather says some people can never apologize. Has she….ever???? She diagnosis people’s mental state constantly when she has no training. She doesn’t care that a woman is assaulted and her life is threatened cause she got kicked out of a store oh my. She says Kelley should have never brought the kids into it while bringing Kelly’s kid into it. She calls Kelly on her drinking while heading straight for the champs everywhere they go, even carrying a flask along with and demands and points and acts like she’s everyone’s mom while telling her husband to look at her friends boobs. I mean….please…

  4. Does anyone else just LOVE this photo?! I mean I’m fans of these 3 but in this photo they look like wicked step sisters. Especially Tamra looks like she’s casting a spell to send Vicki into oblivion forever 😉

    1. Laura, I was trying to think what I would put in little bubbles above their heads regarding what they are thinking or saying in this pic. I’m not feeling very clever so maybe someone else has an idea?

      Hope everyone is doing well today. 🙂

  5. Well I hope Heather listens to her own pompous, hypocritical words & does some apologizing herself. Along with Tamara & Shannon, these 3 witches should be on bended knees begging for forgiveness for how horrible they are. But that’s the exact opposite of what will happen. Monkey cant see his own tail. what a vicious trio. Disliked them so much last season & even more this season.

    1. LOL…I was going to say the same thing, literally, down to every last word. It was a brutal season…and I for one loved it.

  6. Tamara behavior remains the same season after season (her heart is filled with hate) is not held accountable because she now proclaims to be a Christian. Heather, Tamara and Shannon need to own their own behavior and stop deflecting. Vicky and Kelly have apologized numerous times but never to the satisfaction of 3 Wannabe OC Queens. All three are sneaky vindictive witches. Heather may think she has influence over the other two but it is Tamara pulling the strings. They should all be embarrassed.

  7. Don’t know what treatments Tamra has been getting on her face – fillers, botox, whatever, but in the last few episodes, esp the finale, her face looked frozen/evil…and screaming in Vicki’s face FU – same old Tamra. It will be interesting to see how her face looks etc. on the reunion. She can bow out gracefully out of that relationship but shouldn’t run out screaming and doing the nasty social media stuff like a ten-year-old. And why Heather sticks by her no matter what is beyond me. Tamra, Heather and Shannon together really do form a mean girls’ clique and it is a shame. Meghan is the most mature-acting this season and she is the youngest.

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