Heather Dubrow Believes The Real Puppet Master Is Vicki Gunvalson


Heather Dubrow is taking to her blog to react to the season finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Dubrow says that not everyone learns in the end and that if anyone is the puppet master it is Vicki Gunvalson. Heather believes that Gunvalson wanted the ladies to pay for what happened to Brooks.

“This year has certainly had its share of ups and downs. On the plus side…Terry and I finished our book Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig, and not only are we the #1 new release on Amazon, but we are now doing segments on E! News and Hollywood Today Live as Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig, showing you everything health, wellness, and beauty – what works and what’s BS!

We finally moved out of our rental house, in and out of hotels and are now in our new home. Still not 100% but hopefully soon! Can’t wait to show you all what we’ve created – I’m very proud of the house and we feel like we are home. However, with Terry, you never know. We seem to move every three years…let’s see how long he wants to park here. 🙂

Terry has kept his promise to be more available to the family. He and Coco have become super close and she even had a sleepover with him when I was traveling for business a few weeks ago.

The kids are all doing well. We are immersed in our holiday/birthday season! Kat is now 10, the twins will be 13 on Thanksgiving, and Coco will be 6 in December. Can’t believe how time flies.


Tamra: We are close and I’m proud of her for working so hard and crushing her competition!

Shannon: We are close, and I loved watching her renew her vows. It was sad seeing Vicki (through Kelly initially) trying to break down her newlywed status with hateful rumors.

Meghan: I thought we were close. I was proud of how we handled things after Glamis. I called her immediately, made a date to talk to her and we worked it out. I was upset watching her talk about me behind my back and take jabs at me in her interviews. I wish she had called me to discuss how she felt like I had done with her previously. I will be bringing this up at the reunion.

Kelly: What can I say? Things didn’t end well between us. Watching back the bus trip was difficult. It was 3 AM and we had been drinking for quite some time. I didn’t even remember saying half that stuff. I thought I was defending my friends who were being attacked by Kelly throwing out accusations that she’d heard from Vicki. This is a good lesson which should be obvious – don’t talk/discuss/fight after having too many drinks. I feel terrible about saying I felt bad for Kelly’s kid. I’m very sorry Kelly. I promise you that I can learn my lesson and never do that again…but I’ve learned that not everyone learns…stay tuned for that. Not really sure why I’m a puppet or a master or whatever it is I’m being accused of? When we got back from Ireland, I went home and back to my family. I saw Kelly going around to everyone and talking about me. Plus, let me assure you I didn’t bring my cute flask and schlep a bottle of Fireball across a continent with the idea of getting Kelly drunk. Ridiculous. Our group has a history with Fireball and I thought it would be fun. Much comes up at the reunion that explains more of our contentious relationship this year…you will see next week.

Vicki: Vicki and I have always had a respectful relationship. I was relieved to let the drama from last year go and be able to hang out and have fun this year. After watching the season, I think that Vicki wanted revenge for what she perceived we had done to her last year with Brooks. I think she used Kelly and fed her information to hurt everyone. If there actually IS a “puppet master,” her name is Vicki.”

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  1. I think Heather maybe right about Vicki seeking revenge.She thinks its her show and the cast put the star in a bad light and caused the break up with the love of her life last season.This season was pay back time….

    1. I agree and I think in past seasons, she had threatened and bullied Bravo into not airing things. The past couple of years, Bravo has not been afraid to air her dirty laundry and she is beside herself.

      1. That’s why I’m boycotting OC . I’m tired of all this OG crap and how untouchable they are. What Vicki did is UNFORGIVABLE!!!

        1. Darn..I said that this year as well..and I stuck to it, but broke down and watched after they left for Ireland. In my defense, it was on while I was cleaning, and I got sucked in and aggravated at the same time 😀

            1. Good on you Suze…but you have to youtube it don’t you? It’s harder to resist when your DVR actually records it every darn week..and I don’t know how to work my DVR to stop it. lol.

          1. What I did was WAY worse. I never said I wasn’t watching last year. Then, I set my DVR to tape the season. Then, I tried to watch and was nauseated 15 minutes in, deleted the timer and said I wasn’t going to watch at all to this here blog. ( Who, BTW, are the only ones who MIGHT give a damn whether I do or not, which says a lot because no one really cares but me, tehe )
            Then. at episode 13, I bought the season pass on Amazon, where I always watch the seasons if I like them, and watched all day the day I hurt my foot. Sitting there with my stupid foot up, like a good girl, wishing I had something new to watch, one click……..crappy season, really. Very disjointed IMO. Viki, can’t stand her. She is evil, IMO. Tamra, I always have been a fan of hers, the only OC housewife I am a fan of, and I am pleased she is keeping her back toward Viki so maybe she can save her soul. Like she said, she is a bad drunk, and Viki always wants her to be drunk, and she falls for it, which is a fault she is trying to break and I hope she does break it, it’s not Viki’s fault, it’s Tamra’s, and at least she says it is her own fault, that she shouldn’t drink. Heather, pompous money grubbing 14 bathroom weird woman. Shannon, I go back and forth. I don’t get her at all. Kelly, well, just insert every word I always promised I wouldn’t say again on this blog. Is that everyone? Oh, no! Megan, so happy for her. I like her, I knew she would catch up. It was likely much more difficult than we think to enter that group. I don’t care for her husband, and I fear for her and her marriage. But I think she is a sweet young woman, and I am so happy for her that she is staying off this show next year.

        2. Why is Vicky still on the show? Is she incapable of being fired? I don’t understand why she is still there with all that she has done. I will also be boycotting the OC – VIcky is a foul person.

  2. as Heather would say, “let’s be honest”–true Kelly is rude, crass, horrible for saying the things she did, but THE husband hitting wife thing was not a rumor, but FACT (maybe the chin hair too–if Bravo showed close up, we could have all seen it).

    Vicki is totally VILE (kelly is too, kind of cause she is bad drunk and mean and likes Vicki).

    Heather is just “holier than thou” and such a snob on air, demanding someone not to move….how horrible.

    1. Agreed. The over reaction because of mentioning a chin hair…in the meantime it’s perfectly okay for systematic bullying to go full throttle implying the woman is a prostitute, has affairs with the neighbors, is prone to psychotic breaks (when she’s actually reacting to being called names, having purses tampered with, having her daughter brought up on tv), etc. It’s not exactly the strongest verbal comeback in the heat of battle and the girls’ hying it up as if she said their mamas had three breasts with a kickstands for legs was just playing into hyperbole to have another thing to check off on the list of wrongdoings. I just can’t with the double standards….

  3. Some people get fun when they’re drunk. With Heather it just reveals her miserable, controlling self. When she held Meghan’s face in her hands it was her doing her best Svengali impression. Unfortunately for her, Meghan isn’t the weak follower Heather thought she was.

      1. This is the first post I saw when coming on the forum and it made me laugh out loud. lol I know what you mean, Heather can take herself a little too seriously. And that finger and her telling someone to LEAVE now or BE QUIET…like she’s the school marm or something, she’s out of line. And if she did that to me I’d tell her to SIT DOWN WOMAN

        1. Don’t forget the finale when Vicki tried to leave, and Heather clenched her teeth and snarled, “DON’T. MOVE!” I was alternately shocked, bemused, and scared for her to actually move, and Vicky has annoyed me for YEARS. I was thinking, “where on earth did Heather pull up the ghost of paddle-wielding 70s era Bronx school Principal out of that size 0 body????” I mean she really dug DEEP down into the tiniest strains of her New Yorker cultural DNA to have that voice come out of her, LOL

    1. Heather makes me sick. The stuff she was saying to Meghan during the bus ride was borderline psychotic! Maybe Heather needs to see a shrink. I think she is having a mental break. Tamra definately had a psychotic break when she hit/pushed Kelly & when she was screaming in Vicki’s face FU! I think Kelly told the truth about Shannon & David. And from the look on Shannon’s face it was spot on. I don’t think Vicki should have told Kelly that, but when you start ganging up on someone, you better be ready to get it back. I believe Shannon setup Kelly with the 2 hags at the 70s party & again trying to get her drunk. So glad Meghan said what she thought of Heather. So glad she doesn’t want her kids to grow up around people like this.

  4. STFU Heather!! Your as TOXIC as the rest of them. Shannon needs to find new friends. She’s the only half way decent one. And I stress HALF WAY. Still like her however

  5. So, I just read that Heather’s butt buddy Tamra sent a picture of Vicki’s breasts to a 15 year old girl to share on social media, which the mom found. The mom has gone to the local police department, CPS, and the FBI to go after Tamara for distributing this to her child and encouraging her to share it online. The mother had her remove it, but holy moly… I know Vicki is awful, but Tamara is garbage. Kelly one night and Vicki the other? The show is basically over now! So what’s the reason for any of this? If I was Heather or Shannon I would distance myself from Tamara NOW.

  6. I will be honest, I am at a 50/50 point in terms of fan support with Heather, and that is ONLY because she apologized to Kelly for the things she said in Ireland. I would have liked to see an explanation for that ridiculous filming with the telephone in the hallway while they were baiting Kelly, but okay, clearly that’s not happening. I’ll be observing to see how she redeems herself in terms of having an independent mind unafraid to stand up for ethics vs. being just another bandwagon jumper hopping onto what’s popular opinion for the sake of being with the Cool Kids.

    That said, her trying to flip the script against Vicki isn’t working for anyone with an iota of critical thinking skills. No one prompted the group to employ bully tactics against Kelly Dodd in Ireland, or the degree to which they did so in a systematic fashion was not warranted by nose flips and her dishing out comebacks in retaliation to being baited. The way they behaved I thought I was watching BASKETBALL WIVES, which is infamous for all manner of bullying, backbiting and other unsavory behaviors in women who are supposed to be well-heeled ADULTS. If Heather is to remain on the show and reap all the benefits that come with it she would be wise to re-think her survival strategy and the kind of nonsense she has allowed herself to be aligned with.

  7. I tend to agree with Heather on this. I’ve said for a while now that the old lying POS is SO JEALOUS of the other women and now? Add on jealousy to her feelings of aiding and abetting a tooth less swamp creature in a cancer lie all because she needed her love tank filled. The old lying POS will do anything to ruin the reputation of the others. She needs to wander out onto the 73 in bad traffic… nobody would miss her.

  8. Whoever is manipulating the cast matters not to me. This season, I started to watch, then removed it from my timer, then in the end of the season bought the season in a moment of boredom. Boredom is rare for me, I had to sit with my foot up for a few days, horror of horrors for me, so I thought the OC would be entertaining. It was not only not entertaining, it was very disjointed, poorly edited and vulgar. No matter what Kelly thought of how the others treated her, she is simply vulgar, emotionally stunted and crass. Her and Viki make a good team.
    What I dislike in anyone, who, even when being told by a loyal friend i.e. Megan, that their personal behavior was horrendous, as Kelly’s was, they automatically go into “well, was what so & so did all right, was what she said OK?” It is a character flaw that I find to be unlikable in anyone who has it. If the things she says weren’t so absolutely below the belt, I would try harder to look at the big picture she seems to see.
    To me, cruelty is not a simple flaw, it is something a person either is, or is not. The things she says are meant to be cruel. They are intended to hurt the recipient as much as possible. She has said things so many times now that it becomes, for me, someone I would never like, defend or agree with, about anything. Her inner self is damaged. I understand why Tamra defended her in the beginning. She saw pain in Kelly. But Tamra at her worst was never like that. Tamra screamed FU, get out, cussed at others, but she didn’t go for the thing she knew would hurt them most deeply and just stay with it. I also understand why her friend sticks with her, she is fortunate in Megan. But because a monster got that way because of pain doesn’t mean anyone is required to put themselves in their path. I simply keep people like that out of my life. I do my best to do it with grace and understanding, but firm in my decision that they will no longer hurt me or anyone I am responsible for. A group of people, these women or others, who are collectively insulted by someone, and make it clear as one voice is not “ganging up.” It is not bullying for a few women to all agree that one woman, Kelly, is being a bitch and behaving totally outside the realm of what is acceptable.

  9. I think Heather is the puppet master of her husband and her marriage so she ought to know what it takes to be a good puppet master.

  10. O boy o boy o boy.. is this on tonite? I’ll watch for those who won’t and let you know. Better get to the store for some more kernels! 🙂

  11. We are so disgusted by Vicki insulting our intelligence by denying she didn’t know Brooks lied about having cancer. Personally, we think Vicki and Brooks dreamed it up hoping to change everyone’s opinion about him. She flat out lied so many times saying she saw him have this procedure and that procedure then changed her story to “I was in the waiting room.” Then to add insult to injury, she does a cancer ad (we believe in order to try to repair her image.) However, this backfired because she was trying to make a profit from the very cause she previously exploited. We feel Bravo is complicit in exploiting those battling cancer by allowing her to continue on the show. Replace her with her daughter, Briana . Briana is honest and the voice of reason. She must take after her father. — RHOOC Fans

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