Have Teresa Giudice & Melissa Gorga Made Up? Are They Speaking? Plus- Teresa’s Parents Blame Melissa For Family Feud?

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The ongoing feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga has been no secret to viewers, but how much is their family suffering? RealityTea is reporting that Teresa and Melissa’s feud is still going strong, causing friction in the family. Teresa’s parents barely speak to their only son, Joe Gorga, because of Melissa’s alleged scheming and her thirst for fame.

RealityTea has exclusive information on the feud. Most of you probably saw the pictures Teresa posted on Twitter of her celebrating NYE with her family. And their source tells them what’s going really going on. “Teresa is celebrating the New Year like she always does, with a big family party mainly made up of her husband’s family and her parents. Every year the Giudice family rents out a restaurant and their family and close friends attend,” the insider shares, and also reveals that Melissa was NOT invited.

“Once again, her parents are with her ringing in the new year just like they were with her Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is no place they would rather be,” the source shares, adding, “They cannot even stand to be near Melissa. Of course they love their son and their grandkids but, there is no love for Melissa.”

The source continues to explain that Antonia and Giacinto Gorga blame Melissa for their family feud. “They blame her [Melissa] for destroying the family,” their source explains. “It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or who is right or wrong in their eyes, Melissa is to blame. It breaks their heart.”

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Photo Credit: US Magazine/Twitter