Harry Hamlin Wants Lisa Rinna to Quit RHOBH


Although actor Harry Hamlin is big on the screen he does like to keep his private life private, but being married to now a Real Housewife Lisa Rinna that has all changed. Lisa has spoken about how Harry had issues with her joining the show at first, and now Radar Online is reporting that he is “begging her” to leave Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

A source told the site, “Lisa told Harry in no uncertain terms that she is committed to doing the upcoming season because it was so good for career.”

Harry’s name was brought into the show when Kim Richards made an insinuation that he was cheating on Lisa, something he was upset by. And though Kim will not be returning for another season, the source continued to say that Lisa is hoping it will be a better season.

“Lisa explained that with Kim not returning for this season, Harry certainly won’t be a topic of conversation. Furthermore, Lisa promised Harry she wouldn’t allow his name to be brought up by any of the women at all.”

It has been confirmed that Lisa will be filming another season of RHOBH, and the source added that Harry “isn’t happy his wife continued to do the show,” and that “he would never give her an ultimatum. If Lisa thought this was a deal breaker for the marriage, she obviously wouldn’t do it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I am looking forward to seeing what she can do without the pressure of addiction and bitch, Kim, on the show.

I liked her then. Didn’t but let’s see what this season brings. I certainly wouldn’t believe anything from Radar as they contradict their stories daily!

Sorry, pressed submit by mistake! No full stop after then n capital on didn’t!

Gotcha! I agree totally! 😉

Except for the fact that Taylor is on…So I most likely won’t be watching or will mute her scenes. I do not think I can stomach Taylor. I like Lisa R but not as much as Eileen and Lisa V., though altogether they are a nice group.

As I have said before I don’t like Taylor but hopefully she is on as a friend not full time. It wouldn’t stop me watching but like you I would mute!

LOL Sandra about Taylor. Yes Salky I believe she’s Not full time. She’s just there to stir crap and accuse Yolanda of faking Lyme! Sounds familiar???? I’ve already heard proof of Brooks cancer is trickling out, just as I suspected, Bravo played everyone and made a story line knowing that he’ll reveal all in the end. I’m sure he got paid well for that

I wish I didn’t keep watching this rubbish is there a Real Housewives Annon? Glad Taylor isn’t full time!

I agree Sally lol. Even though I’m proud that I’ve weened myself of all but RHOC and RHOBH! Baby steps 🙂

Rain, I’m still on NY and BH and down to clips on OC but getting there and baby steps!

I no longer watch any rhw now because @andy is all up in the felons ass & am disgusted that andy & bravo are bringing the thief back. I thought it would be hard giving up bravo because i was a faithful viewer, but it wasnt hard at all. I stopped watching a little bit at a time, i do however watch ladies of london, & below deck, & will watch southern charm. But i will watch rhbh mainly to see their luscious, lavish lifestyle, plus i think the rhbh have class. There is petty drama, but not as nasty… Read more »

LOL Real Housewives Anonymous…where we can break this habit! That might be a good idea! 😉

Fingers crossed Sandra 🙂



lol yeah please Rinna, you’re disgusting. Now you chose RHOBH over your husband? Pathetic what one will do for her dead carreer. I wish they would all quit can’t they tell the show is dead?

@Jake–why is the show “dead”?

He’s still mad they got rid of Trashbox Barbie.

cause using a storyline “oh you’re not really sick” from OC now on RHOBH is not a sign that it’s dying? lol

How is her career dead when she hasn’t stopped working over these last 20+ years? If anything, Rinna is THE archetype for how to consistently re-invent yourself and re-brand yourself using television as your platform and milking brand identification down to its last drop.

I hope they bring the show back to the original concept of watching rich women’s lives, not fake camera acting drama, a la Brandi. She now clearly states she was told to cause drama and stir the pot for Bravo, but in reality, did Bravo make her tampon string be photographed and she drunkenly slobbered all over the place? Pure Trash. Glad she is not part of this show.


well with like 4 actresses on the cast, it’s not likely to happen, it’s going to be the same old BS. brandi was the one keeping it real though.

the tampon thing didn’t happen on the show, there’s just no logic in what you’re saying. Yes she got drunk that night, so what, you’ve never been drunk? Yet it happened once and years ago and you’re still clinging onto it? lol get a life

I’ll be muting/fast forwarding Taylor too. UGH. What in the world is Bravo thinking by bringing her back?

Exactly! Bravo wants controversy, but it was a bad move in my opinion. There have to be others out there who are new to the HW and much better choices and not recycled/reused.

This story is a bunch of crap…really reaching for something to write about……

Yup. This.

He probably want her to quit cause he saw how awful she acted last season. No one is responsible for Lisa’s actions but Lisa!! Either she’s cra cra or a really bad actress!!

I love housewives, they, and a lot of other reality, like ANTM helped me be alive again. I don’t care if the trolls say why don’t I get a life or some such BS, I like Taylor too. I don’t see why the hate for her, she was in a horrible situation and I think the show saved her life. But, we will see about this year. I actually like talking about them more than watching it. An experiment in sociology.

ITA. I liked Taylor, she had it hard with 1st hubby. And, I like all the others. No Kim or Brandy will be wonderful.

I think we all like different people and no one should tell us who we can like or not! Or more importantly what we should be watching. We can all state our opinions surely without other posters telling us we are wrong. I find sometimes I think one thing then after reading other comments it might make me wonder if I am right. These shows have saved a lot of people at horrible times in their lives. I am getting frustrated with some of them now but maybe they will get rid of the violence and get some fancy pants… Read more »
Me too, Sally. I sometimes am embedded in my opinion, and then someone’s comment, like one of yours, because it is said in a way that is just purely stating your own opinion, not bashing someone else’s, I see that there is a side I hadn’t seen. Then I have more info. on a subject and can decide if I have changed my mind. But, every time a commentator says things to posters that point a finger or are derogatory toward me, I remain stubborn in my thoughts instead of looking at the statement. So, not only are the comments… Read more »

That’s right! It puts my heckles up too! I enjoy reading a thought provoking comment! Pfft to the haters, these are people we will never know and most of them I would never want to know. It’s like watching a very long drawn out episode of Big Brother! ( something I haven’t watched for years)

Kim didn’t say Lisa R’s husband was having an affair, she just brought up his name as a hint that if Lisa R. wanted to continue spreading mess about her, Kim, then Lisa R. could expect to get the same treatment back. Lisa R. started that whole thing and just wouldn’t quit, even tweeting weird threats to Kim. Lisa R. barely knew Kim, it was not her job to order Kim to reform to her specifications and keep involving herself when Kim told her repeatedly to stop interfering. Then, when the tables turned the tiniest bit, Lisa R. went nuts.… Read more »

Lisa Rinna is more unstable than the crazy twatwaffle who had to be arrested at a hotel bar, who disappeared the weekend of her daughter’s wedding after drunken shenanigans, and who was busted for shoplifting? You must be drinking with her to be that delusional.

Wouldn’t that be one is crazy and one is an abuser of substances? Apples and oranges???

We’re not here to put up with your personal insults. It’s only chitchat about a tv show so calm down and grow up.

That was from Judge Judy. I forgot to sign in again.

Also, ChristopherMouth, yes, deliberately breaking a glass in someone’s face because they hinted at saying something you might not like, is assault. And insane.

crazy behavior. Google her fued she had with a Celebrity Apprentice co-star you’ll see her stalking texts and threats. scary rinna.

IMO, Kimmy was doing a lot more than hinting. She was implying and being a total bitch. All because Lisa was trying, once again, to apologize. She was just waiting for her to say one word about her. She refused to accept the apology on the plane because she was hiding the fact that she had relapsed. Lisa apologized and got bashed, so did Eileen, while Kim went on a vindictive rant about everyone except the saintly Brandy. So, I guess if an apology gets that response, what would telling her what I really think get? She then spoke to… Read more »

I agree I feel Kim was insinuating a lot more my guess is she was either in rehab with Harry or the rumors that he is gay. Really who would care about either! They have two teenagers and I am positive they would have heard both before. Lisa should have just told her to ‘get lost’ but not in those words. She shouldn’t have broken the glass unless it wasn’t a real one? Also Kim was a total bitch all of last season covering her relapse probably. Just showed her true self!

I know Rinna knew it was a real glass, but in her fit of rage, she was playing a part in a soap…and they use props that do not hurt. I am not sure what they are made of exactly.
I thiught that was the craziest thing she did and I do not excuse it either. I also think Kim provoked her and she wasn’t ready for that. I do not excuse her or Kim.

Insulting each other just brings this site to the level of certain other sites, please be respectful of others opinions. You have strong opinions, fine I guess but these are reality ‘stars’ and you probably don’t know them only what they choose for you to see.

This was obviously for ChristopherM.

Anyone who is familiar with AA, knows they believe in transparency. It is one of the deepest beliefs in that organization. Lisa knew about that and went on that belief because Kim had been pretty open about it at Eileen’s house after the ‘INCiDENT” at poker night. Kim ordered Lisa to stop talking to others about her illness, which Lisa didn’t even have a chance to fulfill. She didn’t talk to others, she apologized, AGAIN, for doing anything hurtful, to people who already knew the entire story. Kim insinuated things about Lisa’s husband, and anyone who wants to pretend because… Read more »

Taylor is a gold digger, and there’s really nothing interesting about her. Her first husband had said she looked him up and pursued him. Then, surprise, surprise, little Miss Nobody from Nowhere lands a second rich husband right away. I think she studies men’s incomes, then targets them, because really, what are the chances? LOL. Is she really surprised with the types she ends up with considering the type that she, herself, is?

Oh well. Perhaps Lisa R. and Taylor can start a charity for women with weird giant butt lips!


A show for full loose lips. Funny! Taylor was allegedly a scammer. She changed her name, etc. I never believed a word she said. Lisa R., I liked but not loved. I almost thought she thought she was in a soap and that it was not a real glass when she threw it, like the fake ones that shatter on TV but don’t hurt. That surprised me the most. Otherwise she was okay. Taylor should have a show about how to fake it to make it.

I started to like Lisa R then didn’t but next season should see her in a different light. We will see.

I read that, how Taylor scored a rich husband, was by renting a PO Box in a wealthy neighborhood and when she noticed Russell’s fancy car = $$$, she started pursuing/flirting with him.

I love Lisa R….!!! She’s a great addition.

I saw her on Broadway years ago and oddly enough, when she’s not being so kooky, she’s actually kind of talented in that throwback, Old School sing-dance-act way. Someone gave me one of her books once for beach reading, too. It actually wasn’t bad, it was that very glossy, trashy, romantic fiction kind of genre like when you read a little Danielle Steele or J. Collins (r.i.p). I thought Lisa would make a pretty authentic addition to RHoBH (I have it firmly cemented in my mind what type of archetype I want to see on this franchise). Her freshman year… Read more »
I know Taylor came from nothing and wanted a better life. When she got pregnant, she started being physically abused by Russel. So, I personally don’t think she deserved that. That’s like saying someone wore a mini-skirt and so they deserved to be raped. there are medical records showing her many broken bones and he seriously almost killed her the last time. Then killed himself instead. A man’s ability to be successful financially says a lot about his ambition and his problem solving skills. It is about more than the money. Having money makes certain things in life easier, and… Read more »
We will never know the true story. Russell is no longer here to tell his side. Also, though it appeared like a suicide and ver well may have been, Russell made more than a few enemies as a result of taking their money (millions reportedly) and promising something that never happened…and Taylor was a part of all of it. They were said to have offshore accounts. She pretended to be someone she wasn’t, related to a prominent family, allegedly, to gain other’s trust, when she was with Russell, to get them to hand over their money to them. They also… Read more »

The Radar Online story sounds like BS. Harry and Lisa have been such a public Hollywood couple for so long, I don’t see anything in line with how they express themselves that would make any of this add up. Besides, they’ve already gone on public record as saying that he supports the move for obvious (business) reasons. Looks like it was a slow news day in the tabloids.