Harry Hamlin Speaks Out on the Drama on RHOBH


It’s no secret that Lisa Rinna has had some serious conflict with Lisa Vanderpump on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that will continue on tonight’s first installment of the reunion. But how does Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin feel about Vanderpump? He’s speaking out about his wife’s nemesis in a new interview and his answer might surprise you.

“She’s so funny,” Hamlin told E! News of Vanderpump. “At the end of the day, this is a TV show. The only difference between this and a nighttime soap is the blood isn’t fake!”

In the preview for the reunion special, Rinna claimed that Hamlin defended Yolanda Hadid in the beginning of the season and he wanted to clear a few things up. “Well, what I actually said was ‘We really need to support her.’ I never said ‘whether she’s sick or not,'” he admitted. “That was I think in the second time Lisa mentioned it, she said it that way. And I said to Lisa, ‘You know I don’t think I said it that way.’ And she goes, ‘Oh right, well…’ Obviously Yolanda needs support. Whatever she’s going through, it’s taking a toll on her and it’s very challenging for her.”

“You know, the thing about the show itself, when you’re watching this show, there are moments when you can kind of breathe a little bit, but not with the reunion,” he teased. “The reunion is like a freight train that just keeps slamming right through, going through barricade after barricade. So, it’s just an onslaught.”

What are your thoughts on Harry’s comments?

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75 Replies to “Harry Hamlin Speaks Out on the Drama on RHOBH”

        1. Where do u live in Canada? I’m in LA (grrrrrrrr) but lived in Wpg growing up. All my g/f’s there only get Slice. Didn’t know that Bravo broadcasted in Canada

      1. That’s why I get it on Amazon if the season is good. Not that I live where Bravo isn’t available, but Dish is always making threats that they are going to drop stations, and then if it snows enough and it covers the satellite, it won’t tape. It frequently snows in April here. Amazon really is reasonable here, anyway. I hear across the pond it is expensive, so Canadian’s might have the same price hike, but here it’s less than a dollar an episode. No adds at all and perfect, correct closed caption. Besides, when I go to bed that’s when I turn my actual TV on, and it is lights out for me usually anyway. I am looking forward to seeing it in the morning with breakfast.

        1. Hi 3D’s. I get that whole satellite and snow thing. When it snowed during the winter a few years back in Tahoe (zephyr cove) and I was there all the time, the snow covered the dish and NO CABLE which means NO TV. OH, THE HORROR! I would put on the high winter boots, a coat over my pj’s and creep out to the street where the dish is (Highway 50) and use a broom to get the snow off. Then I had the brilliant idea of spraying the dish with Pam. Don’t try it. It left a film and ruined the dish. My husband couldn’t believe I did that. Oh well, damn snow.

  1. Team Yo and Erika ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love my gals ! I’ll be patting my wrinkled puss 🙂

      1. Kt, wrinkled pusses need love too :)! I tried Olay and those wrinkles are still there ! Oh well, you can’t turn back that kinda mileage 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

        1. I just screamed out “HOOOOOOOOHHHHOOO MY GAWD!!!” to the top of my lungs with my head hitting my desk, and my assistants just nearly jumped out of their skin. I’m not staying on here…I just can’t LOLOL

  2. I’m going to take a drink every time Kyle has to dab at her eyes because she’s found herself in hot water. Should be a good night.

  3. I always wait until the next morning and watch on Amazon. That way, I see it all with no adds, and correct closed caption.
    I’ve never had an opinion on Harry before. I didn’t appreciate the t-shirts they wore for Halloween or whenever it was, but I didn’t know the story. I watched LA Law occasionally back then if I was up and not busy. Now, if he doesn’t at the very least see when he views the show, what a cruel, hateful, foul, lying, rancid hurtful egocentric person she is I will have an opinion though.
    Maybe if he refuses to speak to the press about it, that would be acceptable, but if he is all good with her now, then they simply deserve each other. More than anything I hope she is gone next year. I can’t stand to look at or listen to her ugly mouth anymore. She is ugly all the way to the inside. Sudsy is perfect for a nick-name and a necessity.

    1. I refuse to like him after those Halloween costumes. That, and the fact he ran a whore house while in college. I haven’t watched it yet. Going to now. Anyone hear from Suze yet?

      1. I agree GIGI that Harry has had a shady past, but I give him credit for being impartial re LVP and also for correcting Rinna when he commented about how he didn’t say what Rinna said he did regarding Yo. I also wonder what Harry really thinks of Rinna….anyone?

        1. I was wondering the same. He’s lived with her for years. He has to know she “embellishes” the truth. A nice way of saying she lies.

      2. Gigicat, I made it home for the grand total of five hours then been back in until now with pneumonia how is your dad, if I see a larger post I will say I replied here! Xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. BRANDI is gonna be on the reunion!! Apparently she calls out Rinna for stealing her shoe at the season finale of season 5

  5. OFME.Yolanda has perfect palates?!?!? Yolanda has ‘suffered’ clinical depression. Yolanda is such a fraud. Now it’s not Lyme it’s clinical depression. Yolanda’s home runs are perfect every three months. Total fraud. Sick of her.

    1. She did not say it was clinical depression. She denied it when LVP said it. She said she knows clinical depression and its symptoms because she suffered from in back in 1999.

  6. Loved LVP bringing up the menopause/ depression—keep it real….. lymes is such a poser/fake/fraud—the woman lies like other’s breathe…
    In her delusional mind – she has perfect palates—–aging badly, cannot deal with it, i/e/. clinical depression.
    lymes has (neurological disease, lymes disease, calf licked my face disease, ruptured breast implants, clinical depression, intestinal worms, etc…..)—yep it’s MUNCHAUSEN’S and she has her stupid kids believing they are sick too (possibly by osmosis or something)…. She’s sooo delusional – she really thinks the viewer’s believe her nonsense/ stupidity….No wonder david hit the road—-

  7. LVP lied from the beginning. Rinna finally told the whole story. LVP tried to deflect by switching the focus to the phone calls and Kyle looked terrified. It’s all coming out now.

    1. Kyle is terrified bc she knows she was part of the whole thing. LVP knew Kyle was talking to LR at sushi/texting about Yolanda’s lies and Kyle is worried LVP will throw her under the bus bc that’s what Kyle would do. LVP isn’t saying everything she knows about Kyle’s involvement bc she’s protecting her. Makes sense now that LVP was worried to LR that Kyle would be brought into it, right? HH confirms here that his wife’s story about the dinner doesn’t hold water, she not only put words in LVPs mouth but his too! Why would we believe LR when she can’t stick to a straight story nor even tell the whole story??

      1. ITA! No one can rely on LR because she constantly gets other people’s words completely messed up, including her husband.

      2. After reading Kyle & LR blogs, we now know for sure the “M” was discussed between Kyle & LR (& I believe ED knew all along). After that LVP was brought into it. It all makes sense. Kyle & LR were discussing Yo’s illness, selfied, & “M,” & texting back & forth, & then pulled LVP into it. That’s why we haven’t actually seen the text messages between Kyle & LR.

    2. Everybody expressed sadness about Yos divorce , except LVP , who turned it into an inquisition about how, why, when did you know , blah blAh blah! Oh wait, she did the same shit to Eileen!! Bad bad manners, Miss LVP :)! And Andy calling her for coping Erikas dress was epic lol

      1. The dress comment was my favourite part of the whole show. Suck it, LVP! A coat of armor? Feeling guilty? Your dress won’t save you.

          1. The look on LVP’s face when Andy pointed it out? Priceless! LVP made it sound like it was some custom made for her dress.

      2. why express fake concern for, when none of them believe that Yo is really sick. LVP & Yo has know each other since before she married David F in 2011, been on RHOBH since 2012 and NOW she has lymes and oh had a fight on 11/05 & divorced on 11/15 ….come on LVP can see right through YO

  8. Anyone notice how Rinna jumped up when Andy asked Erika for a slap the puss demonstration and said let’s all do it with her, I can do it, we all can, let’s show him and LVP said, no, let her have her moment so Rinna Sat back down all sad. Rinna should learn how to slap the lips…probably bear herself to death with em.

    1. I was glad to see that Justme; although it was Yolanda that told Rinna to let Erika have her moment. And I don’t know who posted it, but yes, Andy is loving his Erika!! Or is it her glam squad?? 🙂

    2. I did, Justme, she has to be center front at all times. Anyway, who in their right mind would want to witness her doing that.?

  9. The way Andy was drooling over Erika, she’s definitely coming back next season!! Hearing her talk about her cop son was lovely!!! I died laughing when Andy asked ‘when your husband gets that bill, how does the conversation go’ and she didn’t miss a beat ‘there’s no conversation’ LOLOLOLL.. So far she’s handling her first reunion with s lot of poise

  10. Kathryn annoys the heck out of me!! Good for Kyle standing up for her friend Faye!! LET IT GO KATHRYN! It was 22 years ago ! Go buy a 5 K bag

  11. I know a lot of people didn’t like Kathryn in the beginning of the season, but now it seems that the tide has turned in her favor. I have to say, that for part 1 of this reunion she really held her own. I do like Kyle, but I think Kathryn had the right to say what was bothering her about Faye and I’m glad Andy let her make her point, because if it was up to Kyle she would have shut it down.

  12. There goes our f**** story line!!! LOLOLOL OMG!!! LVP is playing very bad defense !! And is she gonns cry next week?!! Oh for heavens sake !!!

  13. Folks, they are mic’d for the entire party. Do you really think Bravo wouldn’t air that? Rinna consistently exaggerates and is confused. She’s the new Brandi of the show. Over Brandi and over her. And 10 phone calls over a season or even a couple months isn’t significant.

    1. Totally agree MM. If LVP would have said that it would have definitely been caught on the mics. Also, Rinna’s first words were that Ken said Yo looked terrible. He did say she looked unhealthy, and may have used terrible, but in reference to her health and not directly to her. He was quite nice and told her how, and I’m paraphrasing here, how well she was handling her situation as she has a tough time of it. Something like that. Rinna forgot all about that.

      1. Rinna just wants to hang Ken with LVP because of what he called her.. And he was right, she’s not a full ticket and she is a wanker, whatever a wanker is…lol

        1. I’ve heard the term wanker before, and I understood it was someone who masterbates, so…. Then I looked it up and in the Cambridge English dictionary it stated:wanker definition, meaning, what is wanker: a very stupid or unpleasant person, usually a man. Okay, that fits…good job Ken…and now my new favorite word!

        2. For Ken to be calling ANY woman out is just plain wrong! Despite your loyalty to LVP, surely you can at least admit that ! I mean, come on!!!

    2. There is no possible way that LVP said there goes our story line!! They were at the birthday table with everyone and the camera’s were rolling, crew and producers were there also and if she had said it, they would all be saying that Rinna is telling the truth.. But silence.. She didn’t say that, and Rinna is making it all up, she’s the LIAR, not LVP.

  14. With or without mikes makes no difference. Why would the producers air that? It’s a reality show. Why would they let the cat out of the bag? It’s supposed to be unscripted. You don’t talk about story lines. That would be one hell of a lie for Rinna to pull out of her ass.

    Maybe nobody else confirmed it, but neither did anyone else deny it. You can’t get into trouble if you keep your mouth shut.

  15. Harry Hamlin was very subtle, but, he’s covering for his fruit cake wife . She is so unfair about Ken’s remark about Yo the night of her Birthday party. His statement was simple & to the point. Yolanda did not look well. She purposely dressed & made up herself with sick mascara to prove she was not well and what a saint she was to make such a massive effort to do the right thing. Yet, she could not do the same for her bestie, Erika who has been at her side like a loyal subject throughout. She took advantage of Erika’s kindness toward her.
    Now Rinna is out to defame Ken because of what he said about her, she’s already done the same to his wife. There’s no end in sight with the workings of a cruel mind like hers. What does Harry Hamlin think?! poor man has to live with her at the end of the day, so he has to keep the peace.

  16. Now there you go. !!!!!! Harry just pulled back the curtain on these reality shows. Gave me a Cheshire Cat smile. 🙂 They all play their parts and like fish, we all bite on the bait. Sure makes it less tense for me now when I watch this Franchise. I have to say it is only the RHOBH that baits me because I think it has been the best of the brand. And I do appreciate the women on this franchise that makes me proud to be a female. 🙂 Hat’s off to you Harry. !!!!!! 🙂

    1. I don’t think I will comment anymore. I have enjoyed as well as been perturbed by the comments. I use this housewives series to get away from reality. It is heartening to me that it may not be reality. 🙂

      1. Kathy, don’t go. keep commenting. It’s NOT scripted in anyway. I have friends who are the camera men for the OC franchise and it isn’t scripted. What comes out of their mouths is the real them which is frightening. They all say it’s scripted cuz they don’t want to admit how horrible they are as human beings.

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