Harry Hamlin Defends Lisa Rinna About Kim Richards Comments

Harry Hamlin, husband to RHOBH Lisa Rinna appeared last week on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He came to the defense of his wife while discussing some of the most controversial moments of this season of RHOBH.

Harry did remind Lisa about her conflict with Kim Richards and that she did question Kim’s sobriety while having a conversation with Eden Sassoon.

Lisa eventually owned up to her comments to the rest of the RHOBH cast. Now, Harry is saying that she didn’t actually say what everyone is accusing her of.

“Well, wait a minute. If you look at the syntax of what you said, the words were, ‘They’re this close to Kim dying.’ What does that mean, ‘They’re this close to Kim dying’? She never said, ‘Kim’s this close to death.’ The words, you’ve got to go back and look at the words,” he told Andy Cohen on WWHL. “So out of context, it sounds like that, but it wasn’t that. She never said Kim was ‘this close.’ What she was referring to was what Kyle [Richards] said about the fact that she was waiting for that phone call to come sometime late at night. She was terrified of that.”

Harry also clears up Lisa’s controversy about putting Xanax in her smoothie. “There has never been a Xanax in a smoothie,” Harry said. “We do have smoothies in our house, and from time to time, there’s a little bit of Xanax for flying long distances. The two have never come together.”

Harry also mentions that he helped gift a stuffed animal bunny to Kim for her new grandson. “She came to me and said, ‘Look, I’ve got this bunny and Kim has a grandchild.’ And she said, ‘I don’t know if I should give it to her because it could be weird,'” Harry shared. “And I said, ‘Wait, it’s for the grandchild. The sins of the grandparents, don’t put it on the kid. If it’s from your heart, give it to Kim, and she will accept it from the heart,’ and then we know what happened.”

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11 Replies to “Harry Hamlin Defends Lisa Rinna About Kim Richards Comments”

  1. I believe the “close to death comment” is an issue because Kyle said she feared that phone call over a season ago and Rinna hadn’t been around Kim except that one night so for her to put that back out there not knowing that she had been trying to get better is what mad everyone see red. Plus I think Harry needs to stay out of it and let the ladies handle it.

  2. Lisa Rinna knew exactly what she was saying was not true.Harry is now trying to spin it different but we viewers heard what she says.

    1. Which in a way is fine. The Hamlins are a Hollywood couple of a certain age who always move in lockstep – I’m not expecting the husband to really admonish his wife to people outside the marriage, and especially not in a media setting. It definitely is spin (and they’re full of malarkey), but I don’t even think he really believes what he’s said; I think we just heard a seasoned tv actor falling back on years of interview experience, and knowing how to twist statements to get through another day working the Tinstletown Media Machine. Meh.

  3. RUBBISH!!!!!!! What, pray tell is the difference between Kim is this close to dying & Kim is close to death?! Give me a break!!! Apparently H H has had to do a lot of cover up’s for his fat lipped wife & has become quite good at it.

    1. exactly. he is just doing damage control for his wife and he’s probably had lots of experience in doing this for her in the past because it seems she puts her foot in her mouth a lot! if lisa looks bad, it reflects on Harry too cuz he’s married to the sh*t stirrer.

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