Harry Hamlin Cheating Allegations Caused Lisa Rinna To Explode On Kim Richards

Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin

Viewers were shocked by new RHOBH Lisa Rinna’s behavior in the intense preview of the upcoming season, Rinna was seen throwing a drink on Kim Richards and breaking a wine glass. But according to a new report, there was a big reason Lisa exploded on Richards.

According to an insider, Rinna flipped out on Richards after Kim accused her husband, Harry Hamlin, of cheating.

“Kim had heard rumors for awhile that Lisa Rinna’s husband, Harry had been unfaithful,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Upon hearing the claim, Lisa went nuts, and immediately lunged at Kim. There are certain things that are just off limits as far as Lisa is concerned, and Harry is on that list.”

“The accusation was made after Lisa became very suspicious that Kim had fallen off the wagon during the cast trip to Amsterdam,” the insider adds of the feud.

Now, Rinna is vowing “to get revenge on Kim and expose even more lies when the cast reassembles to tape the reunion of the show in the next few months. Lisa is a real firecracker and Kim opened a can of worms she will regret opening!” the insider insists.


Do you believe Harry cheated on Lisa?

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19 Replies to “Harry Hamlin Cheating Allegations Caused Lisa Rinna To Explode On Kim Richards”

  1. I do not believe Harry is cheating on Lisa. I do know Kim was an actress in her younger days. Lisa R is an actress, Harry an actor. Makes for good TV.

  2. You know what? If some old skanky ex drunk made some nasty accusation about MY hubby I would laugh in her face, and then make some cutting remark about her falling off the wagon into a cesspool. The LAST thing I would do is throw a drink, or anything in her face. It just would not occur to me to do anything physical like that. I just wouldn’t dignify a lowlife like that with that kind of response. I mean seriously.

  3. Haha, I’m actually happy to see that Kim has thrown herself into the drama. She finally got it. She my not be fired after that season ends after all.

  4. Kim is beyond useless; I am so irritated about her poor dog Kingsley. Hey drunk, pull your head out of your @ss and train your dog.

  5. Can we not get rid of Kim Richards? She involves herself in pointless drama to get airtime; without it, her entire Season 4 would have been that ridiculous (failed) attempt at dog training…

    1. Oh, and how she treated Lisa Vanderpump during the reunion was disgraceful. The star of RHOBH does not deserve to be attacked by this desperate attention-seeker.

      1. As much as I like Lisa, when you look back at all the housewives who have been on this show, the only one’s she DIDN’T have arguments with are Carlton and Camille. Hey Lisa; maybe it’s you.

  6. Pls do kim and us viewers a favor & get rid of kim. She obviously needs some rehab time. You don’t get out of control the way she did from ONE pain pill. Attacking the character of someone who didn’t do anything to her proves she’s ill. Harry Hamlin didn’t deserve that.

  7. Kim is a mean little bitch…..don’t like her never will. But I think it shows what a low life she is considering she knows how much pain her sister went through when the same crap was said about Mauricio. Also it is a true addict deflection method… You won’t talk about me now be cause I drove LisaR to make a scene…unfortunately for Kim she never was a good actress..

  8. And brandi is a white trash no class at all. The only thing she knows is to create havoc and spread her legs 15 yards apart. Get read of tht trash

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