Gretchen And Slade Open Up About Slade’s Sick Son On Marriage Bootcamp


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is starring on WETV’s Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars with her longtime boyfriend Slade Smiley. And despite reports of Smiley being a dead-beat dad, he opens up about his son’s battle with cancer.

“I find you often in the bathroom crying by yourself about Grayson,” Gretchen tells Slade in a new preview for the show. “But you don’t talk about it ever.”

“I like to internalize, and certainly when it comes to my stuff, I have a hard time talking about that,” Smiley admits. “I take it all on me.”

When Gretchen asks Slade to communicate with her more, he shuts down.

“I’m pissed now,” he says. “I don’t want to be pushed any more.”

Watch RadarOnline’s exclusive preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Gretchen And Slade Open Up About Slade’s Sick Son On Marriage Bootcamp”

  1. Here they go again. Why the F do these two keep bringing up his very ill son on TV. You stupid idiots this is a private family issue that has no business on the boob tube. For gods sake Wretched and Slimey you want to forge sympathy for yourselves by using this kids illness so you can get your faces on the TV. Just shut up and keep thus subject between the mother and father quiet. When are you two ever going to learn to stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about this young boy who is often fighting for his life. Neither of you should EVER BE PARENTS!!!! When you have kids everything you do goes on the back burner and you two are way to selfish and superficial to raise kids in a healthy environment! Just stop it!!!!

    1. Hey dumb ass. People like Tamra the cheating, lying tramp have made the issue public. The mother has made it public, posting comments and talking to celebrity gossip sites. These two are just being honest about their issues which is why millions tune in to watch the show.

      Don’t give an opinion on matters you are clearly clueless about. If people put miss information out about you in a global manner you would address it as well.

      Their popularity is very high which is why networks keep casting them. She was on tv for 5 years, he has been on for 10. You sound like an angry, jealous uninformed hater.

      1. Hey Kenny …. Do you know where you are? Your on a site commenting on reality shows. I NEVER Mentioned Tamra nor did I mention Grayson’s mother. I would have a few choice names to call you but I would never lower myself to name calling especially on a website that is designed specifically for comments about they stupid people I don’t know if you know them or your one of them with an anonymous name but your a bigger idiot than they are.
        Wretched and Slimey are disgusting and they both need a reality check A REAL ONE. NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE goes on TV to discuss THEIR relationship in reference with his very ill son. I could care less if they want to discuss why he cant make money or why he does not have a job or why he has to pay a radio station for air time. They can sit all day and if people are stupid enough to watch more power to them. NEVER EVER should you discuss your critically ill son in this type of setting. You realize that this has everything to do with Wretch and Slimey wanting to be noticed on the tube and NOTHING ELSE. If you had half of a brain you would see this is all about them. they just use that poor boy to get noticed. Shame on you and shame on them.

  2. Wretched & Slimey. These two are such a Bonnie & Clyde duo. If either of them were on fire? I wouldn’t spit on them. Fortune Huntress meets Scam Artist.! A match made in Reality TV hell! They are both so sleazy and plastic. I just can’t with either of them..

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