Gretchen Rossi’s Future Mother-in-Law Slams Bravo Over Alleged Fake Engagement


Former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi has been engaged to Slade Smiley for three years and when co-stars insinuated Rossi faked the proposal for a storyline, Rossi was less than happy. It also angered another member of her family… Slade’s mother, who wrote a letter directly to Andy Cohen!

In a letter written by Elizabeth Larson-Smiley and obtained by RadarOnline, Gretchen’s future mother-in-law threatened to expose the network after a recent Uncensored episode, which gave a behind-the-scenes look at the alleged fake engagement.

In the letter, Smiley wrote, “I am the mother-in-Law (to be) of Gretchen Rossi, and mother of Slade Smiley. I am sending you this email directly and have every intention of copying it to all of the media outlets that have posted negative articles about the kid’s engagement.”

“I am an avid viewer of Bravo and not naive to the fact that the shows are edited for dramatic entertainment purposes; but this time Bravo have gone too far. After watching the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Uncensored Special this past Monday night, you should be ashamed of yourself for the deceptive way you portrayed Gretchen & Slade and their beautiful engagement.”

“More than 35 of their closest friends and family who attended the engagement party would happily debunk your claim about them just waiting for a wedding special [to film it],” she blasted Cohen.

“I personally witness Gretchen & Slade’s deep love and commitment to one another each and every time I visit them in Orange County or at the home of Gretchen’s parents in Bass Lake. They have never wavered, NOT ONCE, in their desire to one day be married. You know full well Bravo was pushing them to get engaged and get married on RHOC for Season 7 and the kids refused to do it just for TV because they were not ready yet.”

She continued, “I am also personally aware and have seen the emails from your producers who did not want the other housewives attending the engagement party because it did not match with ‘the storyline.’ Why would your team lie and say otherwise?”

“I also read the beautiful e-mail Gretchen sent production thanking them for everything that day,” she continued. “She received an e-mail from them saying ,’Gretchen you’re so welcome. It was one of the best shoots we have done to date and with everything you and Slade have been through, you deserve it.’ Yet, … the very producers on the Uncensored episode tried to discredit Gretchen & Slade.”

Larson Smiley blasted, “Let me ask you Andy, were your producers being disingenuous in their response to my future daughter in-law’s thank you note? Are they being deceptive now in an attempt to get more ratings? Is Bravo unwilling to tell the truth as to why Gretchen & Slade left the show? What other motivation could you or the network possibly have for distorting the truth and defaming the true love these young people have for one another?”

“How dumb do you think the viewers are? Gretchen & Slade get engaged, talk about all the dreams they have for the future, including having children together. Their lives together as an engaged couple was just beginning. But then you try and sway public opinion by using your producers to convince viewers that Gretchen & Slade don’t have a story.”

“I have seen the barrage of posts from fans asking Gretchen to return to The Real Housewives,” Larson-Smiley insisted. “The network has never told the real story. You and I both know the truth about why she didn’t return.”

“Bravo has since promised to delete the scenes that accused Gretchen and Slade of making up their engagement from all future re-airings of the Uncensored episode,” an insider told the site. “It’s really between Gretchen and the production company, but there were some inconsistencies and Bravo made some edits to make right for her. Bravo really wish them the best. But the truth is, it’s been three years and they’re still not married yet!”

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25 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi’s Future Mother-in-Law Slams Bravo Over Alleged Fake Engagement”

  1. I always liked Slade’s Mom as she made me laugh each season. Like most, I liked her better than Slade or Gretchen. Of course it is suspect that the letter went to Andy, with the threat of going to the media, and the letter is “leaked” to Radar online. I will say that I hope she does wind up leaking behind the scenes info about Bravo if she never signed a contract stating that she wouldn’t 😀

      1. I think Slade’s Mom is being kind (because it’s her son) but I’ve not doubt they are holding off for the best offer to film their wedding with the best ratings.

              1. lol…. no we don’t… Love that phrase – my Dad always used that !!! No I don’t give a rats ass either!!!

      2. The huge fancy part. If they wanted to be married, they would be. It costs all together less than $200.00 to get married right here in downtown Reno, Nv. Legal and binding. A lot of the chapels are more, and hold about 30 guests. But the Justice of the Peace is always available. Actually some of the chapels are really beautiful if what you want is to BE MARRIED. You can always have the huge, fancy party after when Slimey gets a decent paycheck. ( I wonder if that is still the hold-up )
        And that ring!! Sheesh, that thing was ridiculous. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like diamonds, although my Engagement ring’s main stone is a ruby, and the Wedding ring has the diamond, but of course I didn’t have a quarter of a million dollars to put on a show with.

      3. She wants Bravo to pay for it…. But no one wants to see it! I almost puked when I turn on the engagement episode, I kept saying why didn’t Slimey do this? I know because he doesn’t have a dime to pay for a cup of coffee much less an engagement party!!! So sad

  2. Let’s see: They are so much in love that she, the Housewife, had to do the asking, even tho he obviously wanted to. Wretched and Slimey announced 3 years ago, so, apparently they are SO MUCH IN LOVE, they needed to plan for 3 years? Wow. What a joke. I couldn’t even watch the engagement once S started crying, I always envision lice jumping on her from him, that’s how sick he makes me. I have no idea why a once beautiful girl, she was beautiful in her first season before she froze the bottom of her face, would choose a loser. But, can’t account for taste. If the public wanted her back on, she would be back. The “Engagement Party” was so boring I zipped it, being no other housewives were there. I believe exactly nothing from any of these “sources” and we know Wretched has a way with an e-mail to show her future ( future 2030? ) M-I-L.
    Anytime I see a story about her, I realize it is to tie her to the only fame she ever had, RHOC, and if the reason she left is so juicy, why not share it? That would give her a few weeks of attention, right? I saw one of her purses in a discount store jammed in with all the other junk. I have to admit I was curious, so I picked it up, but it belongs right where it was, in a discount store where I go for stationary and picture frames.

  3. Let me see, they had two wedding planned they didn’t happen. One of their excuses was because it was on a Memorial Day Weekend and not all of their relatives could come. Since when have all of relatives showed up at any one wedding. Never. The second time they had one planned they said the skipped their own wedding.
    Both Wretchen and Slade have said that there were three networks that were interested in airing their wedding day, nothing has materialized.
    One time when she was on WWHL Andy asked Wretched when her and Slade were getting married. She responded with “I don’t know. When are we getting married?” I took that as she implies she wants her wedding to air on TV. She wants an extravagant wedding and to have someone else foot the bill. Plain and simple.

  4. 3D I agree with everything you said. If these two want to be married so badly a quick trip to the courthouse can fix that.
    I just saw Wretched and Slimey on an episode of the Doctors. They were discussing Slade having a reversed vasectomy! How hard Boo Hoo it is for Wretched because she wants so bad to have his baby and make it the normal way. I guess there is a way to pull his sperm out and plant them in wretch but they want it to be natural. So if they don’t want to getarried yet but wretch wants a kid ( I don’t think Slimey wants anymore kids. He can’t even afford the two he has.
    If this was truly something they want to do together get the F off the tube and do it in privacy. They don’t need to be on TV to extract sympathy because no one cared. As far as Mrs. Mom Slimey she didn’t even want him to propose. He had no job, no money, no self respect and definitely no body who gave a damn. They are fame whores with a capital FW.
    I could care less why Wretch was fired I’m just glad she was. These fired or let go HWs need to hit the road and shut up. Their gone bye bye……

    1. You know what else REALLY bugs me? When couples say they want a baby, but they “are not sure whether they want to be each others “forever.”
      I see, it’s ok for a baby, then child, then teen ager, then adult, to have a “forever” Mom or Dad, but not good enough for them! God, that pisses me off more then anything about this whole way of modern life between these people.

    2. Gretchen doesn’t want her money to go slade’s child support so thats who they are not getting married. slade probably had the operation for free because of advertising. the likelihood of it being successful is bill.

    1. Lucy, I somewhat agree with you. I wouldn’t mind Gretchen back because I think she is the only one who wouldn’t fall for Tamra’s tricks – again and I think Tamra would flip out knowing she was back! But there is something about Gretchen that felt artificial. I don’t even think it was her relationship with Slade, just something about her personality on-camera. Ah, well! Doubt it will happen now.

  5. Pretty pathetic that Gretch and Slade are using his mother as a surrogate to fight Bravo. Lets keep these two still unmarried losers in the past, where they belong.

  6. I did notice last week when they were showing the past OC ladies talking while getting ready for the OC premier week that Grethen’s face, especially the lips have changed and not for the good. I don’t understand why they feel the need to alter their face when it’s already lovely. Now she looks like the rest of the clowns.

    1. I stand by my comment. She was beautiful, ….. she’s still in her thirties, she now looks like the rest of the clowns… unnaturally puffed up lips… face doesn’t move… I wonder why????

  7. I imagine one of the reasons they haven’t gotten married is because of Slade’s child support. If they’re married, since Gretchen is the primary breadwinner, wouldn’t a chunk of her income have to go towards support? I don’t know this to be a fact, only an assumption

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