Gretchen Rossi’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Demands Re-Trial Over Defamation Lawsuit!

Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Gretchen Rossi sued her alleged ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou in 2010 for defamation and among several other things, claiming Jay lied about being her ex, trashed her in the media and as a result, she lost job opportunities. Gretchen won the $500,000 lawsuit in November 2012, but Jay went to the judge recently and asked for a re-trial, suggesting the jurors were starstruck by Gretchen.

TMZ reports the documents Jay filed in California are claiming the jury’s verdict was based solely on popularity and NOT the evidence because Gretchen is “a beautiful actress and [Jay] is a used car salesman.” Gretchen fired back saying she won the $500K fair and square and there is no need for a re-trial.

On February 8th the judge sided with Gretchen, again, and said there was “sufficient evidence to support the jury’s finding.” And adds, “A verdict of $500,000 is not excessive.”

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4 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Demands Re-Trial Over Defamation Lawsuit!”

  1. She is without any kind of conscience. She lied and did date this poor guy using Jeff for money. She and Slade are such losers and bottomfeeders. She is holding out marrying him for another sugardaddy, but none are coming forward. She can’t sing, her handbags (that she stold the idea from Lynne Curtain) are a cheap, gawdy mess. She screwed over her girlfriend for her cheap makeup line. At least she got sued successfully for that and had to pay up for that lie. Everything Gretchen has, she stolen or screwed somebody. I can’t stand this ho. I feel bad for the xboyfriend.

  2. Pinky, tell me more about screwing her girlfriend at of the makeup line. Seems I remember that at one point she had a partner, but I forgot all about that. Refresh my memory if ya can. I feel the same about her as you!

  3. Barbara, A few seasons back, Gretchen’s friend/makeup artist/new business partner was actually filmed at Gretchen’s condo talking about their new make-up line. At one point, Gretchen referred to it as her idea and the friend corrected her that it was BOTH their ideas. It was the same season that Lynne Curtain chewed Gretchen out for copying her idea and using the company that Lynne was contemplating working with while Gretchen snuck right in and started working with them, hence, ruining any further chance for Lynn. After that season was over, it was constantly reported that Gretchen’s friend/business partner sued her for the same crap. Gretchen evedently went forward without telling her partner, and made the deals, etc..Gretchen lost that lawsuit and had to pony up. The venture was too new to allow a substantial amount of money to the victim. Gretchen has literally screwed everyone for every single business venture and $ that she has ever had. She and Slade are the most evil-because of their calous actions about his son. They have never put him first in their lives and for me, they are deplorable. She lies about everything from poor Jay to her botox and lip injections. She and Tamra are really 2 of a kind in my book. EVIL TRASH.

  4. Pinky, I remember some of this now. Thanks for taking the time to bring me up to date. I to feel the same about Tamra and Gretchen. I always thought that Tamra was the mean girl. She turned on Vickie so quick it snaped my head back! And Gretchen, is only interested in money and she doesn’t care who she steps on to get it. She’s all smoke and mirrrors. I have said it before, if Slade had money she’d already be married with kids!

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