Gretchen Rossi Wants A Baby But Slade Wants To Get Married First


Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is ready for a baby, and in a new interview with Celebuzz the Bravo star is revealing she may be putting her wedding on hold so her and Slade can have a child first. “We are not full into planning because we’ve been a little bit fighting,” Gretchen says of wedding planning. “I want a baby and he wants a wedding.”

“It’s a negotiation,” Slade adds.

“He’s very traditional and I used to be,” Gretchen laughed. “I think it’s sweet and romantic.” But Gretchen reveals she is ready to have a child and is willing to put their nuptials on hold to do so. “I was ready a year ago,” she shared. “We’re just figuring it out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo