Gretchen Rossi Wants A Baby But Slade Wants To Get Married First


Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is ready for a baby, and in a new interview with Celebuzz the Bravo star is revealing she may be putting her wedding on hold so her and Slade can have a child first. “We are not full into planning because we’ve been a little bit fighting,” Gretchen says of wedding planning. “I want a baby and he wants a wedding.”

“It’s a negotiation,” Slade adds.

“He’s very traditional and I used to be,” Gretchen laughed. “I think it’s sweet and romantic.” But Gretchen reveals she is ready to have a child and is willing to put their nuptials on hold to do so. “I was ready a year ago,” she shared. “We’re just figuring it out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jeanie

    Gretchen, the minute you marry him, you’ve signed up to pay his bills and all those creditors will be gunning for you! He knows it…it would be a relief for him. DON’T MARRY THIS MAN. DON’T HAVE A BABY WITH HIM EITHER! If he’s so traditional….did he marry the other mothers of his kids???? This story just gags me…he is a SNAKE. Of all the beautiful men out there in the OC, why can’t you find a decent, honorable man???

  • getreal

    Gretchen should have proposed ‘having a baby’ with Slade rather than proposing actual ‘marriage’. That would have really been doing something “outside the box” as she likes to claim she does. And now that she’s put the wedding “on hold”, Gretchen, herself, has made a mockery out of her own unnecessary engagement. She accused her castmates of taking the joy out of it, well, she should really take a look at her own actions/scheming/strategizing. Isn’t she taking away some happiness from Slade by delaying the wedding? The fact that they’re still figuring out their course of action is perplexing — they have been talking about babies for ages. The longer she stalls, the more it looks as if she can’t make these life decisions without a Bravo camera in her life. Sad.