Gretchen Rossi To Write A Tell-All Book?

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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has been very active on Twitter lately sharing her opinions about this season of the show and reigniting her feud with her former nemesis Tamra Judge.

When a fan informed Tamra that Gretchen was commenting about Judge’s parenting, Tamra tweeted, “oh god is she back at? Go away Gretchen you’re not getting your job back.”

This just fueled Gretchen to keep tweeting and she even implied that she is working on a tell-all book. “She’s a dumbass if I wanted my job back I would of come back Sesson 9 when they called in the middle of the season and asked,” Gretchen wrote. “Anyways the proof I have about your lies is better content for my book anyway.”

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25 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi To Write A Tell-All Book?”

  1. If she would have been asked to stay on the show, she would be ON THE SHOW. If they had asked her to stay, we would have heard that by now. I can’t stand Wretch. During that last reunion it was proven that she had an affair with Jay while Jeff was ill. She goes on and on and on every time se’s in front of a camera about Jeff, poor her everyone was jealous…of what. Plastic non moving face with a propensity to pretend she can’t say words like “sonething” God, she makes me sick. She mentions that EVERY TIME she gets in front of the camera. (sorry girls, not yelling, just emphasizing) He died in 2008, September. I think thou dost protest too much. At her last reunion, not one other girl could work out any one thing because she brought EVERY single topic back to HERSELF. If it was talking out of turn, accusing someone, having affairs. Then that ridiculous “engagement” she had so Bravo would foot the bill and televise her “wedding” the one she still hasn’t had, almost 3 years later. She has a screeching voice that rises far above everyone’s so no one can speak about anything without her chiming in about her being hurt on THAT topic as well. There are PHOTOS of her kissing the guy that all the huff is about, sitting on his lap, her tongue down his throat. Now, I know, no one actually saw her doing the deed, when are we ever that certain. But when all the girls from her 1st season reports seeing her all over town with this guy, on speed boats for the day, holding hands, if she wasn’t sleeping with him she is the first woman who went that far and not all the way. Then she cries that they knew she was hurting so why oh why didn’t they go to the hospital to see Jeff. Well, when she got one of her many thousands of dollar gifts, the Harley, she was screaming and “laughing” so much maybe they didn’t figure out that he was at that moment taking his last breath.
    And, we wait for the reunion so we will see what’s going on, and this year, is it just me, or has it been empty? Nothing has been worked out or figured out. But now I see why Tamra is pretty angry with Viki, after her saying things about her kids and the custody at a party.
    And the twitter accusations about Tamra, STFUp. Wretch doesn’t even have kids, or a husband but she is perfectly happy to tell everyone else how to keep their marriage good and how to parent.

    1. Hahahahaheheheehahahahheheheha, phew! Hahaha! You make me laugh and smile so much!!! Can I just ask one teensy little question? Do you really not like Gretchen???? Haha!

    2. And you say we never agree…. This may be our moment as I am right there with you my friend. This made me giggle. You do have a way with words.

      1. And you were right, I shouldn’t have called Brianna out for being fat. That wasn’t nice at all. So, yes, because I have the opportunity to watch all the seasons in a row, it allows me to see what it would be like, more so anyway, to be in the situation with them. So many people say “jealousy” is the pat answer for all the girls, and me, to dislike her. I am never jealous of anyone who is rotten inside. And bitter. And has “sonething” to say about everyone’s life when she has none of the things in hers to be able to have an educated opinion about. I might be jealous of someone who was beautiful and kind. If you think THAT was a lot, I could go on for even longer, haha But I don’t have to, because she won’t be offered a part on the show again.

        1. I could semi tolerate Gretchen right up until she tried to tell Lynn how to parent. Somehow she knew more about parenting, having NEVER have been a parent than anyone else. Now I don’t think Lynn was the best model of a parent, however Gretchens words made me want to punch a kitten.

  2. 3D’s my friend. Calm down. I don’t want you to have a stroke. She is just an aging beauty trying to get some attention so people will buy her products. She will fade away – eventually. But I do think Icki was not very nice to her ever.

    1. I am COMING over to your very wise dislike of icky now, I was never a fan, but her unbelievable “sorry ’bout that” when the thing she said about Tamras kids at the cut party, and saying “I told Shannon what a divorce would look like twi holidays ……” To make it look like she had ANYTHING to do with the journey Shannon took to keep her family together, as if her encouragement was any salve to Shannon at all just made me so angry. So, now I am on your side about Shannon and Viki, the ickiest one of ALL.

    2. She looks like she had concrete injected into her jaw and it hardened. I have never been a huge lover of icky, but this year as really put my dislike of her over the top. You said she would stab Tamra in the back like 2 years ago. You were right.

  3. I thought that Tamra really threw Gretchen under the boss. Those two were peas on a pod. Remember when Tamra bought her the bracelet, blah blah blah. It seemed sincere. And when they were friends they seemed to really get along. Then Tamra turned on her. P.S. I saw the clip last night on the Reunion Pt. 2 of Tamra dancing around with a stap-on and thought to myself, UNBELIEVABLE. Her poor daughter. No wonder she wants nothing to do with her mother. She’s an embarrassment.

    1. It was sincere, I thought too. But W has no kids and has been married once, for 2 years when she was 20. She doesn’t have the right to be all over everyone’s life until she herself has those things in her life. I see that Tamra does and says things that are off color. But the costume, was just that, a costume dressed as a man. She has spoken about her kids maybe twice in the 8 years she has been on. And it is her job to be on the show. She was married, and faithful to Simpleton, then became serious with and became engaged to Eddie. Now she is faithfully married to him. I see a huge difference in that and say, someone like Brandy Glanville.

  4. An uneducated, sleezy woman whose BRAVO behavior is proof she hasn’t the skill to write a book worth reading. Of course, there are people willing to ‘co-write’ who can jucy up nuggets from her days on the show resulting in a blip on our make believe screen.

  5. I never had much issue with Gretchen except for her voice… Christ on a cracker, that voice. So nasal and with that “baby-girl” speaking style, trying so hard to be cuuuute. ::::shudder::::

    1. I think she thought when she made those endless cruel remarks, and snarky ones, that if she had that phony cackling laughter it would sound more like a lady. She had as much to say about everyone as they did about her, and she held onto it forever as tho that excuses Slime’s abhorrent behavior. He reminds me of a really ugly woman.

        1. Thanks. I really just couldn’t figure out how to say exactly what bugged me about his affect. Besides the way he throws his head back like when Viki said she got a tweaking, and he put his head back and repeated it twice, like a bitchy woman would. He speaks like a woman, a bitchy one, not to insult any of us so I must repeat that it isn’t at all like a woman like us! Just like a catty bitch. With a filthy 5 day beard growth.

          1. You were right first time, he is like a bitchy woman, the majority of us here aren’t bitchy! Sure we can be snarky at times but no one is good 100% of the time! You don’t need to justify your comments, I don’t think there would be many here that would disagree about Slade. 😀

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