Gretchen Rossi & Tamra Barney No Longer Friends!


As we previously reported, filming for the season 8 Real Housewives of Orange County reunion was intense, and Gretchen Rossi even described it as “brutal” on Twitter. Gretchen told another fan she “barely made it out alive.” In our exclusive report we revealed there was a lot of tension between Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi going into the reunion, and according to a new tweet, it looks like after battling it out at the reunion, the two are no longer friends!

“See, said months ago Tamra was bad news. Told u so,” a fan tweeted Gretchen. “Yes u and the rest of the world,” Gretchen replied.


On July 8th the former friends also engaged in a bit of a Twitter feud. Gretchen wrote, “Thanks for all the supportive tweets tonight about #RHOC,” she said to claims she lied about Malibu Country and manipulated Tamra to disinvite Alexis dress shopping. “Glad the truth came out about the accusations that were made last week.”

“I’m friends with everyone,” Tamra tweeted. “Is that a problem? But I don’t like to be lied to!” A viewer weighted in writing, “Vicki [Gunvalson] lies to you, but you aren’t mean to her and call her out!” In response to this Tamra wrote, “Because she [Vicki] apologizes and takes responsibility. Gretchen never ever says she’s sorry and will take a lie to the grave…”

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16 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi & Tamra Barney No Longer Friends!”

  1. May Vicki go down like Adrienne with her faithful followers right by her side. I used to stick up for Tamra non stop and was happy when she and Gretxhen became friends and saw what a freak Vicki was/is. So immature and so ugly inside. Don’t like to judge the outside but hard not to after she has made such a shrieking shrew of herself all these years. Tamra is so mean to have done this gang up. Heather has turned into god knows what with the evil comments about the now failed and who gives two shi&s about show. That was as classless as you could go. And talk about stretching it out to make a non existent point…. Yeah, we get it. You are the star of a failed sitcom that wanted a housewife on it…. So badly they called 3 of you…. ” but notttttt for the same part… No they didn’t. It wasn’t an offer, no it wasn’t. Who are they going to call next Baby Troy?” Did she really say that? I used to hate Alexis. Now I think she has more brains and class in her little finger than Heather, Tamra and Vicki together. Lydia better get her head out of her tiny ass and figure out who is real here before she stays on the sinking Adrienne ship. We have seen it before and if the fans get it their way those three will be history. Classless losers. Gretchen is not stupid. Just was forgiving and ready to move on. Sorry she trusted and was fooled. Like many of the viewers. Well at least this one. I think I was in the minority. Most people knew it was coming with Tamra. I was the stupid one that liked her… No more. What a snake. She and V deserve each other and some Karma….

    1. Yup ! Big Time I’m so with you, What happen to Heather an that nasty way of hers for real . I do Agree with you 100% !

  2. My goodness Gidget. Why oh why did you take this time out if your day to write this drivel? Why are you so invested in made for TV fights? Who cares? It is SUPPOSED to be cheap fun. Not an investment.


  4. Everyone called it last season.Gretchen U dropped Lex like she was nothing.U need 2 say sorry and not lie about the Heather gig.U never say sorry.U are not innocent.U have changed this season,U were not the same person last not makr this all about U.U need 2 move on and stop trying 2 get everyone to hate on Lex and Vicki! I like the old Gretchen better.

  5. Lex is my fav on the OC! I like the OC fav she came in Heather,Vicki,Tamra.Gretchen and Lydia are ok 2.

  6. Why can’t anyone on this show just tell the truth? Laurie saw Vickie in bed with another woman and a man. Laurie forgot the part where the girl was her sister and the guy was an old family friend and they all had their clothes on. Oh yeah she forgot that part. Gretchen and Alexis got a call to be extra on a show not a PART. Heather is a real actress and she has a real part on the show. According to malibu country they are going to keep her on as a drop in because she did such a great show. Heather is a bit hoidy toidy but she has no reason to play games she has real money, lots of nice things and a career. It may be small but it it hers. Can no one be happy. I liked her on Hot In Clevland she did a great job. I cannot believe that they women cannot just say it like it is and stop manipulating the drama for their own agenda. I fast forward through Alexis and Lydia I just don’t have any interest in either of them and I think Bravo could have found someone better than Lydia. She is Boorrrriiiiinng, anyone else agree????????

  7. What do you get when you take two fake liars + two obnoxious “friendship” bracelets + a bunch of nauseating “I love you(s)” + some fake tears? You get Tamra and Gretchen. If their feud is gonna get recycled for next season, I think I’ll vomit from the predictability.

  8. I knew this friendship wasn’t going to last. Tamra is too mean to hold any true friendships. I feel bad for Gretchen because Bravo is giving her the bad edit this season. I don’t like the way she is coming off.

  9. I really couldn’t believe how Tamra did a 3/60• from Gretchen I knew it was going to happen but not this fast as soon as Vicki took over the Vegas Party I knew right then an there GRETCHEN was “OUT” cuz that’s how Tamra rolls then she feels the need to be mean all over again to ya ” Whatever” . Next, lol Heather forget this one, her insides are really not nice, Vicki I can’t with this one No Way ! Alexis she’s gone somewhere I think she will find herself , Laurie she tells it like it is and the rest is History .

  10. Lori Anne, I’m with you. Tamra made a 180 when Vicki the original “mean girl” re-entered her life. Tamra is now back to Mean Girl #2. I think Gretchen may have misunderstood the call from a show that should/will be cancelled. Alexis even said she got a call. Everyone is far too eager to cast blame on someone else. I’m shocked that Lauri returned and is gossiping about Vicki-Bitch. She was always the head of reason. But I guess Vicki has done some not-so-nice things to her (NOT SURPRISING), and she wants vengeance. It seems so unlike her. But Vicki did admit that both she & Donn cheated on each other. I find that pretty hypocritical given all the finger-pointing she has done towards Gretchen. And yes, I too think Gretchen & Heather have changed. Too bad. I liked them a lot better before this season. I hope their classiness & nice personalities return in Season 8, and Vicki is GONE from the show FOR GOOD! I swear if I was ever in her presence and she yelled that obnoxious “woo-hoo,” I’d turn around and slap her in the face, poor water on her, whatever necessary to shut her obnoxious mouth. Please Bravo, fire her and hire Brianna. She’s a level-headed and caring person. Basically, she is everything her mother is NOT.

    1. Thanks , I know I can’t with Tam she really knows how too play the Games very well if I say so myself she’s gone to far on Gretchen I feel Tam used Gretchen to get Vicki going an then we have good old Heather, What’s up with her an that ( No she didn’t get the roll it was a Different Part) like really Heather! WoW her ass is so far up she can’t sit right no more lol ! She makes me lmao for real. I just don’t get the whole thing yet but I will lol . Have a great day !

    1. Wretch would have to have some quality for anyone to be jealous of her. She is ugly inside out, and she is the one who’s jealous. She did more mean things and said more vindictive things than anyone. and that engagement, please. Didn’t save her job I am so glad to say. Wretch and Slime.

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