Gretchen Rossi Talks About Having A Baby & Tells Her Haters To “Suck It!”


Gretchen Rossi is taking to her Bravo Blog to address the hateful tweets she received after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired. Gretchen tells her “haters” to “suck it” and explains the difficult time she and Slade were going through when this episode aired. Gretchen also clears up all the questions about she and Slade trying to have a baby.

Gretchen writes, “As you can imagine it was a stressful, and difficult time for Slade personally, for me personally, and for us as a couple. It truly challenged us in ways we hadn’t been tested before. We had a lot of sad moments of tears, fear, frustration, and anger. Even though we actually were apart for a lot of those five months (Grayson was out in New York) it actually made our relationship even stronger. It was during those months that I realized that this man was the kind of man I wanted to have forever by my side. When you go through what we did when Grayson was at his worst, and when the doctors were not sure if he was going to make it, you create a forever bond. I saw Slade in a light I had never even seen him in before. He was brave and strong and courageous, yet so fragile, weak, and broken. I knew he needed me there by his side and that is why I was with him. Although you didn’t see it, I was there before Grayson went into surgery as moral support for Slade.

Now since we are on this subject I would like everyone that has had a negative thing to say on social media sites about this scene with Slade on I on the couch to listen up here. Normally I don’t get bothered about all the ridiculous chatter out there — but when a few tweets were so off-base about this subject I knew I needed to address it here. First of all let’s be clear about something, Slade and I had been seriously discussing babies before Grayson’s surgery and we had taken the first few steps to make that a reality for us. When this happened with Gray we could have never imagined that it would take a turn for the worst, and because of that I immediately put my desires to start a family on the backburner. When Slade returned home from New York for a few days, HE is the one that brought up that I had stopped talking about the baby stuff, and that he didn’t want me to be doing that. Once he brought up the subject I decided to allow myself to talk openly with him about why I had stopped talking about it and expressed my sadness in this whole s—-y situation. I am the one that said, “I would feel selfish bringing up the baby stuff to you during this very trying time.”

So for all the haters out there who are claiming that I am being selfish in this moment: first off what show are you watching and second you can suck it! Even Slade himself said I was being unselfish because I stopped talking about it and hadn’t brought it up since things went bad with Gray. I swear sometimes you just cannot win. I mean if I don’t bring it up I’ll get accused of not being real about it, but if I get asked how come I stopped talking about it by my own partner and respond authentically I get called selfish. It’s just crazy! Partners are supposed to talk about everything, all emotions, all issues, all wants and desires, and, quite frankly, I think Slade and I do a damn good job of communicating and really working through the stuff we have going on in our lives. And I am very proud of that!

Slade and I continue this journey of trying to start a family of our own, while caring for his son who is in ICU across the country all the while trying to maintain our jobs, our relationship, and not to mention our sanity. Needless to say it was a tough time for us, and we will take you along that roller coaster ride this season with us. I know many families will be able to relate to us in the simple fact that life is just plain hard sometimes and you aren’t always sure how you’re going to make it through these moments of stress, sadness, trials and tribulations. It’s easy to love in the good times and laugh and be merry, but when the going gets tough that’s really a true test of love and commitment and when you see a person’s true colors.”

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