Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley Having a Baby?


RadarOnline is reporting that former RHOC stars Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley are looking to become parents. Smiley had a vasectomy reversal recently and it was filmed for the show The Doctors on CBS.

“They have already filmed it and he is fully recovered,” a source revealed. “The episode is scheduled to run in the next couple of weeks.”

Apparently all of this is done with the idea in mind for Smiley to do something big and over the top for Rossi’s upcoming 36th birthday. “For Gretchen’s birthday this year, Slade really did surprise her with the best gift ever,” the insider said. “The big gift he gave her was that he told her he had decided to reverse his vasectomy for her.”

“She was floored and later the two of them decided to share their journey with the world. Slade never ceases to amaze her and this was one of the best gifts she has ever gotten.”

“She will get pregnant in no time,” the source told says. “They find each other irresistible.”

“She is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him and is extremely excited about getting pregnant. This is a dream come true and the two of them are very happy.”

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28 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley Having a Baby?”

  1. Disgusting…. he can’t take care of the two kids he has and one has severe medical issues. Gretchen obviously does not have all her brain cells. Why would a woman purposely put herself in a position where she is going to be the primary care giver and also the family cash cow. Everyone has seen these women who rush to have a baby yet they are in such a euphoria that the actual reality of caring for a child for 18+ years is not the primary focus…. She keeps saying he’s the man he’s the one. WHy aren’t they already married? oh I know because Slade Slimey is a slime ball. He should never procreate he obviously did not want the two he already has or he would be living in the town where the kids are being raised and not in BH just to hold onto a zip code.
    enough is enough…… Make they two go away and fast….. no one wants to hear any more of their crap.

    1. I totally agree, Melodie. Except I thought he had three kids. Gretchen is no great moral specimen, either. From what I heard, she managed to get the majority of her ex-boyfriend’s money when he died- boyfriend of three years, not even her husband and we saw all the fun she had, leaving him alone when he was ill. He apparently had children by several mothers and she cut his children out. I think she’s been trying with medical assistance for some time and probably is too old. I don’t think these two have any idea what decent parenting is.

      1. Is that true? I always wondered about that. Where did you see that, if you can remember, I would love to read it if you have time and wouldn’t mind.
        One glaring thing I noticed about Slime is during the reunion where Tamra had heard from his ex wife, the Mother of Grayson, Tamra had said she herself didn’t need to get another job because she didn’t need any more money and Slime said “Oh, yes, because you are busy sucking off of Eddie, just like before you sucked off Simon.” Not only was what he said crude, it was that he believes that as Simon’s wife and the Mother of his 3 young children, she was “sucking” off of him. Apparently because for a time they had money, and because he was the bread winner, that meant she wasn’t equal, and she had no right to enjoy the financial support in the marriage! The more I thought about that the more I realized he believed that women should work outside the home no matter that they have small children. Apparently he never was home with his children long enough to know that kids actually need to be taken care of. Like feeding them, changing them, holding them and playing with them, doing their laundry, making their beds, cleaning up after them, teaching them, but mostly showing them they are important and that we want to be WITH THEM. And if our spouse makes enough money it is best for the kids if the Mom doesn’t have to work outside the home. Anyone who takes care of a home and 3 kids under 9 works 80 hours a week, and there is never a time where we are not on call. No matter what time of day, no matter what we are doing or how tired or ill we might be, the kids come first. They are only little for a very short time, and then when they go to school, a woman, if she wants to or needs to like Tamra did when money got tight, can go back to work.
        Those kind of comments when a person like him hasn’t had time to spin what he says, shows the truth of their beliefs. Wretch is PERFECT for him.

  2. The medical facts are that after a certain number of years, the sperm die and are themselves no longer viable. Given his vasectomy was several years ago and she is 36 and never carried a child, all of these factors are against them. If it is even true. Slime and Wretched would have, what? Oh, I can;t say anything about what would be an innocent child. Only that I hope she never gets pregnant. Her cackling laugh alone would mean the infant might be born with hearing loss.

    1. I agree 100%. These two will never have a baby unless they are on a reality show called “has beens who are trying to have a baby”. Even if they are blessed to reproduce they won’t send their kid to school unless it’s filmed on a reality show called “has beens kids now going to school”…they do NOTHING without being filmed. I promise the only reason they are not married yet is because they haven’t found the right venue TV show to film it and pay for it. Hell she’ll probably apply to be on the Nanny just to film her taking her care of her child.

    2. What have I done to you all, two foot long tapeworms and the measuring of. Now vasectomy reversal on TV, if that’s not bad enough it’s Slade!!! What is next? No it’s ok please don’t tell me!

  3. Shouldn’t the title be, “Gretchen and Slade are trying to have a baby?” It should not happen overnight. Slade may have antisperm antibodies and Gretchen may not be so fertile, and with the combination, well, it may take some time, though from what I am reading, it may very well happen. It would have been easier if they could have extracted any live swimmers from Slade and inseminate Gretchen without a reversal. They do love the publicity, don’t they. Most would be private and then announce a pregnancy after the first trimester. This has already been filmed. It is another miney maker for them…but I certainly will not be watching. I saw them on Marriage Boot Camp and honestly, I do not see why they are together, except for reality TV income…their only income?

    1. Seriously, RS, they aren’t even married. I thought “marriage boot camp” was for married people. I had read something like that before about the boot camp, but now I see they were actually ON IT.!! He is SUCH a douchebag. And, she is, well, his partner in it.

      1. I think they run out of actually married reality stars…not all the couples are married, and I only watched a few episodes. I think just about all of them do the show for the income only…and do as many reality shows as they can too.

        1. Funny that they still called it “Marriage Boot Camp” don’t you think? hahaha Wow, if they ran out of married people in the industry who were facing divorce, they are way less talented than I thought they would be.

          1. Well, it is not as if the Housewives are all actual housewives either? They are running out of married people everywhere it seems when divorces are so common. A true housewife is actually becoming quite rare.

  4. My, my, my they are still not married. LOL They won’t have a baby unless it’d filmed and they won’t get married unless someone pays them too. Can we be rid of these of two PLEASE!

    1. Seriously. When someone I watch and kind of get to know in the way of reality starts crying, I choke up a little. When she started crying at that reunion where she had just “proposed” to Slime, I was just disgusted. Everything about her is fake. Tamra had gotten her OC Wedding, and she thought she would garner that kind of attention from the sponsors. She thought a lot of herself.

      1. So true. I’d love to know how those two make a living. I can’t believe her makeup or handbag lines make any money. If she’s not on some stupid reality show getting paid that way, how are they doing it?

  5. Iam so happy for them God bless I would love to be able to see it in a show if not that’s ok to Iam just happy for them both

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