Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Dish On Vasectomy Reversal


Former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi and her fiancee Slade Smiley will appear on The Doctors to discuss Slade’s decision to reverse his vasectomy on Monday, January 11th.

The couple will share their experience with IVF, which has not been successful, and also follow them in the procedure room as slide gets the vasectomy. “Why am I forcing her to go through this process? This is something I can do, I can certainly go in and have the reversal done. We could get pregnant naturally,” Slade says, according to a press release. “You’ve sacrificed for us so now it is my turn,” he tells his love.

“Every woman, as a little girl, thinks about making love to your partner and making a baby naturally. To be able to have that option back, in this situation where we can just try to conceive naturally and be able to make love and have our moment together, is really special for me,” Gretchen shared.

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30 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Dish On Vasectomy Reversal”

  1. If every little girl thinks about making love then it really is a sick perverted world full of sexually abused kids

  2. What idiots these two are. What little girl thinks that, How dense can you be. Slimey Slade and Grimey Gretchen. Gross

  3. When I was a little girl, the last thing I was thinking about was “making love” to anyone. Then again, I had parents who had a moral compass. Another idiot.

          1. I thought they came out of your belly button fully clothed! I thought you knitted the garments then ate them! Caused much mirth in my family for a long time!!

  4. Lol, you all have very good points. The first time I found out how you actually had a baby I was horrified and swore I’d NEVER do something like that with body:) I wasn’t thinking..awww…I’d like for a man to do that to me too. too funny:)

    1. It just reminded me when I told my daughter the facts of life she was in such shock she couldn’t go to Brownies that night! We were laughing about that at Christmas!

  5. Oh, Gretchen, not every “little girl”, or even every grown woman dreams of having kids. Period.

    And this whole issue would sit better with me if they would be able to make a legal commitment to each other, with the (albeit, minimal) legal protection that affords any potential child before spending all this energy conceiving. And if they say one more time that they just “don’t have time to plan a wedding”, I’ll stab my eye out…get married legally takes about an hour. You can have any party or ceremony you want later, if your time is so precious.

  6. This is just another show for them to make money from. After all, it is their bread and butter. What else do they do? Is he still on the radio with his criticisms any more? I do not know who would listen to that. Is she actually selling any of her wares?
    As far as reversals, there is no guarantee. The body may build up anti-sperm antibodies, etc. If IVF did not work…Well, I am curious how she had IVF. Did they extract any live swimmers from a guy with a vasectomy? If he had them, then why did it not work. Was his count too low…I am thinking if they did it, then they had to have viable swimmers (sperm) and that would point to egg problems or problems keeping the pregnancy…on the female’s part. She may not be as fertile as she should be. This duo having a child…well, no one needs a license to procreate, but that does not mean that he or she can parent child. I will not watch anything with this two in them. Watching them in Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, though unmarried, was the worst and last for me.

    1. I did always think Marriage Bootcamp was for Married people, but we have talked of that before. I believe Wretch did that entire ridiculous engagement helicopter thing for attention. So even if Bravo didn’t want to film it, someone else would pick it up, I really do. Man that SSmiley he really does make me sick. He has a horrible attitude toward a woman who stays home to take care of the children, thinks of it as “sucking off of “insert name of husband.” Wow. As old fashioned as it makes me sound, the more time that goes by the more I see what is happening to the moral fabric of these people and this whole “Fiancee’s “thing, it just gives me a sinking feeling. I was always told a fiancee’ has a ring AND A DATE! 🙂

      1. I guess commitment is not really that big a thing with some…and the ring is just a thing. These two are both a bit odd…more than a bit.

        1. For me the ring isn’t that big a deal. commitment far more but throw kids into the mx and that makes it more important. After miserably failing the first time, not all my fault, it was a long time before I was ready the second time. There won’t be a third!

  7. Whatever happened to Slime’s child with cancer who he didn’t pay his child support for? Rather than reverse his vasectomy, the veterinarian should just snip it off!

  8. She is getting to the age where it is dangerous to have a baby. I am so glad I had mine young. I had all kinds of energy and the kids thought it as cool having a young Mom. Gosh I remember camping and just everything we did wondering if I would have been so easy going about the mishaps that occur when 5 kids are running around, falling in the creek, knocking over the coffeepot, (now that was a problem) but anyone who thinks raising children isn’t an education should never become a parent. I disliked the way Wretchen made use of her stupid degree telling Lynn how to parent. That turned me against her the way Sally described the seasaw settling on dislike. That did it for me even tho she already had a way of thinking everyone should listen to her point of view on marriage, kids, business, divorce, none of which she had ever done. And lastly whenever she did interview to camera she did that cackle as if everything she said was hilarious. Nobody is that funny.

  9. Gretchen, by the time you and Slade FINALLY get around to making this baby you’re going to be 45. You should have dumped his ass years ago, found a rich stud muffin and procreated with that person instead of a divorced father of two.

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