Gretchen Rossi Says Her “Heart Hurts” After Watching Monday’s RHOC!


Gretchen Rossi was the topic of controversy during Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Gretchen took to Twitter to tell her fans her heart was heavy after watching the ladies talk about her. Whether it was about her role on Malibu Country, her front yard, or telling Tamra she didn’t think it was right to invite Alexis dress shopping, Gretchen was the center of conversation for the women.

“Thanks for all the love and support on twitter tonight,” Gretchen tweeted. “It means a lot to me. Tonight’s episode was very hard for me to watch. My heart hurts tonight.”


As we previously reported, Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship has taken been compromised.

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4 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Says Her “Heart Hurts” After Watching Monday’s RHOC!”

  1. I am not a fan of how Gretchen is coming off this season at all… I don’t know if she was picked by producers to be the villain or if she really is just acting so childish but it’s not a good look for her. However, I never used to like Alexis in the past but she is growing on me. It was nice to see Heather and Tamra actually being nice to her when shopping for dresses.

  2. Was Gretchen’s heart hurt when she TTC that she had plenty of money to help pay for Slade’s sick son’s medical expenses but she chooses not to? Gretchen’s about to be Grayson’s step mom. That’s just shitty. It hurts my heart.

  3. I am reading this at a later date and have been wondering why Gretchen has been so stoic and unemotional lately . Even as others have been saying nasty things to her, she just stares at them with absolutely no facial expressions. I really liked the happy joy filled Gretchen on earlier shows and feel that these mean spirited women ( yes YOU Vickie ) have really had a negative impact on her. I think for her future happiness, she and Slade need to leave the show and never see any of these self absorbed women again.

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