Is Gretchen Rossi Returning to RHOC?

An insider exclusively tells us that the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County will begin filming season thirteen next month, and while Lydia and Peggy will not return, a new reports suggests there is a possibility that Gretchen Rossi will.

Another insider claims to RadarOnline that Rossi is in deep negotiations to return next season. The site reports that Gretchen is requesting a salary like Vicki Gunvalson’s, which is $750K, and Bravo is actually considering paying her for the drama.

“Gretchen is willing to return, but producers know she will only sign if they offer the kind of money she can’t refuse,” a source told Radar, adding that she is looking for a salary like Tamra Judge or Vicki Gunvalson.

After Vicki and Tamra’s surprising reconciliation at the reunion, Bravo execs are considering bringing back Gretchen for drama. “Producers for RHOC know that they need someone who is going to bring the drama, and Gretchen will certainly do just that,” a network insider said.

“Gretchen will never, ever make up with Tamra. The two hate each other so much and it does not matter to Gretchen whether or not Vicki let it go because she will not,” the source claims. Yes, they do hate each other, but I don’t know if I believe that Gretchen would never make up with Tamra, sorry.

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  • Max

    Yes bring her back!!!!Now that she’s also had a nasty fight with Kelly on Instagram, it’s gonna be juicy!!!

    • I agree. I think it would make for great TV!!

  • Mikhail Broxterman

    Gretchen has always been my favorite OC Housewife, so I’d love to see her come back. But I feel like we’re probably going to see Lydia next season. I see Meghan getting dropped instead.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Gretchen was let go for her fake “engagement”. Slimey Slade will be there if she is. I can’t imagine they’d pay a person they fired that kind of money and you know Vicki and Tamra would be asking for a raise if they did. I like Gretchen but her and Slade playing for the cameras was so transparent.

    • Max

      Yeah but the producers made it more fake when they told her that she couldn’t invite any of the ladies to create more drama. And they say the the show is never scripted!!

  • Rain

    NO NO NO NO ! we have suffered enough with Lydiot and Puggy !

    • Lisa

      Totally agree!

    • Minx

      Good Morning, ☔!
      How much More must we endure?
      Gretchen and Slade?

    • queenmother8

      I’m just shaking my head – that would be so bad – this chick makes absolutely no sense at all in what she says or does – she’s beyond a mess – she’s a walking catastrophe

      • Rain

        Exactly!!! You said it all Mother , one fake SL after another . Then fabrication of gay rumors etc . Garbage

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    She was kind of dumb but fun…the show can´t get any worse, so why not

    • Starr


  • timdun

    Can you imagine Gretchen and Shannon together. Shannon seems to have issues with almost everyone when she first meets them (Heather, Meghan, Lydia). She did make immediate friends with Vicki and now look at them.

  • Heather

    Gretchen’s face is looking really fake. She’s a pretty woman. I hope she lays off before she looks horrible.

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    Hmm …. first of all, I have no doubt whatsoever that Gretchen is coming back, but I don’t believe she’s in the driver’s seat of any negotiations; in fact, I suspect she’d probably come back to the show for free if she had to. I also predict that Peggy is indeed gone (one of the worst fits in HW history), but Lydia will return (but possibly as “friend of” status.

  • NoDuggarSperm

    Aside from fighting with Tamra what else is she going to bring to the show? Her line does not seem to doing well, she still has no kid or marriage. The fight between her and Tamera is lame and old.