Is Gretchen Rossi Returning to RHOC Season 12?

The cast of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County includes; Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds, Kelly Dodd, Lydia McLaughlin and a report claims that RHOC alum Gretchen Rossi has also filmed with the ladies. A tip that our sources have also confirmed.

“Gretchen Rossi is returning for Season 12 as a ‘friend’ and she has already filmed scenes with Vicki and Kelly,” a Bravo insider dished to RadarOnline.

“Obviously Gretchen was brought back on to finish what she started with Tamra. With Vicki and Kelly by her side, she is more ready than ever to take Tamra down,” the source told the site.

According to the source, Rossi has also filmed scenes with new cast members, Lydia McLaughlin and Peggy Sulahian.

Said the source, “It’s unclear what Bravo is going to use and what they are not going to use at this time, but Gretchen seems to get along well with everyone she has filmed with so far. Vicki is already pushing to bring her back as a full-time cast member for Season 13.”

Are you happy that Gretchen is returning?

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21 Replies to “Is Gretchen Rossi Returning to RHOC Season 12?”

  1. I thought Tamra and Gretchen were really good friends when and how did they fall out. Season 12 will be interesting especially as Shannon and Tamra don’t speak to Vicki Gunvalson

    1. No, Tamra showed her true colors after she got a rift going between Gretchen and Alexis. Then they both got axed from the show and Tamra and Vicki did a “rub it in” press tour laughing that Gretchen got the axe. And Gretchen’s storyline was too fake anyway. Maybe fake is not the word, but definitely it was forced and didn’t feel like her organic life. I hope she’ll come back being genuine AND ready to take down lying Tamra.

  2. She’s not coming back to finish things with Tamra on her own. She’s coming back at the request of Vicki to help HER take Tamra down. She’s the puppet and Vicki’s minion. She better watch her back again God forbid she has Vicki turn on her too (again) cause it’ll happen

    1. Vicki needs to get the heat off herself since so many are still angry about her cancer scams. She’s already started the hate campaign against Tamra and has been putting out stories about Eddy’s gay affairs. Vicki will stop at nothing to regain the status she felt she had before she got caught in her lies. What she doesn’t realize is, the harder she tries, the worse she looks and that all her attempts at this point have become very transparent. Vicki will never be respected again.

      1. There are enough of us to dislike Tamra without Vicki’s help… Tamra does a great job of getting us to dislike her on her own. Vicki has nothing to do with people disliking Tamra.

  3. So Bravo is really scraping the bottom of the barrel by keeping Vicki LiarFace on yet another season, and now bring Gretchen, which means bringing in Slimy. So much for the fake storylines, as we all know they never got married, like the storyline promoted the last season they were on the OC.

  4. Gretchen (and her tag-a-long beau) returning means more 70’s blue chiffon dresses and rhinestones and shlepping ugly ass handbags and Sarah Coventry costume jewelry. I can’t see what she offers the show other than that. I think she’d do better as a print model for Fingerhut fashion. booooo hisssssssss

  5. Not if she is going to be Vicki’s friend. Vicki hated her in the past. I’ll never understand these shows.

  6. Phony phony phony!! I would rather shove nails up my nostrils than watch Vile Vicki the Cancer Scammer and Rancid Rossi No Thanks!!

  7. She was dumb and fun, I mean, she is is from Orange County…she’ll fit perfectly back into the show

    1. She’s actually from Texas and a big phony. I don’t think she fits in anywhere and that boy friend of hers is vomit inducing.

    1. Me, too. I don’t think she’s vicious like Tamra and Vicki are. They were so jealous of her when she joined the show they did everything they could to hurt her.

  8. I can’t stand Gretchen. I would much rather know what someone thinks, than her phony, laugh at herself stupid comments. “I would fill my nana’s with gravy too if I could get that on my ears.” Like that, so stupid, then that phony laugh like she is so hilarious. NO one is that funny honey, especially not you. And whenever what’s his name is near anyone, I see the fleas jump on them from his 3 day growth of facial hair, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. He actually makes me gag. She was what 30? when she had her first face job which ruined her prettiness and replaced her jawline with concrete. I haven’t watched anyway, just a few minutes when the dune buggy rolled, when Meghan went to the doctor and found she was carrying one baby, and the vows between Shannon and David. I had seen those scenes on the trailers, and wanted to see the real parts, not Icky and the person who was new last year. She is total garbage, Killy is. The OC is over IMO.

  9. looks like a good cast this year – happy to see Heather go on her way. I would like to see Alexis back and happy Lydia will be on again. Gretchen – could be fun – not sure.

    1. UGH – Alexis and her phony Christianity I can do without. I think the cast was more real without the Babie dolls, but it looks like they are bringing them back. Vicki needs friends and Gretchen is just thirsty enough to kiss her cancer-scamming butt to get back on TV.

  10. This show is desperate. Why would Bravo think that any of us are interested in the money hungry Gretchen? She will never marry Slade in less he has money earning potential. And he doesn’t.

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