Does Gretchen Rossi Regret Not Inviting Housewives To Engagement Party?


Gretchen Rossi got a lot of slack from her cast mates at The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. The women accused her of staging her engagement, lying and crying fake tears, but Gretchen is sure about one thing. She made the right decision not inviting any of the Housewives to her engagement party. A fan tweeted Gretchen, saying, “Everyone’s reaction to the engagement is proof you made the right decision to not invite them…”

Gretchen responded, “Unfortunately I have to agree.”


Heather Dubrow recently wrote in a blog that she was sad her and her husband Terry were not invited to the engagement party, but she did reveal that she and her husband took Gretchen and Slade out for dinner and bought them an engagement gift.

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35 Replies to “Does Gretchen Rossi Regret Not Inviting Housewives To Engagement Party?”

  1. Yes. Heather “revealed” she and her husband took them to dinner and bought them a gift. That’s not ‘revealing’, that’s tooting your own horn, Miss Hollow.

  2. I can’t imagine why the housewives would care if they were there or not. Obviously Wretch does not consider them close enough to attend. My guess is there is not a lot of socializing off camera between these women. I just have to say something and not sure if Im reaching or not. Gretch admitted at the reunion that she AND Slimey slade BOTH went in on her ring. Now if he cannot pay child support and he has no job (his radio show was cancelled now there is a shocker) How many of you actually think that Slade put in money for that ring. If Wretch is that hard up to have to go out and buy her own ring that is just so so sad. I would have been more impressed if i saw a small band on her hand and her saying that it means the world to her that he gave it to her. So she has to have this huge yellow diamond and she had to pay for it herself. She tried to catch herself from saying it at the reunion because she was hoping it never would come up. Wretch your all about the show and no one believes any of it. Sorry

    1. It’s sad that the peer pressure among these women is such that they can’t sport a simple band without the others putting them down for not having spent a fortune on one ring finger (remember Heather’s snarky comments about someone’s ‘fake’ ring?). She should be happy with an inexpensive or even no engagement ring. But she’s been criticized so much for absolutely everything, at the same time most of the rest of them have behaved HORRIBLY, that I guess she was afraid of the ridicule. I’m also a little put out by the name calling – “Wretch” and “Slimey” and all the rest of the names people use on here for the ones they don’t like. I think it’s one thing to comment and point out behaviors we don’t like, since they’ve set themselves up for that. But, come on. The names are just childish, nasty, and don’t add anything to the conversation.

      1. I’m on board with you about the ring. But was it peer pressure? Or Gretchen’s own ego that demanded a flashy, over the top ring? She definitely would have scored more points with a simpler ring appropriate for Slade’s income, whatever that may have been at the time. I think she could have gotten Slade into trouble with his creditors by saying he helped pay for that big rock on her finger. I hope for Slade’s sake, that Gretchen was lying about that.

    2. It’s her ring….who cares if she added money to get the ring she wanted? She is a grown woman making her own money! How many women start out with a small diamond, then upgrade when they are more financially stable? Unbelievable! Also, Andy said on WWHL, that they DO take money out of Slade’s check for child support.

  3. it’s disgusting to listen to Vicki screeching at Gretchen for nothing except it seems, to me is jealousy. Tamra is definitly not friend material,nor should you waste your time on her.If all of their skeletons were exposed I am sure that yours wouldn’t be the worst. I have started to change the channel when the petty accusations either real or not get started.

  4. Anonymous….. I consider Slade to be as slimey as they come sorry that is how I see him. As far as my Wretch comment it is what it is. Consider the content of the message and ignore the names I think it is added for more entertainment. That is why we are here right?

    1. Melodie, If you get enjoyment out of calling people names instead of discussing the issues, that’s your problem.

      1. Anonymous I think I have been very clear about the issues here Gretchen is a very insecure immature woman who cares more about her image than she does about everything else. Well Slade Im not even going to comment on that. As far as the names are concerned why do you care… get over it and move on for god’s sake.

  5. Why is HEathers invitation and gift hollow? I think she is just doing what she normally does. I do think Heather is a bit stuffy but it was a very nice gesture and I think it had nothing to do with tooting her own horn. She has a lot of class (even though she would not let her husband have onion rings) and I think Heather would have made this gesture to any of them.

    1. As my mother used to say, “If you talk about having “class” you don’t have any.” That said, Heather is pompous not ‘classy.’ True manners, poise, and dignity and all the things that make up what you are referring to as class require making others comfortable, not bragging, not gossiping and ridiculing others. Heather doesn’t qualify.

  6. I think it’s fine that Gretchen didn’t invite the other women to her engagement party — she has stated her reasons why. HOWEVER, if Gretchen felt that way towards them, then why, WHY, would she bother going to Vicki’s party and Tamra’s wedding? If they are not good enough friends to invite to her function, why go to theirs? Wouldn’t that be considered “fake on camera”?

    1. Don’t you get invited to large parties and go sometimes even if you don’t consider the person to be your nearest or dearest? Do you invite every single person that you were invited to their wedding to every single one of your parties? Gretchen is on a show, and being on a show requires her to go to some functions that are being filmed. Vicki’s party (aside from being held so everyone an compliment her on her new couches) was the season finale. Imperative that every housewife be there.

      1. who cares the only reason Gretchen ( is that better anonymous) threw that engagement party which of course she also paid for on her own is that she also wanted a spin off wedding show like Tamara. I think the one Tamara did was ridiculous and I have no desire to watch her try to lie to her husband to be about the money she is spending. Great way to start of your marriage huh.

      2. Ok, I can see where Gretchen would be required to go to Vicki’s party, but she certainly wasn’t required to go to Tamra’s wedding. And if Gretchen believed that Tamra was lying and not being a good friend, (which I totally believe), then I would think that she would stick to her convictions and decline the invitation, otherwise, like I stated, it looks “fake on camera”.

        1. Get real I agree I think Gretchen went only to see what she could do to get her own housewives wedding.
          She is as fake as they come. her history is just so sketchy.

          1. It sure looks that way to me Melodie. I’m sure Gretchen is already planning on trying to convince us in her next blog,that SHE is the better person for coming and showing support for Tamra and Eddie, (even though Tamra has not supported her and Slade’s relationship) by going to their wedding. But if you ask me, she’s only there to scope out what Bravo is willing/not willing to offer. PLUS, if you check out what Gretchen is wearing, you’ll see her in a yellow dress to match her engagement ring. She’s definitely there to get noticed, to get attention, to be photographed and filmed, and to be recognized as the next person to get married on RHOC because (as her castmates suspect) she is desperate for a storyline to stay on the show. Gretchen definitely has an agenda/strategy for being there at the wedding, and its to promote herself.

          2. But, if you remember, the show offered the ring that Tamra got, to Gretchen first..she said they wanted to get their financials together before getting married. THEN it was offered to Tamra and Eddie. I don’t believe Eddie would have done this on his own….if it wasn’t paid for. Don’t you remember all this coming up at previous reunions? So now Gretchen is ready and paid for her ring and is still getting trashed by the women. Tamra got , at the very least, a huge reduction in the cost of her wedding, thanks to the show. Other housewives have….why not Gretchen. Women are supposed to empower other women….I believe those days are gone. It is easier to tear them down……sad

            1. Lil, I agree. We’ve had it absolutely proven that Vicki and Tamra bold-face lied to make themselves look better, and some of these women on here are more interested in assuming Gretchen lied. Where’s the outrage for Tamra and Vicki who called the other women liars when we now know they were telling the truth!

            2. Lil, yes, I hear what you’re saying. Do I think Tamra hijacked the engagement/wedding offer from Bravo to Gretchen and made it her storyline?, you bet I do. I also get why Gretchen didn’t want to get engaged to Slade considering his financial issues at that time. The problem is, Slade’s debts are bigger than ever, and he still has no real job that we know of. Gretchen also basically said in an interview, a few weeks ago, that even though she did propose to Slade, she’s not interested in actually marrying him until after she has a baby. So my question is, why even propose if she’s in no hurry to marry? The only answer I can come up with is — because she’s desperate for a storyline, as her castmates suspected. Your reply?

              1. Yep, yep. I agree, it is important to keep a story line, or you are gone. A wedding would guarantee another season and a spin off. RHOC is kind of predictable, so she should be concerned about a change in the cast…face it, she is the main provider…..and she probably isn’t making anything comparable on her make up or handbag line. But, agreed, is she really wanting to get married now so bravo helps with the costs or is it for the story line?

      3. Anonymous, if I knew someone was lying to me, betraying me and talking smack about me behind my back, no, I certainly would not be attending their wedding. It would be completely disingenuous to do so. I think this hurts whatever credibility she had.

        1. Getreal, By those standards you’ve set none of them have any credibility – so why focus it all on Gretchen? They are put in the position by signing up for this show for attending certain functions, and a certain number of them. I would pick going to the wedding of an enemy over going to a small party because each and every time she goes to a small-to-large party she gets creamed by the others.

          1. DebBrenn – I’m focusing on Gretchen, because she is the topic of this post. Maybe my standards are too high for these women. LOL. I don’t expect any real truth or accountability from the likes of Tamra or Vicki, but with Gretchen, when she lists off a massive list of “facts” in her blog, that we’re supposed to believe, I expect to see a little bit of conviction from her. She has some spunk and she can be likeable, but she is far from consistent in my eyes.

  7. Lil you obviously have no sense of reality. WHen I got married my husband and I were not making a huge amount of money ( we got married in 1980) and we did only what we could afford. My husband bought me a simple diamond and I cherished it. As we began to afford more my husband took my ring and added additional diamonds to it over the years. Not because I did not love the one I had because he wanted to show me that his love for me had grown over the years and he wanted to give me something to show his love. THis is how we managed over the years and the small simple diamond was just fine and because it was FROM HIM ONLY I DID NOT BUY IT, it meant way more to me than a big showy thing that I went in on. We added to the ring until his death 16 years after we married and to this day that ring means more to me than any big rock that we could not afford. As a couple you live within your means and no ones opinion should matter. I think anyone would have been more impressed with slade if he had just bought her a simple ring and told Gretchen that he loved her and wanted her to know that his love was REAL and not about a big showy diamond. Your values and mine are definitely different.

  8. Melodie, maybe we do have different realities….but, that is fine…. But, the topic is Gretchen. If she wants a certain ring, wedding, car….whatever….it becomes her financial responsibility..not ours. I don’t think it’s a big deal if she helped pay or paid for her entire ring. Many women make more money than their man. I think it is great when women help their partner in money and decisions. I know I wouldn’t want my man to make all decisions on my house, my decorations, clothes etc. Because of his income. Couples now days are partners.

    1. Lil Again it is ALL about their value system and they have none. I question why anyone would want to air their dirty laundry on television but Im guessing it has to do with getting their brands out to sell purses and make up. Anyway the bottom line is NO VALUES and any woman who says to her partner you don’t make enough money to buy me the ring I want so Im going to go out and buy it myself she is just a spoiled brat. . My guess is only Slade would allow this to happen because any REAL MAN would not allow it. Again Lil you and I come from two different moral and value systems if its ok for you to go out and buy yourself something your partner cannot afford fine. Having to explain it is something I would love to hear. ” People now know she did not pay for it and she looks childish and selfish. She has got have what she wants don’t wait until your man can give it to you. Sad So Sad.

      1. Melodie and Lil, My problem is with singling out Gretchen as the one with the screwed up values. How about Tamra’s ring? Her husband was a glorified gopher for an insurance company, but she got a huge rock. Who paid for that? OR the elaborate wedding she had to have, which was all for show. How about Vicki buying a boyfriend? Where did that mink coat come from and where did it go? She had to pay for Brooks teeth to be fixed, let him use her credit card, loan him a car, and bunk with Tamra’s boyfriend for who knows how long but he can afford a mink? I don’t think so. Now we find out (although Vicki told Laurie not to discuss it on camera) she offered to buy some other guy she met for ten minutes new teeth. It’s pathetic. These woman are all about flaunting what they have even if they can’t afford it, as if that’s a substitute for character. That could be why so many of them get sued for non payment to creditors and partners and eventually go bankrupt.

    2. Lil, I would have absolutely no problem if Gretchen paid for that ring on her own but unfortunately, she stated that Slade did help pay for it, and I have a big problem with that. This guy has a colossal debt to pay off but he’s choosing to spend his money on bling for his girlfriend. What happens if he tries and declares bankruptcy on his debts? — it becomes the taxpayers burden and I find that unacceptable and pretty damn scummy. Would that bother the hell out of you?

      1. Actually, Gretchen said they “got” it together. She didn’t mention who paid for it. I have a feeling she paid for it entirely but didn’t want to say so.

  9. Debrenn again I’m not sure what’s up with you! If you read the storyline we are discussing its ABOUT GRETCHEN. Thats why we are singling out GRETCHEN. We have beaten the story of VIckie and Brooks to death and when we were discussing that guess what it wasn’t about Gretchen. The topic is at the top of the page and that is what we are discussing. I do agree there is so much crap about all of them but we can only handle one at a time. I think we have also beat this one to death and the majority of the people feel Gretchen is a selfish superficial spoiled brat that really has no respect for Slade. If she did she would have allowd him to give her a ring from a cracker jack box and she would have cherished it until he could afford something else. One last thing at his age unless he goes back to school or finds himself a well paying job he will be living off of Gretchen for a very long time. His son is only 5 years old he has child support mandatory payments for another 13 years. What a fricken mess no on thinks down the road to the future it’s all I want it right now. Sad so sad

    1. Melodie, The subject was whether Gretchen regrets not inviting the others to her engagement party. What does that have to do with anything you’ve said? That was the START point, but conversations move. You moved it to bashing Gretchen and then Slade, and I moved it to pointing out that HELLO!!! Some of the others are worse offenders for the very problems you point out about them. It’s called CONTEXT.

      1. DeBrenn Please move on if you want to have an argument about this Im not interested. This is a forum to discuss the WHOLE Gretchen and Slade thing. If you don’t like it sign off and don’t read it. I think I have made my opinion clear and so have 90% of the other people on this site. Gretchen is who she is and Slade well I got nothing…… It’s time to move on Im done talking to you please don’t respond to any of my discussions move on to someone else to fight with

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