Does Gretchen Rossi Regret Not Inviting Housewives To Engagement Party?


Gretchen Rossi got a lot of slack from her cast mates at The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. The women accused her of staging her engagement, lying and crying fake tears, but Gretchen is sure about one thing. She made the right decision not inviting any of the Housewives to her engagement party. A fan tweeted Gretchen, saying, “Everyone’s reaction to the engagement is proof you made the right decision to not invite them…”

Gretchen responded, “Unfortunately I have to agree.”


Heather Dubrow recently wrote in a blog that she was sad her and her husband Terry were not invited to the engagement party, but she did reveal that she and her husband took Gretchen and Slade out for dinner and bought them an engagement gift.

Photo Credit: Bravo