Gretchen Rossi Jealous Of Tamra Barney’s Wedding Spin-Off Show?


Real Housewives of Orange County Star Gretchen Rossi recently announced her engagement to Slade Smiley, and a new report by Star Magazine claims Rossi was extremely jealous of Tamra Barney’s wedding spin-off show that she wanted to share the spotlight.

“Gretchen proposed to Slade because she wanted to steal Tamra’s thunder. She thought if she made up an engagement story line, Bravo would decide to go with her [for the wedding spin-off] instead,” the magazine reports.

A rep for Gretchen claims there is no truth to Star’s story. “All false, just another day in the life of crap magazine like Star,” the rep said.

Photo Credit: Bravo


15 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Jealous Of Tamra Barney’s Wedding Spin-Off Show?”

  1. Who knows if the scoop is true??? I do find it funny that Gretchen was sooooooooo against Slade proposing to her just a short time ago. Hummmmmm, it sounds like it could have some truth to it. Most wemon tend to have a little envy when a friend gets married, let alone have a spin off show on top of the whole wedding. I’m much more traditional where I would never propose to a man.

  2. Gretchen might be a tad jealous of Tamra getting all the attention however we really don’t know the true facts. If they are really really good friends, then maybe she’s happy for Tamra. Gretchen worries are much more than just worrying about Tamra’s wedding bliss. I just bet Gretchen’s parents must be so proud of their daughter asking Slave to marry her when he has nothing to show for other than financial problems. mpo

  3. I’m so beyond disappointed with Gretchen this year. It breaks my heart to see you be so truly awful to Alexis. To watch you fuel Tamara is disgusting. Especially because you hold alot of power to fix the situation.
    I have always routed for Gretchen. When I watched what she went through with Jeff. Then all of Tanara’s and Vicki’s brutal attacks on your character and relationship with slade. How they made fun of you and your purse line, and you PCD performance. Yet Alexis was there for you. I hope you make it right and go back to the girl who stood for what was right.
    I say all that to say this !! If Gretchen would go back to the REAL Gretchen I would love to see the journey if yours and slades marriage and hopefully upcoming little ones . Tamara is shot – if I could watch bridezillas if I wanted to see a Tamara wedding. Bravo people if you read this please do not give Tamara a show. Watching Gretchen & Slade marry and start a fam would be just as good as don’t be tardy but even better with Gretchen as a first time mommy ! How sweet would that be. Of course this is if she rebounds back to the REAL Gretchen !

    1. April, I agree with everything you said except for the spin offs. They way both of them have been behaving, not happy see either spin off.

      1. There’s no signs of fillers and botox.. but she needs some fillers as she’s losing fat in her face. She’s just aging.

  4. Gretchen you are a beautiful lady but not sure what you have been doing to your face it’s starting to Botox’ed or filled in – in some of the photos…please do NOT do anything major to your face for a while so we can get used to what it looks like now….thank you.

  5. I can’t even read the story for noticing how odd Gretchen looks in this picture. What is she doing to her face or is it her makeup? Looks unnatural.

  6. I don’t care if its TRUE or NOT , ” Gretchen is a very lovely woman an she’s as happy as Tamra could be and just cuz Tamra has a “SPINOFF” it doesn’t mean the Gretchen got all crazy about it ……Really now ! Slade and Gretchen will be married soon then they will have a BABY an that’s all Gretchen wants in her life , her an Tam are good friends an she’s very happy for Tam for marrying Eddie now they can live their life just as Happy ever After, lol …

  7. This sounds awful but Gretchen looks like she should be on RuPauls drag race in that pic not RHOC. She needs to stop trying to alter her face!

  8. Please take Gretchen off the show. She makes me cringe. Such a opportunistic! Talentless, brainless and unattractive from the inside out. Yech!

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