Gretchen Rossi Granted A Restraining Order Against Jay Photoglou!

Real Housewife of Orange County Gretchen Rossi just had a major payday, winning the lawsuit between her and alleged ex-boyfriend, Jay Photoglou. And now she scored a restraining order against the man who caused her all the grief in the media. In the lawsuit Gretchen sued Jay for stalking, slander, assault, and emotional distress.

Now, according to TMZ, Gretchen has also been granted a three-year restraining order from Jay too! Gretchen’s lawyer, Gregory G. Brown, petitioned the court for a permanent restraining order against Jay, and the judge granted it yesterday. Jay is not allowed to come within 100 yards of Gretchen, nor is he permitted to contact any of her places of business, including Bravo and RHOC.

Gretchen is happy with the outcome. She tells TMZ, “I’m pleased the judge recognized the danger Photoglou posed.”

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4 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Granted A Restraining Order Against Jay Photoglou!”

  1. I think barney is a bully mean girl.not a real friend to anyone unless it suits her at the time. She is fake and I really wish she would get replaced by some new and authentic ladies. She used Gretchen to make Vicki jealous. It showed at the Canadian trip. When she accused Gretchen of lying. Omg so sick if Tamara and her antics. Please bravo fire her and Vicki and lets start fresh with younger girls and REAL HOUSEWIFES!!

  2. The order that Gretchen got just proves that she has been telling the truth all along about this jerk.wake up ppl.can’t y see that Tamara is a bully mean bitch.omg so sick of her. I can’t even watch the show anymore bc of her and Vicki. As for spin off Tamara wanted that gor her wedding to be center of attention. Why shouldn’t Gretchen be granted the same opportunities. She and slade have been together a hell of a lot longer than barneys engagement and marriage put together. So what is the problem? ?? Jealously!!! Wow what a mean person to act this way. Eddie will divorce her within 2 yrs. I’ll bet the bank on that. He will see she used him for finiancial gain. Its so effident .

  3. Gretchen you have full support of ur fans.Tamara &Vicki played you very sad.bc I know ur feelings were genuine. So very sad. We all are pulling for you.Eddie is getting played by het as well. He is just to far uo her ass to see it right now. Besides who pushes a man to marry you? Not me. He should have set a date from the beginning if he wasn’t pushed so hard to get engaged. Remember her tantrums at dinner in Tahiti the night she thought he was going to propse and he didn’t. So she pouted like a child and retreated to het room out of anger. You don’t force ppl to do things they aren’t ready for just bc of tv ratings. Red flag 12 at that point.

  4. Bravo I wish u guys would start something I’ve been thinking about. You should each month invite a real housewife/viewer to weigh in on the show with our true feelings facing the gaulent of women hood and bad.give us the opportunity to get our feelings heard first hand face to about a new should think about how this could impact and improve your show.guve us real ladies a chance to sound off on how we really feel. I dare you go take this challenge. Since its my idea I want to be the first to use the sounding board. All of the women. One on one face to face with true reality. Its never been done.why not start. This could be s game changer for all to come.think about how much this could change the dynamic of the show????.tell your directors and writers to consider this the viewers would finally have a real say.instead of Twitter and fb and all the other sites ppl never see. Remember my idea so I want to be first on the block to ask the question that has been on all readers minds fist hand.
    Cecelia Crandall
    Leave message I don’t answer numbers I don’t know.
    I challenge you to do would be s great spin and be a game changer forever. No one has ever done this u would be the first go start something great.ppl from all walks weighing in in realtime. Think about what this could mean for bravo! @!!@

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