Gretchen Rossi Gives Opinion On Vicki Gunvalson’s Relationship With Brooks Ayers


Although she is no longer on the Real Housewives of Orange Country, Gretchen Rossi is still speaking her mind on the current issues going on the show. What seems to be interesting about what is happening on RHOC now and what was occurring when Gretchen was holding an Orange with her fellow blonde castmates is “cancer gate.” She recently spoke with the Daily Dish about her opinion on Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Brooks Ayers.

But before we get to that let me refresh everyone’s memory in case you have forgotten. When Gretchen first appeared as a Real Housewife she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel who tragically died of cancer. With that, Vicki had a lot to say about Gretchen coming on the show while her fiancè was dying, and now Gretchen has a lot to say on Vicki’s situation with Brooks.

“What’s interesting is that so many people still tweet and Instagram me about what’s going on. ‘How do you feel that she’s doing the show even though she said that you should not be on a TV show if you have cancer in your family?’ So I get that all day long.”

“My advice is, first of all, don’t judge somebody like she did back in the day with me, because you never know if you’ll end up in that position,” she said. “And unfortunately, it’s kind of one of those things where if you judge somebody and you have so much to say — she had so much to say about Slade and my relationship, she had so much to say about Jeff’s and my relationship, she had so much to say about whether or not I should be on a TV show when someone I loved had cancer, and now she’s going through all of the exact same things I went through.”

And even though the two blondes have battled it out in the past, Gretchen is sending well wishes for Vicki. My second suggestion is, don’t care what anybody says,” she continued. “If you love him and you want to be with him, go with your heart. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Not what any of the girls say, not what the world says. When you go to bed at night, if that’s the man you love and the person who makes you happy, that’s what you need to focus on.”

Vicki and Brooks recently announced their split after four years of dating. Gretchen is still engaged to Slade Smiley even though the two recently held off their wedding.

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Photo Credit: Bravo