Gretchen Rossi Gives Opinion On Vicki Gunvalson’s Relationship With Brooks Ayers


Although she is no longer on the Real Housewives of Orange Country, Gretchen Rossi is still speaking her mind on the current issues going on the show. What seems to be interesting about what is happening on RHOC now and what was occurring when Gretchen was holding an Orange with her fellow blonde castmates is “cancer gate.” She recently spoke with the Daily Dish about her opinion on Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Brooks Ayers.

But before we get to that let me refresh everyone’s memory in case you have forgotten. When Gretchen first appeared as a Real Housewife she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel who tragically died of cancer. With that, Vicki had a lot to say about Gretchen coming on the show while her fiancè was dying, and now Gretchen has a lot to say on Vicki’s situation with Brooks.

“What’s interesting is that so many people still tweet and Instagram me about what’s going on. ‘How do you feel that she’s doing the show even though she said that you should not be on a TV show if you have cancer in your family?’ So I get that all day long.”

“My advice is, first of all, don’t judge somebody like she did back in the day with me, because you never know if you’ll end up in that position,” she said. “And unfortunately, it’s kind of one of those things where if you judge somebody and you have so much to say — she had so much to say about Slade and my relationship, she had so much to say about Jeff’s and my relationship, she had so much to say about whether or not I should be on a TV show when someone I loved had cancer, and now she’s going through all of the exact same things I went through.”

And even though the two blondes have battled it out in the past, Gretchen is sending well wishes for Vicki. My second suggestion is, don’t care what anybody says,” she continued. “If you love him and you want to be with him, go with your heart. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Not what any of the girls say, not what the world says. When you go to bed at night, if that’s the man you love and the person who makes you happy, that’s what you need to focus on.”

Vicki and Brooks recently announced their split after four years of dating. Gretchen is still engaged to Slade Smiley even though the two recently held off their wedding.

What do you think of what Gretchen had to say about Vicki and Brooks? Comment below!

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47 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Gives Opinion On Vicki Gunvalson’s Relationship With Brooks Ayers”

    1. Idk. Seems like she is being passive aggressive. Like all Vicki’s trouble (and Brook’s) are because Vicki went after her and another poster pointed out that it was Vicki who gave Gretchen some good advice over being compensated for caring for Jeff.

  1. Wretchen was the meanest, fakest housewife. I can’t stand how she cackled after every word she said. Nothins’ that funny. She ruined her looks when she was only 32 by having her lips done. It made her look like she has false teeth, that hard look when people are 50 years older. I just can’t stand her, or Slimey. He was like the real bitch, the way he spoke and acted. At the season 6 reunion when he said Tamra “was sucking off of Simon” because she was a stay at home mom for a few years, it should have been a wake up call for Wretchen. Being that she is the one who always paid for everything in their house, I guess in his anger he said what he really thinks about Mothers. And the total babydoll way she acted with Jeff, and it wasn’t for money. What a load of BS. Thinking she had the right to say things to Lynn when Lynn’s girls were acting out, and Slade going up to the Dad at the party saying the stuff about the girls being drunk. Like him or Wretchen have any room to speak. She said “why did you have the youthologist over, she doesn’t have kids either?” Because, it’s HER choice to choose who she wants speaking to her children. she still doesn’t have any, thank goodness. There was just nothin’ about her I liked. That ridiculous proposal her last season, and the fake crying when everyone called her out on the timing, it still didn’t save her job.

    1. Good Morning 3D, Reading this I get the impression you aren’t too keen on Gretchen? Join the club! I could never stand her but even more so Slade! He was the first wannabe male housewife followed by Simon (NY) then Peter (ATL). Pathetic!!! I agree on her looks, when she had her work done, was it her lips? It seemed so much more to me! It did age her a lot.
      I get what she is saying about Vicky because she is and always has been been a huge hypocrite but unfortunately coming from her it’s a bit ridiculous. .

    2. You have a good memory…and let’s not forget Gretchen was Smiley’s third housewife! Coincidence? I don’t think so. I can still hear Gretchen’s cackling. She was pretty before she started the injectables at such an early age. Made her look like a duck. I know Vicki wasn’t nice to Slade but to use his radio program (before he got fired) to broadcast that Vicki looked like Ms. Piggy was horrible. He was definitely a famewhore. How could he say otherwise when he serial dated three housewives? I haven’t missed them in the least.

    3. Gretchen and Slade giving childrearing advice was hilarious. Childless (thank god) Gretchen’s parents were the ones who needed to be advised as to not raise a gold-digging hootch. And Slade didn’t bother paying child support for his child who had cancer. Of course they are so dim they believe that makes them child-rearing experts.

  2. I don’t get why some of you are so hard on Gretchen. She’s being fair here, and she’s also not a malicious bitch like both Tamra and Vicki. Vicki deserves to have the others turn on her like crazy, and I think Gretchen is taking the high road.

    1. Compared with Vicky and Tamra possibly but it just shows how little I think of them! OC is a mess right now and I’m sure like most I am heartily sick of the Vicky Brooks cancer story line. Bravo needs to address it one way or the other.

    2. She still talked about it. The difference is Wretchem was just starting the show when Jeff had cancer. Viki had been on for almost 10 years when Brooks was diagnosed, that’s the difference. I believe she got on the show to show how young and pretty she was, (at the time she was pretty) and how she was giving her life up for the guy. If he hadn’t had money she wouldn’t have given him a second look. In one of the first scenes she said as much herself, then takes out all of the jewelry to be cleaned. The amount of money would have bought my house. The things she always said in interview, and I really didn’t like the way she turned on Alexis. SHE got mad because Alexis got her feelings hurt. SHE got angry because Alexis felt ganged up on. At least Alexis wasn’t mean spirited about EVERYTHING like Gretchen was. No matter what person was having a feeling moment, she was always sticking up for the one person who didn’t deserve it, that total douche, Slimey. When Alexis forgave someone, which is what she really wanted, she forgave completely. When she gave Vicki that little mirror, to remind herself how beautiful she was, it just kinda said who she was at heart. When she went to the opening of CUT Fitness, she never brought up how no one came to the opening of her trampoline business. Just forgave and moved on. People say she was all about money, but there are much worse things than that, especially when she said she listened and grew from hearing that.

      1. When Gretchen very first came on I felt sorry for her! Vicky and Tamra being such a bitch but it didn’t last long! The only one I liked in OC was Jeana. I can’t say there has been anyone I have really liked. Alexis, hated the way she talked about money but she did come good in the end!

      2. I agree Gretchen was HORRIBLE towards Alexis. I will never forget the crude hand gestures, that Gretchen made, while Alexis was speaking about something, during that disgusting CUT Fitness party. Vulgar woman. I recall reading somewhere, that Gretchen and Sara Winchester used to be known around OC as gold-digging ESCORTS, hanging around bars looking for older, wealthy men.

            1. Oh! I remember now, She was stupid but it was so funny, She ate my bow!!!!! LMAO!! I remember her first name but don’t her surname! Now I Really do agree!!

  3. Gretchen really could have laid the boot in here and I wonder if icky Vicky and even Tamra would have been as gracious. I think Gretchen may just be growing up a little.

    1. ? Cin, She took every single chance to make a dig at Tamra she could find. Like the little witch she is, talking about Ricki, Tamra’s old friend, and how he has all kinds of dirt on her. That is EXACTLY what she used to say she hated, hearsay. So, Ricki saying that Tamra said and did stuff, that’s not hearsay? She took every opportunity to talk about Jeff, FGS, he’s been dead for years. She came on the show to show the world how young and beautiful she was, and how poor her was giving up her princess life to take care of him. She had enough jewelry in her purse on engagement ring shopping day to be cleaned to buy my freaking house! By the time he was dead, in jewelry and Harleys, and the insurance policy, she “earned” about $250,000.00 a month for “taking care of him” There are photos of her sitting on the other guys lap with her ring off and her tongue down his throat, even Jeana said when she went over just a few months after he died, or when he was in I.C.U., that the guy’s clothes were strewn all over Wretchums room. Now, it’s not eyewitness testimony, but the logical conclusion is that she cheated on the guy. I really hope she stays off OC, but if she does come back I hope Viki and Tamra team up and rip her to shreds.

      1. Yes, the kind of men pole dancer Gretchen targeted before cashing in on that dying man apparently think talking like you’re mentally slow is cute. “Sonething” is so cute I may hurl!

  4. I think Gretchen is absolutely right!! Vicki is doing exactly what she told Gretchen she should not do! Vicki has always been the biggest hypocrite on the show Always! Gretchen got a bad rap on the show for sure. They all said she was liar and they themselves are all liars and hypocrites. Gretchen could have really laid into Vicki about all the crap Vicki did and said to her in the past but she did not. She took the high road. I am not sure why everyone is so mean to Gretchen it makes no sense to me. People are asking her for her opinion she is not just spewing it out there. Not to mention she hasn’t said anything nasty at all. Vicki judged the crap out of Gretchen and I personally think Vicki owes Gretchen the apology.

    1. I only remember that the first reunion G was on and then the one after Tamra got married that her being with that other guy was even spoken about. It was Tamra talking about the cheating, and Viki about why G did the show when her fiance’ was dying. Viki didn’t talk about it constantly like she is trying to make it look like. It is completely different for Viki to stay on the show. G STARTED the show when she had already found out he had cancer. Her tagline “I live the bling, I love the jewelry, I love it all” said it all IMO. I only saw one reason for her to sign up right then, to show the world what a good person she was! Viki had been on the show for 10 years when illness entered the picture of her life. I thought G was mean spirited a lot. And I don’t think the others were jealous, not that you said they were. I think all of the other women were better looking than her, honestly. She is very hard looking, as is common now with botox. No expression makes them look hard and old, like they got concrete injected into their lower jaw.

  5. Gretchen should at least be grateful for Vicki’s advice, that she should get paid for taking care of Jeff. We all know now, that she got something like a million dollars as his life ins. beneficiary. But Vicki was genuinely concerned about Gretchen giving up her career at a young age, to take care of someone that she wasn’t even married to.

  6. Now Gretchen has always been like a cartoon character to me. She did get $ from Jeff but she is living in Costa Mesa and not in the best area either so she put that $ somewhere but not into her condo. I think she’s looking for more air time as she is supposed to be on WWHL tonight with Andy Cohen and Shannon. She could have really slammed Vicki but she just said, in a backhanded way, karma is a bitch. I do not see why she stays with Slade as it never made sense to me why this guy never got a REAL job. He’s healthy, he can work like a normal person. He’s bugged me from Season 1 with Jo and he’s bugged me ever since. I have no idea what she sees in him and good sex only takes you so far. Her mom never liked Slade, I doubt she still does and Mom’s usually can see things a lot more clearly than the daughter who is involved with a lazy person. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say on WWHL tonight. I don’t think Andy likes her that much tho. And the way she dresses is beyond bizarre.

    1. I remember the way she slammed Peggy the first time she met her. In her interview, she said she hated the way “older women” put on SHORT SKIRTS and PRETEND THEY’RE ALL THAT!! That said it all. Only Wretchem can wear ridiculous clothes and make herself look like a barbie doll. She actually looks scary to me the way her face doesn’t move.
      Soooooo fake the way she said “sonething” and pretended she didn’t realize it. She practiced that all day in the mirror, so people would remember her. Wow, I really dislike her.

      1. I think she’s a typical spoiled, rich brat. Do her parents still own the motorcycle store? They had a beautiful beach home, also. I don’t think they want to see their daughter marry a man with a sick child, who he hasn’t supported for years and is deeply in debt. As far as her clothes–I remember reading a comment, a LONG time ago, by some store clerk, who said that Gretchen was always wearing something once on the show, then returning it. She also sells a lot of used stuff on ebay.

    2. Costa mesa is a very expensive area to live in orange county. Homes in mesa verde and on the border of Newport are 800k to 1m. South county is usually cheaper with the exception of exclusive neighborhoods and beach cities.

      1. Costa Mesa’s nickname is Costa Misery. Good friends with CM cops and OCSheriffs who tell of all gang activity, increased crime and it is not a safe area by any means. One little area off Irvine Avenue and that’s it. It’s gone downhill due to liberal politics. The only reason I go is to the fruit/vegetable stand off Newport Blvd. And sadly, an 800,000 home is Southern California isn’t expensive. That’s just how it is.

    3. Of course Gretchen soon blew the money she scammed that old dying guy out of. She’s too stupid to do “sonething” better with hit!

  7. Bethany, WHAT happened to you? When you were on the show before you got married you were my favourite! You were kind, humble and a pretty nice person, but since you have returned to the show you have become hard, nasty, foul mouthed and arrogant, not to mention down right rude and mean! What happened to you? Good grief girl, you have it all and should be relatively happy. I don’t get it!

  8. Vicki, I agree with you that everyone should butt out of ALL of yours and Brooks business and it isn’t ANY of their business if he does or does not have cancer. I also want to tell you that Meghan is a low life butinsky and has no place on RHOOC, but you should be careful and question the loyalty and true friendship that Tamara says she has for you because she is buddy buddy with Meghan and they talk about you and Brooks behind your backs! One more thing Vicki, about your mothers’ death, this is something that happens to all of us but you have and are running it in the ground, get over it and go on with your life.

  9. Ramona, you are rude, obnoxious, you have No idea of how to be a friend to ANYONE (poor Sonia), and, when you are sitting down and try to stand up (usually to storm off the stage), you spread your legs wide open and walk like you have a large item stuck up your vagina! There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING lady like about you. You should NEVER wear two piece bathing suits or tight clothing because your gut it too big! Why you freek out when your bangs get wet is just really puzzling because your hair is usually pretty stringy and drab anyway so wetting it doesn’t hurt anything! The way you treated Bethany when she took the time and trouble to cook lunch for all of the women while on vacation was disgraceful and that of someone that is nothing but a bottom feeder! I would LOVE it if Bravo dumped you on your fat, arrogant, selfish, disgraceful and untalented Ass and the show would be SOOO much more fun without you!

  10. Sonya, I think you are a real character and I like you! I think you are a nice, sweet person and I have NO idea what possess you to hang out with that tramp Ramona. Remember, you are known by the company that you keep and no good guy is going to give you a second look if they see you with that trampy, nasty stuck up, horny piece of trash, Ramona. Find one of the other women to hang out with and make a TRUE friendship with one or more of them. Ramona is not a friend, not to you, not to ANYONE! She is so in love with her own reflection in the mirror (I guess she likes the look of UGLY) that she hasn’t the first clue about anyone else and doesn’t CARE either! Sweet Sonya, RUN away from that bottom feeder and your fans will see how much class you have when you are not in Ramonas’ shaddow!

  11. Shannon, pleas be a true friend to Vicki and leave her alone about Brooks. She has had enough and it really upsets her when people talk to her about him, especially when it is coming from people that are suppose to be her “good” friends. (ie yourself and Tamra) Hopefully Bravo will get a clue soon and get rid of that bitch Meghan, that will take a lot of stress off of Vicki! I DO hope they keep the bitch on the show just long enough for Jimmy wakes up to her phoniness and stupidity and divorces her! NOW THAT WOULD MAKE A GOOD SHOW!!! LOL!

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