Gretchen Rossi Filming New TV Series


Despite reports Gretchen Rossi has been fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County for not having a storyline, ChristyReports says that Gretchen was spotted with a crew of reality TV cameras at a recent Bags to Riches Benefit. But it turns out Gretchen and Slade Smiley are filming for a new show that is a spin-off of Bridezillas called, Marriage Bootcamp.

And as far as RHOC, Gretchen claims IF she leaves the show (which is already filming), it would be HER decision. “It would take a lot pulling and prodding for me,” she laughed. When asked directly if she was coming back to the show Gretchen said, “Nothing’s confirmed yet! Nothing’s been announced, so we will see!”

But Vicki Gunvalson says Gretchen was fired by Bravo. When asked on Twitter, Vicki responded, “Excuse me?.. I didn’t get rid of Gretchen! Bravo did.”

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5 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Filming New TV Series”

  1. The only one who should be fired is the snake in the grass named Vickie. But Bravo won’t do that because Andy makes money off of snakes like her.

  2. LOL! And exactly who is “pulling and prodding” Gretchen to come back? What a joke. No matter what she says, its pretty obvious that Gretchen is desperate for Bravo to take her back. HOWEVER, since RHOC has already started filming and Bravo still hasn’t included her, perhaps its time that she finally take that giant hint to heart. Why does it take so much “pulling and prodding” for Gretchen to just go away? BTW, is Gretchen now gonna act as if she’s having second thoughts about marrying “her bitch” Slade on that show Marriage Boot Camp? Anything to delay actually making it legal, eh Gretchen?

  3. I dont understand how she and slimey got on Marriage Bootcamp. THe show is about past Bridezilla couples and how they are doing in their relationships after the show. Gretchen and Slimey were never on Bridezilla’s but maybe they should have been (the show has since been cancelled) They are doing whatever they can to keep their names in the spotlight. It’s sickening. I think they are both just transparent, trash. Good riddance to dirty laundry.

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