Gretchen Rossi Explains Why She Questioned Vicki Gunvalson About Dating Brooks Ayers!


Gretchen Rossi is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss Vicki Gunvalson’s controversial relationship with Brooks Ayers. Gretchen reveals why she didn’t believe Vicki about not dating Brooks, and reveals their relationship is a roller coaster ride throughout the Season. Gretchen also explains she wanted Tamra and Vicki to make up, but because she and Tamra had become close friends she felt protective of Tamra.

Gretchen writes, “As you saw it was awkward at the table between Vicki and Tamra, so I thought that by letting Vicki know that Tamra was just being a protective friend that it could help break the ice so they could talk. Interestingly enough, I understand Vicki being hesitant to jump back into the relationship because she was hurt by the way Tamra went about things. I have been there before with her and she doesn’t always have the best way of going about things. Tamra herself has admitted that she retreats and gets mean at times, like Vicki said. However Vicki was no gem in this situation either and said some pretty mean things in an email to Tamra over the summer.

Hearing them talk in the wine cellar was actually a surprise to me since Tamra had voiced such a different tune to me for the last nine months about Vicki. However I was glad to see they could talk and try to work through their issues.

I, of course, am going to be protective over Tamra, because we had become so close, and be weary of Vicki playing the “poor me card” to pull Tamra back in. Vicki is very good at playing the victim and making everyone feel bad for her. Even Eddie, who was good friends with Vicki, said she is a liar, a manipulator, and can be deceiving in her ways. I was relieved to know it was not just me who feels this way about her.

I wanted Vicki and Tamra to make up, but I believed they really needed to address some serious issues before they could go back to being BFFs. I think a lot of the time they just ignore it and act like nothing happened, which is so odd to me.
I realized at the table that Vicki finally understood what it felt like to have everyone talking crap about your significant other. I don’t wish that on anyone; however I am glad she finally understood that it is not a good feeling when you love someone so much, and all you want is people to support you in your decision. Funny how things come full circle. She had so many negative things to say about Slade and it sucked. Thus the reason I have tried to stay mum about Brooks and just encouraged her that if she loves him, she should just be with him. To me that should not be hard.

I questioned Vicki not being honest about her relationship with Brooks because as you will continue to see her story kept changing all season. I believed she was more afraid of the wrath from everyone, or that she was embarrassed to be with him because everyone that was close to her was weary of him. To me if you love someone and truly believe in them being a good person you stick by their side, no matter what. I did with Slade, and it was not hard because I knew what everyone was saying was bull- honkey.

I think Vicki is actually questioning what everyone is feeling because there is part of her that might believe it is true. I don’t say that because I don’t like Brooks, because I actually find him to be a very charming man. I say that because her actions speak louder than words. Bottom line, I want all of us woman to be happy in their relationships and she deserves to be happy, so she cannot worry about what anyone else thinks! She has to do what is right for her and her life

It was a surprise to hear Alexis be honest about her and Jim’s situation last year, and I’m glad she finally said it like it was. What I have noticed about her in our past friendship is that even when things are really tough or things are not going well, she puts on this front of “everything is great” even when I knew things weren’t. And honestly after a while it just gets draining. I want to feel like my friends can be honest about whatever is going on in their lives; good or bad, and not always try to sugar coat it. I think Alexis is finally learning to open up more and realize that it’s OK to not be perfect and have some issues. I hope she continues to do this as I think it will help her grow as a person. I was happy to see her and Jim doing better, and happy for their new business venture!”

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  1. Tamera is a loose cannon Viki should definately watch her back, she was way out of line even as a friend. Viki does not need to explain her relationship with brooks or any man period. Tamera needs to stop trying to be the ring leader..she fails miserably. Gretchen just stay out of it and keeps your stupid comments to yourself. Viki is not playing the victim she is telling all of you judgemental shit starters its none of your business…hello get a clue, Tamera and Gretchen are showing the uglyness they have inside of them and its really sad they cannot act like mature adults instead of your typical mean girls from high school. Shame on them for trying to break women down instead of lift them up.

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