Gretchen Rossi Explains Why She Forgave Tamra But Not Alexis!


Gretchen Rossi appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night after a new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and a viewer called in to ask Gretchen how she could forgive Tamra for all the nasty things Tamra has done over the years, but not Alexis? A question a lot of viewers want the answer to.

“It’s not about not forgiving Alexis,” Gretchen said. “It’s just that we are in two totally different pages right now. And I wish her well, but we just aren’t seeing eye to eye on a specific subject. And until we can come eye to eye with that I don’t know if we can move forward in a friendship.”

Willie Geist was a guest on WWHL and he asked Gretchen if she befriended Tamra so she wouldn’t have to endure her wrath anymore. “That’s a really good thought process, I wish I thought ahead enough to think that way. But no, too calculating for me.”

“Tamra and I really tried to move forward,” Gretchen continued. “It was really draining to be so upset about it so I needed to let it go.”

While WWHL was airing, Alexis Bellino tweeted, “Tell Willie he was right. That’s exactly why Gretchen told me she became friends with Tamra two years ago.”

“Well Alexis actually lies about a lot of things,” Gretchen fired back. “So I’m not surprised she’s lying about that as well.”

Photo Credit: Bravo