Gretchen Rossi Duped By Donn Gunvalson Fake Twitter Account!


Someone pretending to be Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-husband, Donn, has created a Twitter account and tricked Gretchen Rossi into thinking they were Donn! The fake account tweeted, “@GretchenRossi Has always been a sweetheart, and Vicki has always been jealous of her.” Gretchen replied, tweeting, “Thank u! Lol!” Vicki was quick to jump in and set the record straight, writing, “Gretchen…. This is a fake account! Donn doesn’t have twitter.”


The Donn impostor also included the following picture of Gretchen in the tweet, with a quote saying, “Vicki pissed off the wrong person.”


Photo Credit: Bravo


One Reply to “Gretchen Rossi Duped By Donn Gunvalson Fake Twitter Account!”

  1. I miss Donn. I always thought he was funny on the show. I think Vicki misses Donn too. As far as Gretchen, she has reminded me of Jacqueline with some of her tweets lately…

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