Gretchen Rossi Says Engagement Rumors Aren’t True, Plus- Slade Didn’t Diss Joe Giudice!

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Gretchen Rossi is setting the record straight! Tom Murro (Fox News) recently reported that Gretchen announced she was engaged to her long-time boyfriend Slade Smiley over the weekend. Murro even suggested that Slade was talking smack on Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Joe Giudice.

Tom Murro reported some gossip from Gretchen’s Fashion Week party in NYC earlier this week. Murro claimed that Gretchen said she was doing well with Slade, “but engaged.” According to Murro’s report, Gretchen even said “I don’t need anything like that, just him,” when asked about her engagement ring!

Gretchen took to twitter to clear everything up. Fans were asking if she really was engaged and she replied, “Nope! Not as of today!” She also tweeted, “Apparently there was a mis-understanding!”

Another part of Murro’s report was that Gretchen’s boyfriend Slade Smiley called New Jersey house-husband Joe Giudice a “douchebag.” Murro’s report also claimed that Slade said he could be quoted saying this. Gretchen replied, “Where do people come up this shit?For the record none of this is true, & Slade doesn’t even know Joe from RHNJ!”

There you have it! Gretchen and Slade are NOT engaged, and Slade DIDN’T call Joe Giudice a douchebag. We think there’s enough Jersey drama, Gretchen and Slade know better than to get involved! On the positive side, Gretchen and Slade are trying for a baby soon! Gretchen says they’ve even picked out baby names!

Photo Credit: Bravo