Gretchen Rossi Claims She Knows Why Tamra Judge Doesn’t Want Her On RHOC


When Tamra Barney Judge last appeared on Watch What Happens Live, she was asked which Housewife she would not want to return to the show- her answer was Gretchen Rossi. Bravo’s Daily Dish had a chance to speak with Gretchen after her show at New York Fashion Week, and with that she responded to what Tamra had said about her and how she is portraying herself this season.

“I think it’s funny, because I know why she wouldn’t want me back. Because I would call her out on all of her sh**. That’s just the truth. Right now she’s playing the ‘Oh, I’m a good girl this season,’ because she loves to go back and forth and play this character, as she said in the press she plays. So this season it’s, ‘Oh, I’m going to be the character of the nice Christian girl .If I was there I would be calling her out.”

Viewers can watch Gretchen Rossi on WWHL after tonight’s episode of RHOC!

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26 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi Claims She Knows Why Tamra Judge Doesn’t Want Her On RHOC”

  1. Gretchen is another Anna Nicole Smith. She hadn’t been with that old guy for long, wasn’t his wife, yet schmoozed him out of tons of money that should have rightfully gone to his children. Of course she was always off gallivanting around and leaving him home sick. That’s what trash does.

  2. She’s a much better fit with Slime or whatever his name is. I’m sure those two bimbos will soon be broke and back at the trailer park where they belong.

    1. I don’t know why you ladies hate Gretchen. Tamra and Vicki were the sluts cheating on their husbands while still married. and then try to find fault in Gretchen. Tamra and Vicki are old and wrinkled and they’re jealous of Gretchen. ladies stop acting like school girls, you see the new girl in school> pretty> fine clothes and you ladies can’t stand that. you ladies need to stop acting like sluts and dancing on bar tables when you go out drinking. you can bet you won’t see Gretchen doing crap like that because she is very much a lady. and Mallory why are you hating on Gretchen you probably can’t even afford to look at her purses none the less buy one, you need to get your eye sight checked because Gretchen doesn’t look like she’s in her 70″s LATER HATERS

      1. Wretchim was mean and hateful, that’s why I dislike her on the show. She had mean things to say about everyone, and the perfect match for Slimey. Just one thing she did was saying at shopping with Peggy, “I hate it WHEN THESE OLD WOMEN wear short skirts and think they’re all that” Peggy was 8 years older than her. I don’t think jealousy was in there. Only when people are so lovely inside that they stay beautiful outside would there be anything to be jealous of. The way she acted like she had a better knowledge about Lynn’s children, the way she started being vulgar at Peggy’s dinner party saying Eddie was from 1-990- Salsa, then saying Don was rude. She constantly cackled after every word she said and she needed to eat some of her make-up so she could be pretty. She might have been pretty first season, but she was with Jeff for money, period. Tamra never stepped out on Simon, and Viki, tho I am not a huge fan, never said she didn’t step out when her and Don were separated one of the many times. Wretchim made that up. And I believe Tamra’s journey is real. She never pretended to be perfect. Wretchim turned on Alexis because Alexis was hurt. She got mad at Alexis FOR BEING HURT. it was always about her. That time she tells Alexis she was called for the job Alexis had. “I am glad they called you after I said I couldn’t do it” What a crap friend. There is so much more. If she comes back I hope Viki and Tamra rip her to shreds. And it proves that ridiculous “proposal” she had for the bitch, Slimey, on her last show was fake, like everyone said, and it still didn’t save her job.
        Who are you to presume anyone doesn’t have the $7.99 to get one of Wretchim’s bags? Oh, we can’t look at them because they’re not in any of the nice stores we shop in.

      2. How do you know how much money Mallory has? She could have millions for all you know! Don’t attack other posters because their opinions differ to yours. These blogs are for us to discuss love hate whatever housewives not each other! I can give you the name of a site that does just what you are doing go there!
        We are all respectful of each other on this blog!

      3. I’ll tell you the main reason I think she is a selfish witch. When Lynn was on, she thought she could tell Lynn’s teenager to come talk to HER if she needed someone to talk to. Then said to Lynn “she told me you guys don’t listen to her” and she pretended to not understand why Lynn was pissed off. Then at the dinner Wretch had to discuss it, she allowed Slade, who wasn’t present for any of it, including the supposed time Alexa said she was depressed, to say “we are going TO TELL YOU HOW IT IS!!” “And, if you listen, we might remain friends” this is a guy who rarely saw his own kids. It was unbelievable. I don’t like anyone who gets angry whenever someone else’s feelings are hurt.
        She got angry at Alexis for getting her feelings hurt because Wretch hurt them by jumping on the band wagon in Costa Rica. They’re always saying “sometimes people need to hear the truth” Until it’s them that gets told. People don’t need to hear everyone saying the same thing. So, maybe Alexis acted a little entitled. Say it to her in private, not at a table during filming, then jump on when others are already making her cry. God, she got mad because Alexis was hurt. That is a little sociopathic behavior. And most of all that cackle laughter she had every time she spoke to camera. There are so many reasons, including Peggy’s wine pairing dinner. She is wretched, like her name, and Slade is slimy, like his name.

    2. and Mallory why are you hating on Gretchen you probably can’t even afford to look at her purses none the less buy one, you need to get your eye sight checked because Gretchen doesn’t look like she’s in her 70″s LATER HATERS

  3. Oh good lord. who dresses her? Honest to God she needs to look at what’s in style. She looks like a Vegas “showgirl”. She’s another one who needs way too much attention…..

    1. Hi Gigi, I totally agree, her style like most housewives present and past is zilch! I don’t know where they get their clothes. There are a few exceptions of course before I get dissed!!! Lol

  4. I would love to see her back on the show! Tampa is a joke with all her naked self jumping in the water…yes she looks good..anyone would if they had as many boobs, tummy and lifts as she has had. Bring back gretchen….

    1. Yes, because we all want some new sugar daddy to find her so her and Slimey can be taken care of in the style to which they have become accustomed. And, lets try to show God up? Do you think Jesus is after the perfectly made-up people like she thinks she is, or the sinners. One of these days the guy she was sleeping with when Jeff was dying is going to post more photos of her and the big lie will be outed once and for all. She is the tramp, not Tamra. She was a faithful wife to Simon Legree and now to Eddie. Where she got that insulting name I will never understand.

  5. Jeff did NOT leave gretchen tonnes of money and jeffs children LOVE gretchen and have a great friendship with her!! People shouldn’t talk about things they know nothing about!!

    1. No, she just had a half of a million dollars in jewels, Harley’s and condos. The jewels she pulled from her purse in that first disgusting scene when she is reaching into his pocket was enough to buy a house. So, you know his kids love her? How do you know that? From the fake scene she had them in to save her reputation as a gold digger? They did that for Jeff, not her. I would be surprised if she was ever intimate with the poor guy. Her cackle she has for her own commentary always hurts my ears. PLEEEEEEASE don’t bring the Wretchen cackle back.

  6. I want to say the thing, or one of the many things I don’t like about her is that every time anyone was speaking, especially at the reunion, trying to discuss the usual, “you said” and “you did” this or that with someone, she ALWAYS referred what they were trying to work out back to herself. It could never be just about the two girls that were talking, it always had something to do with her, in her mind. Not everything has to do with you. It is something that bothers me about reunion, when everyone piles on because it might relate to an issue to do with them also. At the last party she went to, at Viki’s house, Viki was trying to tell Slime that what he had said on his radio program had hurt her. Wretch chimes in with what they had said about Slime 3 years before. She brings things up from years ago to excuse his hideous ways. That is the epitome of self involved, when one can NEVER move on. When it ALWAYS relates to them. Wretch and Slime. That should be on the wedding cake if they actually ever marry.
    That ridiculous proposal in her last season was just what Viki said it was, a ploy to save her job. And then she starts “crying” that phony cry about how hurt she is at the reunion. I am so glad she is gone, that phony cackle every time she spoke to camera. Nothing is that funny.
    The wine pairing party at Peggy’s house. As soon as Viki and Tamra arrive she says “the bitches have arrived” Then as soon as the dancing starts, her and the little friend she brought start making crude remarks like “how much did you pay the escort service for Eddie” “I am about to barf” all the while Wretch is cackling loudly, then more of the same at the table. Where did she find him 1-900-Salsa? Just rude beyond measure. Then the moment Donn laughs because she says Slime is with his boys she said “why is that funny?” Donn says “it’s funny.” She says like 3 times “I don’t know why that’s funny, that was kinda rude, is that how we are going to start the evening?” Well, she started the evening with her rude jealous remarks from the moment they arrived.
    Whenever ANYTHING comes up about being faithful, she brings up herself and Jeff. How, just because she was seen and photographed all over town with another man while Jeff was in hospital, kissing him and sitting on his lap, not having her engagement ring on, she still denies it. If she wasn’t actually sleeping with him, even tho Jeanna saw his clothes all over her bdr. floor, then she is the first girl that french kisses a guy all over town and doesn’t finish what she started. If she had any respect at all for Jeff, she would have at least been discreet. She knew Jeff for 2 years, engaged for one. It wasn’t as if they were married for life or something. From the first reunion she was at, she repeats and mimics the funny things Tamra was saying, if you listen. She just panted after her like a dog. When the thing about the bathtub scene comes up she says “it’s all over the school they’re talking about it” How the hell would she know? She was married once for 2 years, no kids. Slime’s kids don’t count. She was the most judgmental HW ever. Always saying this or that is how people should handle their marriage. After being so crappy at Alexis’s dress line show, she was the one who made a big deal about Viki being at the ER. Then at reunion, AGAIN, she relates it back to when Jeff was in the hospital. Saying why didn’t the girls come to the hospital? I was hurting, you knew me. They knew her one month and it was always when she was out partying, so how could they have known she was “hurting” Always making herself the center of attention by that laugh and screaming, like when she got the Harley. How were they to know he was at that minute grasping at his last bit of life?
    And last but not least, she can hardly put an intelligent sentence together. In her effort to sound educated, she makes huge grammatical errors when she speaks. “That’s not how it was PERCEIVED to me” “All of Viki’s indescrepancies.” That is not even a word! Discrepancy is a WORD. She meant indiscretions. FGSakes, she sounds like an idiot.
    So, now I have answered the question, “what do I have against Wretch?” All of that and more, but that’s what I needed to say.

  7. I always thought that Gretchen and Tamra would be great friends because they were so much alike. From what I observed in that relationship, Tamra turned her back on Gretchen. I think, as in most cases with narcissistic women, Tamra became jealous of Gretchen. Tamra has also HATED Vicki, then LOVED Vicki, then HATED her, then LOVED her. Her friendship is sort of a virus that comes and goes.

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