Gretchen Rossi And Slade Smiley Insist They Were Not Fired From RHOC


Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi was reportedly fired after filming season 8, but according to a new report Rossi and her fiancé Slade Smiley are still insisting they quit the show and were not given the axe by producers.

“Gretchen and Slade say they walked away from a lucrative multi-season contract with Bravo,” an insider close to the couple reveals. “They claim that they desperately wanted to get away from all the drama.”

“They need money,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “They would have remained on the show for years if they had had the choice!”

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15 Replies to “Gretchen Rossi And Slade Smiley Insist They Were Not Fired From RHOC”

  1. This just proves that it was a good decision on Bravo’s part to not re-sign Gretchen & Slade. They had no storyline left and were resorting to made-up delusional stuff. BTW- when are you having that Big ol Wedding Gretchen?

  2. Haha, how can they think anyone would believe they weren’t fired?
    As if Slade didn’t want to keep on doing housewives, he loved the drama!

  3. I really liked Gretchen. She never lived beyond her means. She stayed in the same townhouse she’s lived in for years. Never seemed shady to me. And the whole thing with the engagement? Bravo requires the ladies to have a party or event every season. I don’t blame her for not wanting the other ladies at her engagement. How dare they criticize her and accuse her of doing it for the ratings. And how dare Tamara criticize her especially. Tamara was more fake with that ridiculous outburst with her son when he announced he was moving with his girlfriend.

  4. Whether they were fired or quit – I did not enjoy them on the show and was happy they didn’t return – Now give Tamra the boot. Is it just me or is anyone else tired of viewing foul women. There are other ways to bring drama.

  5. Gretchen & Slade are the most annoying people ever, and Gretchen is my least favorite housewive from all the franchise. DA! She was FIRED!

  6. Gretchen lived within her means? Really? I guess her means included snagging a sugar daddy (poor rich dude with cancer who fed her financially while she got caught cheating on him with her “friend”–remember that?). Then she got paid for being on Marriage Boot Camp even though she wasn’t married to Slade—all for da dough.

    I liked Gretchen to a point, but didn’t like how she used that rich dude, or create drama for $

    Yup, she was FIRED

  7. They aren’t the only reality couples on Marriage Boot Camp who weren’t married. And I stand by my statement about living within her means. How many of these ladies go out and buy or rent a huge house just to show it off? She’s in the same townhouse, a relatively small one in comparison to the size house that the other ladies live. Tamara is just plain mean! I’ve never seen that meaness with Gretchen.

    1. I agree with you. Tamara is WAY nastier than Gretchen ever was. I actually thought Gretchen was one of the nicer and easier to relate to housewives. I was really sorry to see her go. I would have picked some others before her.

  8. Also she was in love with the “rich dude” before he was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t marry him even though she could have, and been a very rich lady when he died.

  9. I wish they were still on the show. To me, Gretchen and Slade weren’t any more real, wacky, phony, fake, mean, nice, etc. than any of the others on that show. All the ladies (and men) are all capable of the same stuff at any given moment on the show. I thought they had more “likeability” than some of the others.

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