Gretchen Confronts Vicki, Vicki Insinuates Gretchen & Tamra Still Have Issues!


In this preview for Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen Rossi confronts Vicki Gunvalson about accusing her of cheating on her late fiancé, Jeff Beitzel. Vicki Gunvalson denies saying Gretchen cheated on Jeff until a year after she met Gretchen. Gretchen quickly reminds Vicki of when she was walking to the limo and all of the women were saying Jeff was her sugar daddy, also known as the infamous scene where Tamra says, “Hold on to your daddies girls, here comes Gretchen!”

Vicki says there was a lot of “chirping” going on at the time and that Jeana Keough told her Gretchen was “dating a much older man with a lot of money.” Gretchen tells Vicki to quit deflecting her actions onto someone else, and Vicki says that Tamra was saying the same things. Gretchen tells Vicki that she and Tamra have worked out there differences, and to not involve Tamra in the conversation. Then, Vicki makes a comment insinuating Tamra feels like they haven’t worked out their problems!

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6 Replies to “Gretchen Confronts Vicki, Vicki Insinuates Gretchen & Tamra Still Have Issues!”

  1. Gretchen, you were a gold digger! If it walks like a duck, etc, etc. Anyone who watched this show from the beginning knows this to be true. When Jeff died and left you several millions, you did not have to be such an obvious gold digger! It’s unfortunate for you that your castmates and fan’s of the show have a LONG memory.

  2. I’m on Gretchen side with this one. Vicki has been jealous from the start, but would never admit it publicly. Also, so what if she dated Jeff and he had money. Does anyone ever look at the real issue here?!! Jeff dated her. He had the money and spent it on her. I don’t think anyone ever put a gun to Jeff’s head and made him date her!! Also, he proposed to her. He was a grown man and knew what he was doing. Come on people. STOP blaming the women. Men know what they’re doing. They like spending their money on pretty women, and yes preferably younger women to boot!!

  3. Vicki is a pot-stirrer. She stirs it, denies stirring it, and then walks away happily because her hands aren’t dirty. I’ve never liked her.

  4. At last seasons reunion Tamra (Vicki’s soul mate, best friend,) accused Vicki of waking up in a motel room next to some guy. Why is it that when Vicki accuses one of the other ladies of something it turns out that she herself has done the same thing? Sleeping around, having extra marital affairs, dating dead beat dads who don’t pay child support. She really is a nasty piece of work, a big fat liar and so unclassy.

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