Government Could Take Giudice Home, Cars And Other Possessions


Teresa Giudice is being watched like a hawk by the government as she awaits her sentencing on July 8th with her husband Joe. RadarOnline is reporting that the RHONJ star could lose all of her luxurious possessions, including her home as she waits for her fate. “The judge and the prosecutor are aware that Teresa could still be trying to hide money,” a source tells the site regarding Giudice’s latest controversial move, where she sold autographs to fans for cash only.

“That isn’t going to go over well at her sentencing, for her,” the insider says, even though Teresa claimed she donated the money to charity. “It certainly raises red flags.”

“The feds are threatening to take Joe and Teresa’s homes, cars and future earnings, all to pay the settlement if she can’t come up with the money,” the insider says. “If she continues to flout the law in their faces, things could get worse for her… before they get better!”

Photo Credit: Bravo