Gorgas Accused Of Abandoning Giudices After Frank Giudice’s Passing


During the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday Joe Giudice welcomed his extended family into his home to take a family portrait for his grandmother’s 80th birthday. With an emotional toast to his family, and a lot of footage of his father who just tragically passed away, RealityTea is revealing how the Giudice’s are coping with the loss of Frank.

“The Giudice family is broken,” an insider tells the site. “The death of Frank Giudice has left his wife and children (Joe, Pete, & Maria) devastated. He was their rock. Joe often cries. His father was his best friend as well as his father. He was a great man who would do anything for his children. They are coping day by day and just going through the motions.”

The insider says the lack of support Teresa is receiving from her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa isn’t helping the situation. “Melissa and Teresa are not ‘fine’, things are not ‘good’ like they have said to several press outlets this week,” the source continues. “Yes, you will see them getting along this season for the cameras. You will also see them interviewing saying they get along. Bravo wants to squash the old story line of them feuding.”

But the insider reveals that things starting going south between Teresa and Melissa again after Frank’s passing. “When Teresa’s father in law died, it was a horrible and tragic situation. The family was in so much pain. Joe Gorga has known Frank Giudice since he was a baby. Melissa, Joe, and the kids went to Teresa’s house the night he passed away to give their condolences and that was it,” the source says. “Melissa, Joe, and the kids then spent the weekend down the shore at their beach house. Melissa was posting pictures of her and Joe at Jersey Shore clubs while Joe, Teresa, and the kids were mourning their father in law and grandfather. That wasn’t well received by Teresa or Joe.”

“The wake for Teresa’s father in law was on a Sunday and, of course, they [The Gorgas] came late, in fact, close to the end because they were coming up from the shore. Melissa doesn’t like anyone to damper her shore weekends. Again, Joe Gorga grew up with this man they should have been much more present during such a terrible time,” the insider says, adding, “Regarding the people saying Melissa has nothing on her Instagram, it’s because she deleted the photos. She had them up and then took them down. Her sister Lysa has one up from dinner that evening. They were at Hemmingways later that night. A club in south Jersey.”

Photo Credit: Bravo