Gorga Family Christmas Card, 2012!

Melissa Gorga

It’s a very Merry Christmas in New Jersey! After reports that Melissa Gorga got her first book deal, it’s a good guess she’s extra cheery this Christmas! The Gorga Family recently posed for their annual Christmas Card, and RadarOnline has an exclusive copy! On the card, Melissa and her husband Joe are smiling big and posing with their three children Antonia, Gino and Joey.

Also inlcuded, a cheerful message inside: “May your holidays sparkle with the love of family, warmth of good friends, and the happiness and laughter of children. Wishing you all the little joys of the season.”

On the back of the Christmas card, Melissa writes, “Thank You Jesus!” Take a look at the photo used on The Gorga Christmas Card below!

Gorga1 Gorga2 Gorga3

Photo Credits: Bravo/RealityTea


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  2. When I first saw Melissa Gorga on New Jersey housewives I like her, like her as a person, mother,friend wife,…after watching the past seasons and saw how she became so WICKED all my nice thought about her went down the tubes…Melissa Gorga…., UGLY….CHEATER….LIAR….DONT KNOW HOW TO SING…) ON DISPLAY???< LOL)..A FAKE…A PHONEY…A GOLD DIGGER… GET OFF THE SHOW!!

  3. i cant stand melissa gorga…what a WITCH…actually a REAL GOLD DIGGER and FAKE PERSON..and her music???? LOL my 4yr old can SING….

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