Gizelle Bryant Thinks Karen Huger Was too Dramatic


Gizelle Bryant is reacting to the drama on this week’s episode of RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. Bryant says that she did want an immediate answer about Ashley Darby saying Karen Huger didn’t want her daughter around the ladies, because she didn’t believe Karen would say such a thing. But also criticizes Huger for her dramatic reaction.

Bravotv.com: How do you think the focus group went, and Katie’s no show? What do you think about the ladies and specifically Karen’s comments about your makeup?
Gizelle Bryant:
My makeup focus group party was nothing but a huge success. The ladies got to touch and feel the product, as well as discuss their personal concerns with their own makeup. We had the most delicious food and drinks with an even more delicious man to serve it…the bartender, good golly he’s HOT. It was fantastic, oh and Katie wasn’t there so you KNOW we had a great time. I appreciate all the ladies commentary about my makeup good and bad. For those who gave bad commentary I always ask myself, “Where are their products?”…Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?…yep, crickets!

Bravotv.com: Were you worried about bringing Kal considering his past conflict with Karen and Charrisse?
This was going to be the first time that Kal saw Karen and Charrisse since the knock down drag out crab boil. Yes, I was highly concerned. The last thing I wanted at my event was another rumble in the jungle. So, I was super duper excited when Kal apologized and Karen and Charrisse ACCEPTED his apology. Everybody could now put their guns back in the glove compartment and the knives back under their mattress. A huge mountain has just been climbed; we are standing at the top with our hair blowing looking at the beautiful view.

Bravotv.com: What do you think of Karen and Ashley’s clash at your event?
The cease fire with Kal happened so quickly that it’s just Murphy’s Law that Ashley and Karen would not be able to patch things up so fast. However, a girl like me can always dream the impossible dream. I didn’t mind Ashley and Karen talking. I was actually giving them the space to do just that with the HOPE of them eventually taking smiley selfies. But there was a big fat pin that popped my hope balloon. My party was too important so they forced me to put on my black and white striped shirt and call TIME OUT.

Bravotv.com: What were you thinking when Ashley said the comment about Karen not wanting Rayvin around you ladies? What did you think of Karen’s reaction?
As soon as Ashley said that Karen didn’t want Rayvin around all the ladies I knew that couldn’t be true. I did want immediate clarity because that didn’t sound like something Karen would say. However, Karen’s reaction to Ashley bringing up Rayvin….talk about classic high drama. Karen pointed her two fingers at Ashley, all I could think was where is my terry cloth robe, fuzzy slippers, and bucket of popcorn. I am watching the Color Purple. “’Til you do right by me…everything you even think about gonna fail.” Karen please get your acceptance speech ready because the Oscar is YOURS.

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  • Judge Judy

    I didn’t think Karen was overly dramatic. Ashley continued to show gross disregard for others. First, she showed up late, then repeatedly rang the doorbell while the tribute to Karen’s deceased mother-in-law was going on. As if that wasn’t ignorant enough, once inside she immediately tried to turn Karen’s guests against Karen with the lie about Karen’s daughter. She deserved what she got.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    Karen is full of faeces, not to mention that she´s delusional and a lady wannabe

  • nycbunny

    Gizelle is witty, I’m pleasantly surprised. This is the first post I’ve read and love the Color Purple reference – funny.